Paternity with Burak Sergen

Paternity with Burak Sergen

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Did your life change after you were born?

Işıl Sergen: Cansin was fourteen months old, and in this fourteen months life changed from start to finish. First of all, we have changed our house where we have lived with great pleasure for years, just because it is a duplex creates a danger to Cansın'a ... Sleeping hours, especially from the luxury of coming and going to Burak'la everything has changed.

Burak Sergen: Of course this is a way of life and it's a matter of choice. But I have to say, this lifestyle adds a lot to you. At first glance, it may seem like they're bringing something, but what they actually earn is a lot. The childishness, compassion and humanitarian feelings within the human being appear in a moment.

You had a baby ten years after you got married. Why did you wait so long?

I.S .: Cansın is our tenth year gift. Burak and I wanted to have a baby, but first we had to prepare all the infrastructure, because ultimately we were going to raise a human. In this infrastructure; Burak'la our relationship with the couple as a couple of things to be full of material spiritual spiritual lies. I do not agree with the idea that Allah gives His sustenance.

B.S .: I think the tenth year is when marriage is a good fit and needs a fruit. When couples make children without getting to know each other, those children are growing loveless. That's why I think we should have children after at least one to five years.

Then how did you make that decision?

I.S .: In the same time period, many of my friends had children and I was very impressed. Now I dreamed of a child at home and started to say, ol If we had a child, he would have sat in that chair ”. Then we sat down, talked about whether this was the right time and decided.

How did you feel when you heard the happy news?

B.S .: I can't tell you that moment, my hand trembled.

I.S .: Actually, it was exactly like this: It was a day when we changed some things at home, so I had a test to do at home. It was a day with many masters and employees.

B.S .: Işıl called me to the toilet and told me that she was pregnant, I was going to scream full of joy, and I noticed that the house was crowded. Then we threw ourselves out of joy.

How did the pregnancy go?

I.S .: My pregnancy started very pleasantly, but when I was very sensitive to odors, I had a nightmare. Then there was a period of continuous sleep. I started swimming because I wanted to have a normal birth, but there were some discomfort in my leg. I was under pressure, and I had to walk limping for four or five months. I know that in the winter, at three in the night, I put my leg in the icy waters. Burak, it made me feel like a princess. A woman needs a lot of that at that time. Burak also had difficulties, because I changed a lot at that time.

B.S .: Yes, my pregnancy was also difficult (laughing). The light had changed a lot, I thought it wasn't the woman I married, but I knew it was all due to hormones. I think we men have been through the same thing, but no one dares to admit it to each other. During pregnancy, the woman needs to be highly tolerated. Because pregnancy is heavy labor. In spite of everything, I always thank Işıl for giving me Cansın.

Were you working at this time?

I.S .: I wasn't working, but we started rehearsing a game. When we learned that I was pregnant, we postponed the project until after birth.

How did you give birth?

I.S .: Since the day I got married I had put my mind to normal and I had prepared myself. Besides, since I'm a theater actor, I know how to use my diaphragm. This helped a lot at birth.

Mr. Burak, have you been born?

B.S .: I entered, I held Isil's hand constantly, we were born together. I saw how much she suffered during childbirth.

I.S .: I couldn't have given birth without Burak, I needed him very much at that moment.

B.S .: It was very interesting at birth. When I saw how much Isil suffered, I became white. Kadikoy beach was visible from the maternity hospital, our doctor said, “Sparkle, look, see the ferry across the street? That ferry will be in Karaköy in twenty minutes, let's finish it until the ferry arrives! Yirmi Indeed, twenty minutes later Cansın was born.

I.S .: I raised my son on the steamer (laughing). And I would certainly recommend normal birth to everyone but to everyone.

However, nowadays, cesarean delivery is preferred most, even by doctors…

I.S: My physician was completely behind me for normal birth, very supportive. If I had a child ten times, I'd give birth again. Because you have to give birth to say you need to have a normal birth, the other is only a method of surgery and intervention, not birth. I was also myself when my baby was born, and two hours after the birth, my milk came. I think these are very important.

What did you feel when you first held Cansın?

I.S .: They already gave it to my lap before the umbilical cord was cut. Burak and I started to cry at the same time, it was a very nice thing on our lap ... When they took from my lap to wash, I began to shout, "Give it to me," I could not get enough of looking.

B.S .: Even now my eyes are filling. When I first held Cansın in my arms, I looked at him and said, ım I am the father of happiness!. It was a strange feeling, indescribable. Men usually want to spend this process waiting in front of the maternity ward, but they need to go into labor. To see how powerful the woman is and how wonderful the fertility that nature gives them. After the birth, I fell in love with Işıl again.

How did the first forty days go?

I.S .: My mother and Burak's mother were with us for the first week. But then Burak and I looked at Cansın. Every night at night, we got up with Burak and changed Cansın. And the first day of circumcision, we did his care together. It's not easy at all. Imagine two people who didn't know how to change alters, a crying baby, and it's 4:00 in the morning.

B.S .: The interesting thing is that nature has given couples something; you learn everything immediately.

I.S .: At the moment, these were very difficult problems, although it seemed very funny to us. Especially until we had her first bath. We had a five-minute bath for two people in forty minutes. Burak and I lost ten kilos when we made the first bath.

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?

I.S .: I was very weak when I got pregnant, so I gained a lot of weight. About 20 pounds. I already lost six pounds at birth. I lost five kilos in a year, but I have another five kilos.

Are you still breastfeeding?

I.S .: I was able to breastfeed for the first six months. Cansın's allergy to cow's milk. So I had to cut all the foods that contained cow's milk. Six months later, Cansın slowly moved away from the breast. Now I'm trying to feed my child as well as I can.

How did you name him?

I.S .: Since we got married, if we had a son, we'd call it Cansın. But whoever said it first can't find it.

B.S .: While I claim that I found this name myself, Işıl says that he did. On the other hand, her aunt says no, I found it. It's a complicated situation, actually.

And you wanted your child to be a man?

I.S .: We confess, we wanted to have a daughter as a couple. But if I had ten kids now, I'd like him to be a man.

B.S .: We had a daughter lying in our hearts. After this age, I would sit with my daughter, I would not run after the man, but now I'm saying that it is a good boy. Because Cansın turned me back twenty years.

Maybe your next child will be a girl!

I.S .: May Allah give our lives a long life, we do not think of any other children. Sometimes I wonder if Cansın needs a brother in the future. Because I know it's a good feeling to share something with the brother.

Mr. Burak, you wanted your son to be an athlete, right?

B.S .: Yes, if he is an athlete, he will be healthy all his life. There is a regular eating system, the body is always fit, do not turn to bad habits, in short I think that life will be clean. Also I think athletes are really decent people. I want him to be an athlete for his own good.

Let's just say he didn't choose to be an athlete, would you be disappointed?

B.S .: I'll try. But I can get out of this right away.

I.S .: I want him to be as happy as he can be.

B.S: Sure I do, but it would be better if he was an athlete (laughing).

What if he wants to be an artist?

I.S .: Since art is not valued in our country, I want my child to do art in the place where it is valued. Or not at all. I actually want Cansın to be a rocker. Aside from the joke, no matter how happy it is.

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