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With a dog or cat at home, fewer diseases?

We have another reason to buy a pet for your child. Studies have shown that children who are brought up in a home where a dog or cat also lives are more resistant to illness: viral infections, are more likely to undergo respiratory diseases and otitis.These conclusions were reached by Finnish scholars who noticed that animal allergens and contaminants carried home with their hair have a positive effect on the immune system in children. Thanks to this, the infant's body from the very beginning is better stimulated to produce defense reactions. In this way he learns to recognize the viruses and bacteria that surround him and matures faster to develop appropriate defense mechanisms.

The study was conducted on nearly 400 infants born between 2002 and 2005. Researchers observed each child for a year. Infants who had constant contact with the dog or cat were sick less than other children. For example, the likelihood of a middle ear infection, which is a very common childhood disease, has dropped from around 76% to 44%. Children who had no contact with animals were sick 10% more often, and those who stayed at home with their four-legged animals less often had to be treated with antibiotics.

How to reconcile the needs of a child and a dog, especially a few days after delivery? Read!

Easter 2014: what's wrong?

Easter 2014: what's wrong?

For addicted choco 'and others, here are some accessories to wait until the Easter weekend.

To see the slideshow, click on the image.

Elisabeth Tzimakas

All our infos Easter.

A game from 3 years On the sand, draw a starting line, then a finish line 20 meters away. All children sit on 4 legs (legs straight), perpendicular to the starting line. At the start, quickly, each player advances as quickly as possible, aside. First come wins! Idea +: if you are not at the beach, small crabs can also play on the grass!

A game from 3 years

  • On the sand, draw a starting line, then a finish line 20 meters away.
  • All children sit on 4 legs (legs straight), perpendicular to the starting line.
  • At the start, quickly, each player advances as quickly as possible, aside.
  • First come wins!
  • Idea +: if you are not at the beach, the little crabs can also play on the grass!

Useful tricks to teach the child to study without studying

How difficult it is for some children to sit in front of a book and begin to study, even more so when dealing with children with concentration problems.

They can spend evenings and afternoons sitting in a chair in front of the textbook and not getting anything clear. They come to the exam with confused ideas, few clear concepts, and many gaps. How can we solve this block to the study? We can put into practice certain tricks to study without studying, a great alternative to the classic "open the book and kneel in".

"Noooo", "jooo, later later", "I don't want to study", "I can't understand it", "I'm stupid, I can't study", "I'm never going to know" ... They are common phrases of many children, whether they are ADHD or not, when they have to face all the pages of the book that they have to memorize for a test.

And it is that, for an ADHD child, with attention problems or simply a child who finds it difficult to study, leaving school after a long day full of classes and coming home to continue studying is a real drama. Many times it is not a question of laziness or laziness, it is a problem of difficulty before studying, you do not know how to approach it or simply lack of tools to make the study a pleasant and not tragic moment.

If you pass by the room and you see that your child is absorbed, playing with anything or just getting desperate, it is time for you to help him study without studying. There are some practices that help children with concentration problems to encourage study attention, to understand what they read, to organize information, and to be able to make it their own so that they can explain it correctly on a test:

- Changing roles: you can pretend that the child is the teacher and you the student. The child has to explain to you what the subject he has to prepare consists of. You can use the materials available to the teacher, from the textbook to a small blackboard where you can write the different concepts. He can explain it and even then ask questions to see if you have heard the explanation or not. In my case, it is one of the methods that most stimulates my children, becoming teachers and explaining everything they know to me or to their siblings.

- Read out loud: reading aloud and saying the lesson in the same way is a great way to fix knowledge. The child is listening to himself, and that is where the auditory memory comes into play. Stimulates the attention span of children.

- Make diagrams: Study time doesn't have to be boring and tedious, it can be enjoyable and stimulating. To achieve this we can make outlines of the lesson. There are different types of schemes: keys, boxes or tree. We can also use colored pencils to highlight what is most important in the scheme. The schemes are recognized by all pedagogues and teachers as one of the best methods to fix knowledge.

- To write: When a child gets stuck or is not able to explain it, no matter how much he reads it, we can ask him to write it down, in this way visual memory will come into play. Writing is an excellent ally for children with attention deficit.

