What should you consider when choosing a kindergarten for your child?

What should you consider when choosing a kindergarten for your child?

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The first social environment in which the child is involved outside the family is kindergarten. Choosing a school is one of the most difficult decisions for children to adapt, adapt and develop properly.

Psychologist Ayşe Yanık KnudsenThe choice of kindergarten seems to depend on economic conditions, but it is in fact proportional to the expectations of families on their children. Ud Kindergarten is an environment in which the child's behavior is shaped. The extent to which schools' missions and visions are compatible with the family is also an important factor. Families should pay attention to these issues during their first meeting with the school. Ifade

The more the parents agree and agree on the choice of school for the child, the more secure the child feels. If the parents have disagreements, the child will be adversely affected.

Will the choice of public or private schools be made, and will the child continue his or her later education in these institutions? Is there a foreign language education in the school? Is school close to home? Are the play areas large? Is there a playground? Can a clean and hygienic environment be provided in the school? is one of the important factors in choosing the institution.

Go to school with your partner and spend time there, if possible, to study the preferred school. The experience and references of other families can also be an important factor for you.

The school is ideal during the school hours, after having a child's sleep in the morning and having breakfast after 9:30 to 10:00 to come to the kindergarten, after lunch at least half an hour and at least 15:00 hours to leave home to go to the kindergarten.

What should be considered when choosing a school?

Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen says that parents should know their children very well when choosing schools. While some children can easily adapt to kindergarten, some children face various problems.

It may be difficult for the school you choose to meet all your expectations. Or all the positive conditions can cause your child to show adaptation problems. It is important for the guardian to know how important these indicators will play in the development of the child, to try to observe, follow, and determine their contribution to the child over time.

Look at the quality of education of the kindergarten and select the educational institution according to the criteria that determine the quality of education. Don't be fooled by the physical appearance and publicity of the school to choose a good kindergarten. Because the deficiencies in this period is very difficult to compensate in the future.

The most important factor determining the quality of education is the teacher. For this reason, it is very important that the teacher is experienced, compassionate, friendly and loving and loves to do his job.

The more educated and experienced the teacher, the better he can support children's development. Pay attention to the number of students per teacher. Very crowded classes may reduce the teacher's special interest in the child. It would also be useful to have a professional pedagogue in the school.

You should find out whether individual differences are being paid attention to when preparing a program for children's education. The training program should be designed to respond to the individual differences of children. Some children learn by seeing, others by touch, and others by hearing.

Is there a permanent doctor, nurse or health professional in the school or what kind of measures are taken for emergencies? If the security is satisfactory, the families should also evaluate them.
How to Eat? Are food lists prepared regularly?

What is the importance of kindergarten education?

Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen said, “Kindergarten or nursery is the first step that a child can adapt to a discipline. It is very important for preschool preparation process. It enables the child to adapt to the primary school better and provides the necessary skills for this. The child will gain habits such as getting up early, joining a group, eating together, washing their hands, and performing the activities the teacher has given them. In this period, providing quality education to children and providing positive environmental conditions plays a very important role in supporting the child's physical, mental, emotional and social development. ”

What should be considered in terms of children in the first days of school?

Knudsen said, eğitim Training in professional educational institutions - before starting teaching; Meetings with teachers, parents and children are organized. Thus, the first acquaintance takes place in a warmer environment and children can communicate better with each other. Warm communication with the teacher is most important for the child. In order to avoid boredom in the first days, the time spent by the child in school should not be too long.
When the child is sent to school, the mother should be ready for the farewell process. As long as the mother feels worried, the child's adaptation to school will be difficult.
Your expectation from your child and school in the first days of school; is to spend his day happy and fun. If he wants to talk to you about what he does at school, you should show him that you're listening with interest. You should avoid asking persistent questions about how he spends his day. Or

Can you tell us about ways to make the school popular?

Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen says that it would be useful to inform the teacher about your child's personality traits, the games she likes, and the topics she is sensitive to. Teacher; if he / she has this information, he / she will communicate with the child in a shorter and faster way. You can say that the school will be a fun place, make new friends, and have a teacher that will teach her beautiful new things.

Don't be in a hurry to get used to school. Don't get into an emotional attitude. If you have any concerns about the school, do not raise your concerns with your child. Don't let him make a habit of not wanting to go to school. Do not talk negatively to the school and its teacher.

What do you think about the type of mother who cools the school?

It is not easy for parents to place their children in a pre-school institution. They are confused with the positive / negative information they hear about different educational institutions from the people around them. For this reason, parents who have an anxious attitude may also adversely affect the child.

Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen said, anne The mother who constantly goes to school and cannot leave her child is a dependent mother. He thinks that his child will be in a difficult situation, but he does not want to break with his child. If the child is very attached to the mother, if the mother is not emotionally ready to leave, another family member or a relative should be involved in taking the child to school and practicing. Belirt
You should remember that your child's readiness for school is closely related to parents' readiness, and you should support your child by trusting the school and teacher. If you are having anxiety about this; seek support from the school guidance service and look for the source of your anxiety and insecurity.

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