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What you need to know about children's anxiety

We sing with Abel

We sing with Abel

The baby at 11 months and 3 weeks

Far from being old-fashioned, wooden toys are making their comeback, surfing on the craze for sustainable development, for a healthier lifestyle. They also have many benefits. The point on these trendy toys.

Vintage look and solidity: 2 seductive assets

  • Puzzles, pulling toys, construction toys ... wooden toys have a vintage and timeless side that appeals to the greatest, parents and grandparents, who find the pleasure of their own childhood.
  • Most often stronger than plastic toys, wooden toys offer a longer life. They are more resistant to breakage and multiple manipulations (or strokes). And, even if they break, they are easy to repair. They can be transmitted from the elders to the youngest, or even from generation to generation. Another advantage, they can also serve as decorative objects in the children's room, or even in the living room for the most designer of them.

Wooden toys: respectful of the planet

  • Wood is a noble and natural material, respectful of the environment. Most often, when the toy is of good quality, the wood it is made from is sustainably managed forests (in this case it is PEFC or FSC-certified). It is therefore a green gesture and, why not, the opportunity to transmit to his child respect for nature and the environment.
  • For colors, mainly water-based dyes and lead-free ecological paints are used. Finishes side, there are beeswax or vegetable oil, mostly flax. "Healthier" that seduce parents.
  • Another seduction asset, wooden toys are also most often made in France (or Europe) and made in a traditional way. Hence their price often higher, but the tradition is good!

Educational benefits too

  • The design of wooden toys is generally oriented towards a more educational and educational approach than plastic toys, while keeping the playful dimension. The forms, well adapted to small hands, are designed for the awakening and development of sensory and motor functions. They are often used in nurseries and kindergartens.
  • Most often, they do not make noise, they do not blink, but that does not stop them from making children happy. Soft and pleasant to the touch, they awaken the senses, and their bright colors make children happy.
  • Simple and basic, they leave room for creativity and help the child develop his imagination.

Tips for choosing well

  • Check the quality and the respect of the standards, privilege the big marks (Janod, Jeu Jura, Vilac, Djeco, Haba, Grimm's, Wooden Toy Gallery ...).
  • Do not buy cheap or cheap toys. If they are wood chipboard or slats of wood, they can represent a risk for your child.
  • As with all toys, be sure to respect the age indicated on the packaging and inspect the toy when it comes out of the box. Watch out for small parts for young children.

Karine Ancelet

Caring for Your Episiotomy After Delivery

Although it should be done only in rare cases, the fact is that episiotomies are performed very frequently. And it is still a surgical intervention, albeit mild. The wound has to be stitched up and in the following days it has to be washed and cared for so that it does not become infected. The matron Rita Salvador, from Cummater, explains how to care for your episiotomy once we are home.

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How to stay a happy mom?
Erdogan Meaning and Meaning

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Erdogan is a masculine given name of Turkish origin.

In Turkish literature, Erdogan refers to "the one who waits". This name evokes patience, considered as a beautiful virtue.


No Erdogan known to this day, perhaps your little prince will be?

His character :

Equipped with a keen eye for observation, Erdogan combs his environment. He rarely throws himself into impromptu adventures, his intelligence pushing him to think carefully before acting. This is a serious little prince! Determined, Erdogan is firm in his beliefs. Under this strong and chivalrous facade, Erdogan needs to be reassured about the love of his family. He attaches paramount importance to values ​​and family harmony.

Putting his sense of friendship in the spotlight, Erdogan sees in his friendly circle a framework of secure evolution. He will be faithful in friendship. He can keep the same friends all his life. Active at will, Erdogan also has an imagination overflowing. This little prince is really a ball of energy!


Erdoghan, Erdhogan, Erdoghane and Erdogane are variants of Erdogan's name.

His party :

The Erdogan festival remains undetermined until today.

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