What you need to know about your child's psychological development

What you need to know about your child's psychological development

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In the 0-6 age period, parents face many different problems related to children's mental development. Diagnosis Education, Communication and Counseling Services Beam Flux During this period, a 7 - question - answer section consisting of the most common complaints from mothers prepared for you.

1) ım My daughter is 2 years old; anorexia, never eating, vomiting. Although I went to the doctor many times, my doctor told me nothing was wrong. What would be the reason?"

In this case, review your own attitude.If you do not love the child enough, if you are angry or in a hurry during the meal, if you are in tension, your child, who is very sensitive, will not delay in the reaction.Food chooses, spoiled, vomits. No child is harmed by being a little hungry.

2) ım My daughter is 3.5 years old and eats paint residue on the wall. What should I do?"

Children who do not receive adequate supervision and warning are at high risk of eating inappropriate substances. The first place in the list of nutritional / eating disorders picad. Pika is defined as eating non-foodstuffs for at least one month in a manner that does not conform to developmental level and cultural practice. .

3) “My son is 4 years old.

If young children are suspicious of their loved ones, if there is a constant conflict between the parents, these complaints may show up if the child is constantly frightened to behave. In this case, it is useful to treat the child with love and patience, singing a lullaby while singing at night. If there are signs and speeches, this is called night fear. It is useful to consult a child psychologist and a psychiatrist.

4) “My child is still unable to speak when he is 3 years old. Is it normal?"

When a child is 3 - 3.5 years old, he uses two words and cannot speak. Do doctors hear their ears? How is the language and palate development? If all is well, then a child psychologist may need to see it.

5) “When my daughter is 2.5 years old, she sometimes stammers, her face is flushed, she is struggling.

When your child starts stuttering, do not take any interest, not to repeat the speech, and most importantly, while in this case, I suggest you not to look at your child with a worried, anxious expression on his face.

6) im My baby is 5 months old; I have to give it to daycare. I'm fuckin 'upset. Is it normal to give a baby to daycare at this age? ”

Research has shown that working mothers to be separated from their mothers all day even for a few weeks have a negative effect on their development. On the contrary, children of discontented and discontented mothers are not fully developed. A rotating care (infant-mother) starting after infancy or after two years of age is less problematic for children.

7) “My daughter is now 5 years old since the age of three (I'm a man!) He says. I absolutely can not dress him.

The diagnosis of sexual identity disorder is made according to the findings of the identity. It is useful to see a child psychologist (clinical psychologist) without delay.

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