- Short sessions: The times that we can ask a child to maintain attention are limited, therefore, that is how their study time should be. We can leave you a clock on the table and tell you that you have 25 minutes to prepare a subject, after that time, we will ask you to rest and do another task that distracts you (avoiding devices and television). It will help you recharge your batteries to continue studying.

- Prepare exams: You can prepare a short exam of the subject to be studied, reinforce him when the answer is correct and help him better understand those in which he failed, always in a positive way and without shouting or punishment.

- Do not leave everything for last: Avoid having to make a huge final effort, each day you can make a small effort by applying the above mentioned tricks: One day read aloud, another day make an outline, another write whatever it takes and another, act as a teacher and tell you the lesson. You can even take an oral exam to see if you have paid attention :-)

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How To Make Your Child Learn Easily. Parenting Tips

How can I make space for my baby in the bedroom?

1:15 min| 1,332,378 views

A few key tricks will help you create a nice non-nursery space for your baby, says lifestyle expert Laurie Gelman.

Show transcript

Laurie Gelman: To successfully add a baby to your own room, you have to remember that it needs to stay your room. You do not want the baby's stuff to take over. So whatever you need, put it in one corner. Designate that the baby's corner, be it your changing table, the cradle, the mobile, whatever it is. And then find some sort of movable screen, one of those Chinese screens, so that you can cover up that area.

You still want it to be a place where you want to get romantic with your husband.

You don't want it to be all about the baby all the time. That's one of the most important things.

Now, if you're going to incorporate a baby into another child's room, this gets a little more tricky. Because you know that this other child is going to resent the baby coming in. So you don’t want them to feel like they're taking over the room.

Especially if they're going to be using the crib that that child is using.

If that's the case, get that child out of the crib as soon as possible,

so that they don't feel they're being replaced as the baby in the family.

But also make sure that the room has two personalities. It has a little baby area, so people know the baby is here. But also a toddler place or a little kid place.

So that there's no baby stuff. And especially if it's boys and girls. Have a pink side, have a blue side. Make sure that there's a definite division between the spaces.

The baby really won't care, but your other child will definitely care. They will need their own space.


Name Soline - Meaning of origin

Name Soline - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Solène. From the Latin solemnis, "solemn". There are several saints Solene. A martyr of the third century, the patron saint of the commune of Saint-Solen, as well as Saint Soline honored in Angouleme and Poitiers. There is also a saint Solenne, who was bishop of Chartres. His birthday: October 17th or September 25th.

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Child with autism?

Child with autism?
Meaning of the name Firmato. Name for children

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The baby's crying can make parents desperate. There are times when nothing seems to be able to calm them down, causing the people around them to be irritable and distressed about the situation.

However, we can solve this situation of anguish before the baby's crying by putting these into practice 10 techniques to calm your baby.

There are several reasons that can lead a baby to have a situation of uncontrolled crying such as discomfort caused by gas or when they are teething, difficulty falling asleep, when they are very exhausted they are also often irritable or if are hungry or have a stained diaper.

We have to try to detect what is causing this crying since it is still a sign with which the baby shows his discomfort, and later try to calm him down. First of all, we must not lose our cool and look for options to be able to calm our baby in such stressful moments.

1- There are times when go for a walk with the baby either in your stroller or in the car can help calm you down.

2- Take him in arms, being close and singing a song softly to him can also help calm him down.

3- Placing the baby in a baby carrier and going out for a walk can calm our little one, since he will feel close to us and also the rocking will help him relax.

4- There are babies who listen to music they focus on it and calm down.

5- Despite the nervousness caused by the uncontrolled crying of the baby, keep calm, lay him down and give him a relaxing massage it can help calm you down.

6- The white noise being a constant noise and without ups and downs it is a good technique to calm the babyas it helps our brain to fall asleep. This noise can be produced by the sound of a dryer, a vacuum cleaner, the extractor hood or the washing machine, among other household appliances.

7- In teething periods the use of cold teethers.

8- If the crying is caused by colic we must help the baby expel them and if you are breastfeeding avoid the consumption of products that can contribute to the development of colic in babies such as caffeine, dairy products or very spicy foods.

9- Wash the baby helps calm and relax.

10- Give something to suck on as a pacifier it can help calm their anxiety and help them fall asleep, although there are babies who reject this type of product.

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#2 Make a baby stop crying! - Calm for baby for 10 minutes with this video! Make newborn baby happy!

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