Summer time does not disturb your baby's sleep patterns

Summer time does not disturb your baby's sleep patterns

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If your baby normally goes to bed at 20:00 in the evening, the summer time will bring her sleep to 21:00 according to the new time. Normally, if he wakes up at 7 in the morning, he will be at 8. All of a sudden your baby will go to the hospital in the evening and take off by 1 hour. There are different ways you can take care of your baby's old order: • The first alternative is to lay at 21:00 instead of 20 and let it get up at 8 instead of 7. These hours may not be the ideal sleep time for your baby, but in about a week your baby will probably start getting up sooner and you will soon be able to put him to bed at 20 in the new time. I mean, to keep up with what the clock on the wall shows. If you put your baby to bed at 20 before the time change, you can still put him to bed at 20 after the time changes. Although he doesn't sleep right away, he will spend some time in bed and fall asleep. The morning departure is again around 7 o'clock on the wall. This method would be more suitable for babies who may be flexible about their sleeping hours • The third alternative would be to increase the new sleep time from 21:00 to 20:00 in 4 days in 15 minute steps. This means that when the hours change on Sunday evening, you can keep your baby sleeping at 20:45 instead of 21 (old 20), 20:30 the next day, 20:15 the next day, and 20:00 on the last day. Morning waking time will naturally come into order according to the time of evening stay. Summer time application does not cause very big problems in the sleeping order of babies. That's why you can get your layout up and running with small strategies like the one above. What really forces mothers is the winter time, which we talk about from October. Now is the time to enjoy the beautiful and sunny spring days! 🙂

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