What is cord blood, what does it do?

What is cord blood, what does it do?

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What is cord blood?
The placenta provides the exchange of nutrients and oxygen between the unborn baby and the mother. The baby is connected to the placenta by the umbilical cord. Shortly after the completion of the delivery process, the placenta completes its task and is thrown out of the uterus. The so-called kanı cord blood kan is the blood remaining on the placenta side of the umbilical cord after the birth of the baby.

What is Stem Cell?
Stem cells are a group of cells that are found in many tissues and are capable of changing and forming other tissues of the body. Stem cells can differentiate into erythrocytes (erythrocytes) that carry oxygen and carbon dioxide to tissues and organs, leukocytes (white blood cells) that make up the body's immune system, or platelets that allow blood to clot, bone, cartilage, vessel wall, some nervous system support cells, heart muscle, kidney cells.

How is cord blood collected?
Cord blood collection process; simple, safe and painless application. As is known, the umbilical cord is tied off immediately after the baby is born, and immediately after this separation, if the cord blood is to be collected, the blood in the cord attached to the placenta is collected into the blood bag containing the anticoagulant by means of a special system.

How long is cord blood stored?
The world experience in the use of cord blood by freezing and thawing is the last 16 years. Therefore, according to scientific precaution, cord blood can be kept for at least 16 years.
However, every year this experience increases and we see the results. Acıbadem Hospital is ready to store cord blood for tens of years according to the results of these experiences and in line with the request of the family.

If the family stops hiding in the future, what kind of a way does it follow?
The cord blood is owned by the family until the baby reaches the age of 18, after the age of 18. The owner can act as he wishes about cord blood. He can forgive or destroy.

How is cord blood secured?
The cord blood bank is committed to storing blood under all circumstances. Acıbadem has taken precautions against all kinds of natural disasters. Acibadem's know-how and technology are sufficient to offer stem cells in the best and beneficial way, no matter how many years they are going to be used and for what they are used for. Physical and electronic measures have been taken against theft. Stem cells are stored by barcoding, and access to identity information is not possible.

Are stem cells isolated before they are frozen?
Separation of stem cells before cord blood is stored is a medical and scientific fact. New stem cell types are discovered every day. Stem cells of different organs and tissues have different characteristics. Particular “separation inin of one of these would mean the removal of other unknown stem cells. For example, the separation of stem cells to be used in the treatment of bone marrow related diseases may make it impossible to use these stem cells in the treatment of heart diseases in the future. Therefore, no stem cell bank anywhere in the world makes “separation işlem. In cord blood banks, white and red cells are separated from each other. This has no benefit or harm to the patient. However, the cord blood bank thus saves storage volume. There are no stem cells among the red cells. All stem cells are located between white cells and are approximately 1-2 percent of all cells. The separation of white and red cells is misrepresented as ıştırıl separation of stem cells..

Who needs to consult with regard to cord blood storage?
Medical advice should be sought. In an area where only physicians with special expertise still know and apply treatment in medicine, this issue, which also concerns future diseases, should be assisted in decision making only after receiving the necessary medical advice from health institutions and specialist physicians and after explaining all the possibilities to the family. It should be noted that cord blood freezing is a medical service that concerns both the present and future health of the family and the baby.

Which families are suitable for storing their babies' cord blood?
There is no consensus yet in the scientific community about who is appropriate and necessary for storing cord blood. Some researchers advocate this practice only in infants of families with a history of disease that may require marrow transplantation in their families, while others suggest that everyone should use this alternative, considering the rapid development of stem cell studies.

Do you have enough knowledge and experience in Turkey for which this new application?
The stem cell transplant procedures to patients in need in Turkey for 20 years is a long time is done quite successfully with international standards. Cord blood was collected under the name of ord Cord Blood Banking de and started to be used in treatments approximately 7 years ago at Hacettepe University. SSK pays the cost of this transaction. As can be seen, the use of stem cells in treatment is not a new method of hiding and has a profound experience in Turkey. What is new is that stem cell storage is made for normal people who do not need it immediately, except for patients. Acibadem, knowledge and the Cord Blood Banking activities for people to serve the future needs of patients who are not regular people in order for the first time in Turkey was launched in June 2003 with the technology we use.

A complete consensus has not yet been reached by the scientific community about who is required and appropriate to maintain cord blood. Some researchers only advocate the application of this application in infants of families with a history of disease that may require marrow transplantation in their families, while others argue that everyone can benefit from this method.

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