Take time for your child's development with activities that will defer!

Take time for your child's development with activities that will defer!

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Psychologist Eda Gökduman shares with parents who are curious about activities that support child development in preschool period.

It is expected that your child's linguistic, cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and social skills will be suitable for age development in order to think that your child is developing healthy. These developments should be supported with activities and games that are suitable for every age period. Protective guarding parental attitude is a major obstacle for children to exhibit these developmental characteristics. For example; not being put on the slide with the concern that a child taken to the playground to be happy may fall off the slide, or being held by his hand or not being given scissors with the fear that a place might be damaged when he uses scissors will prevent the child from developing his motor skills and start a process of self-confidence. For this reason, in the preschool period, you should carry out activities that will help your child acquire all the necessary skills in accordance with the age period.

When you go to toy stores to support your child's development in the preschool period, you are making a lot of effort to choose the toy that will be most useful to them, examining the toys one by one, and spending a great deal of time and money. In spite of all this, your parents say mı Did I get a good toy for my child? Is that a toy enough for her? This toy is very expensive, but can it win something? Hala

Toys are of course very important for the healthy development of your children, preschool period (0-6 years) for your child as a "play age" should play games to the fullest. The games played should be able to increase your child's cognitive skills, encourage them to think sometimes, support their creativity, and strengthen their fine and coarse motor skills.

Your child tries to cut his beloved pictures from a newspaper or magazine, paints some of these cut pieces with colored pencils in his hand, attaches a rope, button (big enough to swallow) to the pieces he has painted, and creates a story from the objects he created. - support their cognitive skills and creativity much more. That's why you can do more fun and cut-stick-coloring activities with your children and support them and make them more happy.

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