Don't say to the mother, 'Milk doesn't get enough baby'

Don't say to the mother, 'Milk doesn't get enough baby'

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After the birth, one of the most sensitive subjects of mothers is whether they can feed their babies enough. Acıbadem Kocaeli Hospital Nursing Services Manager Neşe Bakoğlu, Stating that they train mothers as a baby-friendly hospital about proper breastfeeding techniques, he says: “The mother should also give positive support to her in this regard. Domestic and environment 'milk is not enough, the baby is not saturated' phrases can cause milk to be cut. Every mother has enough milk to feed her baby. ”

Acıbadem Kocaeli Hospital Neonatal Unit Responsible Nurse Serpil İsabetli and negative sentences were criticized against the mother after birth in a sensitive psychology. mother says it does not affect well.

Mother's Heart Breaks Easy

After the birth, one of the most sensitive subjects of mothers is whether they can feed their babies enough. When the baby cries constantly, those around the mother claim that they do not get enough and milk is not enough. The mother is also reluctant to communicate with her baby through breast feeding. Listening to the stories of mothers with nipple sores and bleeding as a result of using the wrong technique also has a negative effect. There are mothers who are affected by the environment and use bottles and pacifiers. However, the baby's breast milk can not be done. Therefore, mothers only need to feed their babies with their own milk for the first 6 months. Since there is water for milk, there is no need to give water.

Give Milk Every Time You Cry

Explaining that they have given breastfeeding training to mothers from the 32nd week of pregnancy and from the moment they come to birth. Serpil Hit, “The baby needs to get breast milk by the age of two. The reason for switching to additional food after six months is necessary for the baby to gain a feeding habit and to know different tastes. Thus, with the help of additional foods, the baby can get the fatty acids and proteins that are necessary for baby development. ”

Baby mother milk more accurate to leave in its natural course. It's not right to force the baby to stop breastfeeding. Stating that the baby should be given breast milk whenever he wants when he is first born and that it is right to breastfeed at least three hours while sleeping at night, he says: The baby does not want to take the milk of the mother because giving water instead of milk will keep the baby full. Breast milk is both a cost-effective and clean food, especially for the nutrition of infants living in developing countries. Therefore, it is very important to educate mothers about breast milk. ”

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