Finding the best sperm method simplifies the solution in male infertility

Finding the best sperm method simplifies the solution in male infertility

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Nearly one in six couples has trouble getting pregnant, even though they want to. This delay, called infertility, develops in 40 out of every 100 couples due to male problems. These problems reduce the number of sperm and the ability to move, causing a disturbance in the structure. Decreased in number, unable to move quickly and the structure of the defective sperm fertilize the egg is less chance.

Acibadem Maslak Hospital IVF Responsible Assoc. Dr. Özkan Öztürk said, uz We examine sperm under high magnification. We eliminate the defective sperm. ”

In standard “micro-injection” treatment, the most important factor determining the chances of pregnancy as well as egg quality is the structural excellence of sperm. In this method, the most structurally healthy sperms are selected with microscopes that provide 200-400 times magnification. Although this amplification is sufficient to distinguish sperm with obvious structural problems, intracellular symptoms are insufficient to capture the problems of sperm head.

How is the IMSI method implemented?

In a new method called IMSI, sperm are examined by magnifying lenses and special optical systems by magnifying one thousand to six thousand times instead of 200 times. Thus, disorders of the nucleus containing the genetic structure in the head regions of sperm can be identified. Abnormalities in this region reduce success by causing failure such as fertilization, slowing or stopping embryo development. The IMSI system allows the selection of sperm that do not carry these disorders. This increases the chances of fertilization, embryo quality, and chances of pregnancy in micro-injection treatment, while significantly reducing the risk of premature abortion.

The vacuoles (liquid-filled vesicles) in the nucleus containing the genetic material in the sperm head give clues that DNA structure may be damaged. Environmental factors, smoking, advanced male age, genetic background and many different factors can cause genetic (DNA) damage to sperm. Damages in sperm DNA structure, fertilization failure, embryo development stop, bad or slow embryo development can cause problems such as negatively affect the chance of pregnancy.

Who should be done?

Acibadem Maslak Hospital IVF Center Dr. Arzu Özdemir listed the IMSI method as follows:

  • Especially in cases with severe male factor
  • Recurrent IVF failure
  • In cases of unexplained infertility
  • In cases where normal sperm rate is low in sperm sample
  • This method, which allows the selection of better sperm, is thought to contribute to the healthy development of children to be born, so IMSI should be done in every case.

What are the risks when performing an IMSI?

IMSI is a rapidly developing technology that is as good as or even better than microinjection. Today, hundreds of IMSI babies are growing without increasing the risk of anomalies. In theory, the IMSI does not pose any risk. This method requires special trained embryologist and expensive microscope, but is applied only in certain centers.

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