Early puberty

Early puberty

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From early puberty, obesity, short stature to developmental delay, very important diseases that concern the next generation threaten the general “public health.. European Society of Pediatric Endocrine Society (ESPE) President, Growth, Adolescence and Pediatrics Specialist. Dr. Atilla Büyükgebiz, especially in early adolescence in all European countries and Turkey is seen increasingly it emphasizes the increasing frequency.

Early puberty is a great threat!

“Under normal conditions, puberty in girls starts at the age of 10-11 and in boys at the age of 11-12. It is not normal for girls to start puberty before the age of 8 and in boys before the age of 9. Adolescence age depends on various factors. Race, climatic conditions, gender, familial characteristics, nutrition, environmental stimuli determine the age of adulthood. Girls enter puberty on average 2 years before boys. Unfortunately, in recent years, puberty has been brought to the fore all over the world. Especially in the black people in America, the white race is drawn back early. What we call environmental stimuli; there are factors that are not fully known but trigger sexual hormones in the brain. In a study conducted in England; In children who watch more television, this hypothesis is premature and a study is presented. More hormone foods, until then secreted estrogen and testosterone can lead to secretion. The pituitary gland starts to work early as these environmental factors show stimulating effects. Hormone foods are already proven. Some additives (such as phthalate or bisphenol A found in some very soft plastics, or excess intake of meat and milk from estrogen-treated animals), waves in our environment, for example mobile phones (may be stimulants for hormones, although there is no definite evidence), The use of growth factors leads to early puberty. Even perfumes, for example; it has an aphrodisiac effect and even these stimulate sexual stimuli. There is no scientific evidence that broadcasts such as television and the internet can stimulate sexual impulses early and lead to early puberty, but they lead to behavioral disorders. Even a 5-6 year old boy can masturbate because of a scene he sees on television, undressing and trying to discover his sexuality. ”

Children both transverse and longitudinal

The diagnosis of early puberty can be made by some hormonal tests and bone age examination, and in such a case, it is necessary to stop puberty. Dr. Büyükgebiz said, “We see more especially in girls, they have early menstruation and their lengths are short. In a normal girl, puberty, that is, breast growth, should start around 10 years of age and menstruate around 12 years of age. The boy should start puberty around the age of 12 years. In girls, height growth accelerates just before the menstrual period and after the menstruation they increase 6-7 cm; boys, on the other hand, show the fastest increase in height between the ages of 13 and 14, and their height increases, albeit slowly, until the age of 17-18. The growth stops when the bone growth cartilage closes. Parental height is also a factor in determining the height of children; normal weight at birth, climate, age at adulthood, duration of puberty, and severe illnesses affect lengthening of the neck. When growth retardation is recognized, precautions should be taken immediately. The average length of the new generation is of course longer than that of two generations, but parents should follow these processes very well and should not interfere with routine doctor checks..

Children are expanding transversely

Secretary General of the European Children's Endocrine Society (ESPE) and Diabetes Specialist. Dr. Francesco Chiarelli; stressed that there was an increase in type 2 diabetes, which is directly related to obesity, as well as type 1 diabetes in children worldwide. Professor Chiarelli said, “These children should be adjusted for insulin therapy as well as diet and exercise. The most important threat of our age is obesity, obesity, if measures are taken to reduce the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in children, ”he says.

Chair of the Scientific Committee of the European Children's Endocrine Society Dr. Jean Claude Carel; “Obesity, in particular, is increasing in the European Union countries, governments are working to take precautions. Research shows that; obesity is increasing in Turkey. The age at which obesity occurs most frequently is 6-7 years of schooling. Since the physiological fat tissue increases at this age, the excess calories taken turn into adipose tissue and cause obesity. 70% of children who are overweight during puberty become fat when they grow up. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the prevention of obesity in adolescence. In England, school report cards are written at the beginning and end of the period and at the end of the period and the family is warned against obesity. Again in the UK and in some European countries, children watch television too many times, fast food food advertising is not placed. Whenever there is a threat of obesity; both individuals, families and governments have to take precautions. ”

For healthy new generations;

- The child should have the habit of eating with the family.

- Portions should be reasonable and excessive portions should be avoided.

- Fast food must be allowed once a week.

- The consumption of sugary drinks should be restricted. Milk consumption should be emphasized.

- Children should not be seated on TV or computer for more than 2 hours

- The activity (play, jump rope, ball play) must be introduced into the lives of children.

- Collaboration with school administrations to ensure that yağlı excess fat and calorie meals are not provided to children. School canteens should be checked.

- Care should be taken not to skip meals and to make snacks.

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