New sibling psychology in children

New sibling psychology in children

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With the participation of a small brother in the family, relations gain a new dimension. Jealousy is a very natural feeling, because the jealousy of the older sister or brother is extremely normal. Memorial Hospital Pediatric Center Melda Alantar, jealousy turns into destructive and does not hinder the child's life.

Every birth has a special bond between mother, father and child. The relationship of family members gains a new dimension. As soon as the new baby arrives at the hospital, there is competition among the brothers. So much so that this jealousy can last for many years. Memorial Hospital Pediatric Center Melda Alantar, Esi The desire to get rid of the new brother does not mean that the child is bad-hearted. Jealousy is natural and painful. However, it is dynamic and allows the child to move forward into the future. Competition between brothers is a reflection of real life. Için

• Separate the bedroom of the baby and the other siblings and pay attention to the preferences of the child in the arrangement of the place.
• Give the other siblings the opportunity to name the new baby.
Allow the sibling to have an ultrasound examination or show him the images obtained.
• Some children are concerned that the mother will be harmed during childbirth. Provide the child with appropriate, short and accurate information about the baby's formation and birth.
• Read and discuss with your child stories about the involvement of a new baby in the family.
• Help the preschooler to gain experience in changing the daily life of the newborn by playing with the doll, washing and dressing it, with the participation of parents.
• If there are newborn babies in the vicinity of family and friends, visit, remember that parents will embrace the baby and prepare the child for the birth of his brother.
• Inform the child about when the birth will take place. Ask the child for age-appropriate help with preparations and have him visit the baby in the hospital after childbirth.
• Explain to your child that you will love the baby as you love him / her.
• Give the child age-appropriate responsibility for the care of the baby.
• Display pictures of your newborn, as well as photos of your baby in your home environment.
• As parents, try to make the child feel that he / she will not lose the place he / she has in the family with the newborn and will gain new rights. For example, you can say, “Your brother is going to stay at home because he is small, but you can come to the movies with us..
• Remember that the most common parental attitudes that encourage jealousy among siblings are identifying a pupil in the family, comparing children to each other, and taking sides by gender.
• Do not interfere with your children's fights. Show that you trust that they can solve the problem themselves and leave the room.
• Remember that; every child is special. personality traits, interests and skills are different. Do not compare their children to each other, but provide opportunities for them to demonstrate their unique qualities.
• If you feel helpless as a parent in the face of jealousy between siblings, you can apply for family therapy.

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