Support your baby as he grows up!

Support your baby as he grows up!

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Your baby becomes a “child.. Psychologist Şebnem Çoban, Child Development and Education Specialist at Acıbadem Bursa Hospital, Stating that the 1-3 years of age in which babies go into childhood is very important for parents, he says: “Families should realize this change and behave according to the needs of their children. or

: What is the characteristic of children 1-3 years?
Psychologist Şebnem Çoban: 1-3 years of age is a bridge between infancy and childhood. This period is undoubtedly the most interesting of all periods of development with rapid changes. Our children can influence and entertain us with the new knowledge they learn every day, but they can also wear out due to movement development.

: What are their families waiting for in this period?
Psychologist Şebnem Çoban: Children will now want to eat, dress, undress themselves. At the last point they will be ready for toilet training. Toilet training is one of the most difficult tasks to be accomplished in this period. Toilet training initiated and maintained at an unfavorable time and form for the child may have improper consequences for the development of our children; they may refuse to go to the toilet;

: What should parents pay attention to when supporting their children's development?
Psychologist Şebnem Çoban: It is a mirror of children's families. Parents should pay attention to the following points in the development of children;
• As the language development is accelerated during this age period, our child uses new words but may have difficulty in pronouncing correctly. We can support our child's language development by talking about everything encountered in daily life, looking at pictures together (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) and talking about pictures. However, instead of saying “No, it is not, ğinde when you say the words incorrectly, you can only pass on the correct discourse. In this way, our child will not think that he speaks ”wrong,, but on the contrary, we will encourage him to say“ right ”.
• Finger games, puppets and play doughs are games that can attract children's interest and support their development during this age.
• Dressing - dressing, providing opportunities for your child to support their eating skills, setting an example for him will accelerate his development.

: In this period, the foundations of discipline were laid. What are your suggestions to families at this point?
Psychologist Şebnem Çoban: This process is very important for the future disciplines of children. To set a rule, you can:
• Flexible when needed
• To be stable and consistent
• Using the withdrawal of the prize instead of physical or all kinds of punishment (depriving of an event or favorite)
• Provide options
• Make the house safer (thus less “touch, touch, touch”)
• Not to speak with commandments
• Give the child time after saying your request instead of suddenly interrupting his work.

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