What should be considered before deciding to get pregnant?

What should be considered before deciding to get pregnant?

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Etiler Memorial Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Hande Akbas, "What should be done before becoming pregnant" gave information about.

Family story: If there is a history of a baby with congenital defects in your family, you should tell your doctor.

Medical treatment: If you have a number of medications that you use before conception, your doctor may discontinue them or make changes to their doses. For this reason, inform your doctor about all your medications you regularly take. You should even tell your doctor about the herbal remedies you are using. Your doctor may start before pregnancy if you are not taking multivitamin pills. It should be assured that this pill contains folic acid and vitamin B, which are particularly effective in preventing congenital defects.

Age: If you are over 35, you are more likely to experience reproductive problems, risk of miscarriage, pregnancy complications (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.). You should discuss this increased risk with your obstetrician and make a plan to avoid them.
Difficulties in previous pregnancies: If you have had a miscarriage in the past or have had difficulty conceiving, you should discuss this with your doctor. Thus, your doctor can correct a number of problems that can be corrected.

Your lifestyle: If you smoke, drink alcohol, malnutrition and do not exercise regularly, you must change your lifestyle before pregnancy. Healthy nutrition is very important in pregnancy. Participating in the exercise program that suits you will help you to have a more comfortable pregnancy life. If possible, you should also avoid stress.

Spouse: Go with your spouse to see a doctor before pregnancy. In this way, your spouse's family diseases, congenital defective baby history can be questioned by your doctor.

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