Lengthening to children

Lengthening to children

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Families with short children should not delay to consult a doctor because the chances of prolongation after puberty have ended. Istanbul Medical Faculty, Head of Growth-Development and Pediatric Endocrinology Dr. Hülya Günöz told us.
How long is normal in puberty?

At the beginning of puberty symptoms elongation of 5 inches per year is not enough. In puberty, girls are 15-20 centimeters and boys are 25-30 centimeters. It is necessary to pay attention to elongation during this period.

Because puberty is the last elongation period of the child. After that, the growth cartilage will close and the growth will be completed. In short-lived families, we usually observe:

Instead of applying to a doctor, these families are waiting for puberty. Then they look at it, the child has completed puberty, but still has not grown at the expected speed. At this point, families are looking for doctors. Unfortunately, when they go to the doctor, they realize that they are too late.

Does growth stop after menstruation?

Let's not stop, but the menstrual period is now an alarm when the end of growth is approaching. According to many studies, the average length of children with the start of menstruation varies between 4-6 centimeters. But there are also children standing three inches tall.

How long does the length increase?

Elongation is all about the development of puberty where the child resides. The growth of a 10-10.5 year old girl stops at the age of 13.
Then he won't grow an inch. But, for example, a 13-year-old boy with a new onset of puberty and a 15-year-old menstrual period continues to grow to the age of 17-18.
Our criteria for a boy is that he started shaving. After shaving the beard is no longer 1-2 cm or longer.
Can puberty delay lead to short stature?

Yeah. It is defined as delayed puberty in boys when the testicles do not grow until the age of 14 and breasts do not grow until the age of 13 in girls.
The biggest problem in these children is short stature. The cause of delayed puberty should be investigated and treatment should be arranged accordingly.

Do you have any suggestions for families?

  • For an ideal follow-up, take at least two measurements and look at the annual growth rate.
  • Compare by age.
  • See if your clothes and shoes are getting smaller.
  • Track growth with a simple size chart created on the wall at home.
  • If there is any doubt about the growth, consult a doctor.
  • Do not be afraid of the doctor's treatment.

Source: Posta Newspaper

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