Leukemia, bone marrow and the angel who gave his brother life!

Leukemia, bone marrow and the angel who gave his brother life!

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Sinem and Necmi Solak couple 4-year-old Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML-M4) caught their daughter to bring the world to improve Sude'yı Sıla bone marrow sister was alive ... 4.5 years in the health of all who have recovered Sude, now share with her sister Samb looking at life with hope. The humorous story of the left-handed family surpassed them, and passed on to the world medical literature. This disease was the first case in the world to have been genetically diagnosed by birth and bone marrow transplantation.

All relatives were investigated but…

Sude's violent story began at the age of four when he was completely healed at the age of 12 and wanted to become a theater actor in the future. The treatments for Sude, which was diagnosed with AML-M4 in 2004, did not help to heal any kind of medication. For the little girl undergoing treatment at Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty, her doctors suggested bone marrow transplantation. Before parents, close and distant relatives were investigated, and then were asked to cord blood and bone marrow bank in Turkey and in the world. But each time the answer was the same, no matched marrow could be found.

There's another possibility…

The family could not bear to see their daughters melt in front of their eyes. If his marrow was born to a fully compatible brother to Sude, cord blood or marrow blood from him could have saved his life.
In 2005, when all hopes were exhausted, Memorial Şişli

Hospital. Dr. Semra Kahraman'a applied to the family, learned that it is possible. After a long and difficult process, they could have a healthy and marrow compatible baby. Professor Dr. Hero, this method is also newly developed in the world, he noted. Hero, in 2003, a technique developed in embryos 'HLA typing' a special method called embryos created in the laboratory environment with the patient, the same bone marrow embryos can be selected and transferred to the mother, he said.

It will improve, but morale is essential

Anne Solak, Istanbul Medical Faculty and Memorial Sisli Hospital between the hopeful but troubled process described as follows:
They said Sude could get better. That was a great hope. But it was also difficult for this baby to come into the world. Doctors, 'Too much egg development, embryos should be formed between them to find genetically compatible and healthy baby. In the meantime, in order to hold the tube baby needs to be good morale 'he said. However, every day I was fighting with my daughter against leukemia…

Success in second attempt

The first attempt failed. However, in the first months of 2006, the Solak Family applied to Memorial Şişli Hospital again and decided to try again for a second time. This time luck was on their side, 2 embryos from 12 embryos that were found to be compatible with Sude and healthy were transferred to Sinem Hanım. Two days later, it was reported that one of the two embryos could hold.

The altruistic mother, who had a difficult pregnancy accompanied by nausea and vomiting, said, “The doctor told me that your pregnancy should be comfortable, but my daughter was receiving chemotherapy. I was running around with him day and night..

Turning point

And days passed, the 'savior angel' Sila was born on April 3, 2007. The mother Solak, whose moments are still alive in her memory, said, “At that moment, I felt the real feeling of my baby, my child, that I saw as the savior of her sister. Yes, he had a mission, but he was going to be our beautiful daughter. Dile Sude, who took her sister in her arms right after birth, whispered her name to her little savior: Sila…

When she was born, the cord blood was insufficient and she was expected to reach the age of one. And the date of May 9, 2008 was the turning point of the life of the Solak Family ... Dr. Bone marrow transplantation was performed by Sema Anak et al.

Double birthday on May 9

On May 9, the bone marrow of Sila was removed and combined with the stem cells collected earlier and transferred to Sude. That transplant day is now celebrated as a second birthday at the Solak family's house. Every year, Sude celebrates his birthday on May 24th and his rebirth on May 9th with a cake. Of course, Sila accompanies her by blowing the candles together on May 9th.
Family, 6 months after the operation with the good news that the treatment works for 4 years are back to their lives. On May 9, 2013, doctors completed the 5 years after the transplant, and heralded the recovery of Sude. He added: Sude now has the same risk as other healthy people…

PROF. DR SEMRA KAHRAMAN: The first case in the world!

Memorial Şişli Hospital Head of IVF Department Dr. Semra Kahraman, 'little miracle' said:
We apply these methods simultaneously in Turkey it developed since 2003 in the world. First of all, IVF treatment and then genetic examination of embryos olar First, Sude's mother was given hormones that matured egg cells. After that, each of the 8 egg cells developed was merged with Sude's father Necmi Bey's sperm cells. One cell from the developing embryos was examined in detail. As a result, two embryos were found to be compatible with Sude and transferred to the mother's womb. Pregnancy took place and in 2007 a healthy and 100 percent compatible Sıla baby was born with her older sister Sude. Sude is the first AML patient in the world to be treated with 'bone marrow from healthy siblings born after HLA typing in embryos'. We published this successful treatment as the first case in the world through scientific literature.

She extended her hair, threw away the mask

It is a very special feeling for Sude, who is now a 12-year-old girl, to live away from hospitals. As soon as he recovered, his hair was extended and his mask was worn out and the most frequently asked questions and eye-catching views were given to him.

I can breathe comfortably

Sude said he was worried about seeing a masked man and said:
Life without mask is so beautiful, I can breathe easily. When I see a masked person, I'm not putting it down so I don't upset her. If he's suffering from my illness, I'd like to support him. I cared a lot for people with long hair, but now I have. I love Sila very much…

'I will continue to be a Musketeer and save lives'

Sila, who gave her sister a 'future gift', is now a little girl who goes to kindergarten. When he grows up, he aims to become a Musketeer to save the lives of other people. Sıla said that he dreamed that he was a musketeer in his dream and he also asked his parents for a horse: a horse of his own.

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