Which sports are safe during pregnancy?

Which sports are safe during pregnancy?

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The intense stress experienced by the mothers in the work environment and changes in the mother's musculoskeletal system affect both the mother and the baby. Special exercise programs that ensure the physical and mental well-being of the pregnancy process make this period much more comfortable. Suggestions are to do yoga exercises, followed by pilates during the first months of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a period of changes in the musculoskeletal system of women, so that the occurrence of back and back pain is inevitable. The most accurate and reliable method for the strong muscular system is pilates and yoga exercises that nourish both body and soul.Pilates Exercises During PregnancyBurcu Levent, one of the founders of Positive Energy Sports Center, stated that it is right to start pilates during pregnancy in the 12th and 16th weeks, and that Pilates exercises twice a week will contribute to the birth. Stating that the continuation of the exercises by the expectant mother does not pose a problem for the mother and the baby, or even offers a more comfortable birth until the time of birth, Levent continues. “We strongly recommend that those at risk of preterm labor and those with problems such as blood pressure should attend the exercises under the supervision of a doctor.” Yoga improves the mother's muscle strength and promises a healthy spineDoing yoga with the right trainers and the right techniques is very important to prevent permanent damage to the body. Founder of Positive Energy Sports Center Buse Levent makes the following statements: aday In the first trimester of pregnancy, we do not recommend that the mother-to-be participate in a new exercise program if there is no exercise history before. The yoga, which is started regularly by the mothers after 3 months of pregnancy, improves muscle strength and enables them to gain a healthy spine. As Pozitif Energy Sports Center, we increase physical awareness with pregnant yoga exercises and prepare the mothers for the birth of a healthy baby. ” How To Do Sports During Which Periods Of Pregnancy?During the first 3 months of pregnancy, light-paced walks and exercises to strengthen the spine are recommended. Pilates and yoga exercises can be done in addition to the exercises, nausea and dizziness are minimized. In 3-6 months, it is appropriate to go cycling, walking and participating in light-paced group exercises. The movements in the side-sitting position are also reliable positions for the mother and the baby.

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