10 healthy ways to increase your milk

10 healthy ways to increase your milk

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Increase your fluid consumption: The most important condition for milk production is the amount of liquid consumed by the mother. It has long been known that consumption of 3-3.5 liters of liquid per day plays a significant role in increasing the amount of milk. Mothers who do not consume enough water; In addition to water, sugar-free herbal teas, buttermilk, soup and sugar-free fruit compote can consume liquid consumption.

Do not slimming diet: It is a well-known fact that slimming benefits in the first six months of breastfeeding significantly reduce milk production. For this reason, it is recommended that breastfeeding mothers do not make a slimming diet until the baby passes on additional nutrients. In the first six months, only adequate and balanced nutrition should be considered. Once the baby has started to eat additional foods, the slimming process can be started with the help of a specialist.

Don't cut your carbohydrate consumption: Breastfeeding

one of the wrongs is the complete cessation of carbohydrate consumption for slimming. The feeding of the breastfeeding mother must include carbohydrate sources such as bread, rice, pasta and fruit. The belief that sugary foods make milk is no more than a city legend. Scientific research has shown that sugary foods do not increase milk yield. Whole grain products with high quality carbohydrate sources should be preferred instead of white sugar.

Benefit from the power of fennel: Scientific researches; Fennel seed and fennel tea has been found to be useful in increasing the amount of milk. It is also known that excessive consumption of fennel can stop milk production completely. You don't have to consume fennel only as tea. It is also possible to consume by boiling in water or by turning in less oil.

Consume oatmeal: Although 1 bowl of oatmeal per day is thought to support milk production, this effect has not been fully established. Scientific research continues.

Remember the effect of basil: It is known that basil can also increase breast milk in regular use. Make more room for the basil in your meals.

Make more room for the greens: Dark green leafy vegetables are known to help increase breast milk. It may make room for greens such as arugula and parsley in your salads. You can consume vegetables such as purslane, spinach and chard by boiling it, cooking it in the form of a vegetable meal or by frying it in less fat without killing it.

Get the oranges to your table: Vegetables that are rich in beta carotene, such as carrots, pumpkins, melons and orange, help to increase milk production. Carrot and pumpkin; You can use it in your soups, meals and desserts.

Without protein: Protein, which is also included in the main structure of milk, is a source that should be included in the nutrition of mothers who give milk. Breastfeeding mothers should regularly consume high quality protein sources such as milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, eggs, meat, chicken, fish every day.

The Miracle of Barley: In our country, it is observed that foods prepared with barley or germinated barley juice, which is preferred as non-alcoholic beer or malt beverage, significantly increase the efficiency of breast milk. Although it is a new concept for our country, it is a cereal used to increase breast milk from many countries for a long time.

Special soup for nursing mothers


100 grams of beef steak
1 tea cup of barley
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium onion
3 medium tomatoes
2 medium carrots
4 cups of water
1 wiping teaspoon black pepper
1 wiping teaspoon of salt
½ tea cup finely chopped basil

Fabrication: Boil the steak in water. Add the barley close to the boiling of the steak. After the steak is boiled, remove the steak from the water and cut into thin strips. Add again into the broth. Peel the carrots and chop the cubes. Peel tomatoes, grate by separating the seeds. Peel onions, grate. Lightly turn the grated ingredients and basil without burning a tablespoon of olive oil. Add all the ingredients into the water. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes until the vegetables are tender. You can consume it as granular or drained through blender. Bon Appetit.

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