Don't Risk Your Child's Safety with Small Piece Toys

Don't Risk Your Child's Safety with Small Piece Toys

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Saying that families should be careful about this issue, Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Pediatric Surgery Specialist. Dr. Pelin Oğuzkurt; “When choosing toys for children under three years, stay away from small-piece style ones, and do not leave objects such as nuts, batteries, etc.” Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Pediatric Surgery Specialist Prof.Dr. Dr. Pelin Oğuzkurt; Foreign body swallowing and aspiration gave the following information: “Foreign body swallowing foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine), foreign body aspiration in the airway (trachea, main bronchi and small bronchial branches) refers to. Children take many materials to the mouth for curiosity or play, sometimes because they are not suitable for their age and cannot be chewed. It is a common danger because children are mobile, running around while eating or playing, and uncontrollable situations such as sudden laughing or crying are common in children. It is the most risky age group for swallowing and aspirating foreign bodies between 6 months and 3 years, but swallowing or aspiration of some foreign bodies is common in pre-primary and primary school age. ÇağWatch out for toy parts!The most commonly ingested foreign bodies are coins, marbles, small toy pieces, fruit cores, small batteries in the form of discs. The most common foreign body aspirations are nuts (chickpea, hazelnut, peanut, kernel), corn, pulses, small pieces of toys. Pencil back covers are among frequently aspirated objects in primary school children.Even a small piece of corn can be very dangerousThe problems vary according to the ingested foreign body and the region where it is attached. A coin in the esophagus, a piece of toy or a large fruit core prevents the child from swallowing his saliva and drools from his mouth. As it will not be possible to swallow food, it comes out of its mouth. In foreign body aspirations, respiratory complaints are seen. If a large foreign object is caught between the vocal cords or obstructs the main airway, it may cause suffocation. Foreign bodies in the airways can cause frequent cough, lung infection, and irreversible damage to the lung if not noticed.Precautions:* Small children take everything in their mouths should not be forgotten. Therefore, care should be taken when choosing toys. Small pieces of toys, especially because of the risk of aspiration to children under 3 years of this kind of toys should not be given. * Nuts in the house should not be left around, children under the age of 1 should not be fed. Toys or watches that use such batteries should not be left in the hands of children, especially without a large one. * Primary school children may swallow more school items. Pencil sharpeners, erasers, caps on the back of the pen and even colored head fasteners are dangerous for this age group. * When a foreign object is seen in the children's mouth, it is necessary to remove it from the mouth without panic. Foreign matter in the mouth may escape into the esophagus or trachea during sudden laughing, crying or running. * Children will never come to our mind and throw objects into their mouths. At a young age, these are all potential hazards. Foreign body aspirations and swallows are the most important preventable home accidents. Many accidents can be prevented by simple precautions, attention and not leaving children alone.

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