On motherhood with Niran Ünsal: I went into labor with my daughters and my wife!

On motherhood with Niran Ünsal: I went into labor with my daughters and my wife!

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How does it feel to be a mother for the third time?
I think being a mother is the most beautiful of miracles and a feeling that is impossible to describe.

You had a surprise pregnancy, how did you find out?
It was not possible for me to get pregnant in the normal way because my ovarian ducts were clogged.

How was your pregnancy?

Each pregnancy is actually a difficult process, a biological miracle of a second life in a body to come to life is a real miracle, and despite all the difficulties of this process should be well spent. The first three months were quite difficult, nausea, drowsiness, ha

I've had loneliness, anorexia, acne on the face. There were also reactions such as nausea to odors such as soap, detergent and perfume. At the end of the third month, it all went away and everything returned to normal.

What did you go through the most?

At the end of the third month, I ate everything I wanted, especially soft candies, spicy and spicy food.

Compared to the other two pregnancies, did you experience different things in this pregnancy?
I've had almost similar things, there wasn't a very different situation. Despite all the difficulties, being a “mother güzel is a beautiful process.

How did you feed and do sports during this period?
The first three months were a limited diet for me, I couldn't eat everything I wanted, even when I didn't want a meal that I loved. Because I was sick. As for sports, my wife and I did plenty of nature walks.

How was the birth? Anything forcing you?
Since I had two normal births before, I wanted this birth to be normal. My wife and doctor supported me on this. The birth would take place between the 1st and 15th of August, but on July 3rd, when I was shopping for groceries, my water came and I called my wife immediately. I asked him to call the doctor, my brother and I went to the hospital. My wife greeted us there, my doctor did my examination and we started to wait. But the next day at 16.30 until the birth was something was going wrong ... My doctor can not wait any longer, we have to take the baby immediately, said we entered the risky process. I was afraid that something would happen to our baby, cesarean delivery was something I didn't know because… But it was easier than I thought.

How did you feel when you first saw your baby?
In fact, I can always say the same feeling. When I first see your face, you have to have a trust in the Creator and be thankful to him.

it is not enough.

Is there any jealousy about how the sisters welcomed the baby?
Everything goes normal, thank God it's no problem.

They say the first 40 days are hard, how did yours go?
It has been 75 days since our baby was born and I was the only one who took care of every need. I had no difficulty in motherhood because of the experiences I had with my two daughters, my mother and my grandmother.

Have you raised two children before, this time there was something that forced you or something different?
No, it didn't.

What do you think is the most enjoyable thing about raising a child?
You feel like you're raising yourself again. I think that's the most enjoyable part.

Did the feelings of pregnancy and re-mother affect your artistic personality, have you been more productive?
Yes, it did. There have been positive changes.

Has your wife gone into labor?
My wife, my eldest daughter hande and I all went into labor together.

What kind of mother are you?
I would like my children and my wife to answer this question, but I can say that I try to be a good person first and I try to raise them as well.

How long did you continue to work before birth?
1.5 months before the birth I stopped all my stage works. I gave my first concert 2.5 months after birth.

Are you breastfeeding?
Yeah, I'm breastfeeding.

Is there anything you eat or drink specifically for milk?
No, I'm not doing anything special.

Who named your daughter?
My wife and I decided on the name of our daughter Liva.

Does Mr. Ibrahim help you with baby care and what does he do?
He's a really good wife and a good friend. He's also a father who has experience in meeting all kinds of needs of our baby.

What would you recommend to new parents?
For the first time, my advice to those who will become a mother is that they should get help from the people who have previously looked after a baby and improve themselves on this issue. Most importantly, while breastfeeding their babies, I always advise them to do all their work in prayer.

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