Behavioral Forms of Children with Learning Disorders (Dyslexia)

Behavioral Forms of Children with Learning Disorders (Dyslexia)

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Learning Disorder is closely related to pedagogues, child psychiatrists, neurologists, special education specialists and parents. Although “dyslexia en, which is described as a learning disability, is not widely known, it occurs in one out of every 10 children in the general population. One of the most difficult periods for parents is undoubtedly the period in which the child tries to learn to read. It is a fact that not every child performs the same performance while reading. This problem can be caused by many different reasons. Mental retardation, visual-hearing disabilities, serious mental problems, socio-cultural disabilities, neurological-orthopedic disabilities, family conflicts, lack of motivation, problems arising from school-teacher or education program are considered as the causes of school failure and learning problems. There is another special situation that is outside the learning problems caused by these reasons: “Dyslexia”.Acıbadem Hospital Pedagogue Ayşegül Salgın The problem of dyslexia, defined as “learning disability di, is closely related to pedagogues, child psychiatrists, neurologists and special education specialists.

Who is seen?

Dyslexia is a major problem throughout society. The incidence of dyslexia is considered to be between 8-10 per cent. Dyslexia, also defined as developmental reading disorder, is 4 times more common in boys than in girls. Although the exact cause of dyslexia is not known, malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy and infections, postpartum high fever infections, hereditary causes are shown. In order to say that a child has a learning disability, certain criteria must be met. Pedagogue Ayşegül Salgın “Learning disability is used for children who are normal or above normal intelligence and do not acquire the expected academic skills. Hyperactivity, attention problems, coordination problems, visual and auditory perception problems, speech problems, organization and orientation problems and social-emotional behavior problems are frequently seen in these children. ”

Special training

The child with dyslexia may experience psychological problems because of learning difficulties. In this respect, medical and psycho-pedagogical evaluations of children who have problems should be meticulously performed. Contact Ayşegül directly çocuk A child who is failing at school is evaluated for learning disability. Diagnosis is made by determining the intelligence level of the child, the distribution of abilities and the level of visual-auditory perception. With the individual education program and special education support, the problems that the child may experience in school are tried to be minimized. This is because the education of children with learning disabilities cannot be realized through curriculum or private lessons in normal classes. These children can learn through special education programs based on the information obtained from the diagnosis and evaluation and educational therapy with psycho-pedagogical approach. The first principle of the therapy is to inform the child and the family about the problem and to cooperate with the school.

Family support is a must

Some families are trying to scold their children and act insensibly because they have learning difficulties. Parents need to be more receptive rather than angry. Pedagogue Outbreak eler Parents should be careful about their children's failure and learning problems at school, and the necessary assessments should be made by a specialist before linking failure to laziness or lack of capacity. Early intervention on the problem will reduce the failure of the child and have a positive impact on the relationship with the school. ”

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