When do babies learn to roll?

When do babies learn to roll?

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If the child is wrong, he will learn badly

According to American experts, the eye exam should also be included in the to-do list.

Several studies have shown that 86 percent of children admit to the desk that they have never attended an eye exam, and that children cannot learn properly if they are not properly seen. According to a 2009 survey by the American Optometrists Association, which is intended to assess eye and visual health knowledge, 88 percent of respondents did not know that every fourth child could have a systemic condition. it can be an important factor in school performance, "said Dr. Michael Early, an optometrist at AOA's vision and learning specialist in press releases. "Unfortunately, most parents do not visit the ophthalmologist during the early examinations."

Learning problems can also make learning difficult

According to the survey, 58 percent of parents did not take their child to an ophthalmologist before the age of 3. The AOA suggests that the first visit should be by 6 months. Comprehensive examination at 3 years, which should be repeated every 2 years unless otherwise recommended by the optometrist. Previous studies have revealed that children have 60 percent of problems with learning, which can be caused by unexplained visual disturbances, which are often diagnosed with attention and hyperactivity - over the years.
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Shortness and absence

Playback The earlier you recognize and treat problems with vision, the greater the chance of successful healing.
Between two exams, the following signs may give rise to suspicion: Don't know where to continue reading, avoids close-up work, rubbing your eyes a lot, complaining about headaches frequently, twists or skims, follows your finger as you read the text, spoils or omits simple words when reading, constantly performs worse than your abilities, moves to your homework, is anxious to read or disappear, has a keen eye or behaviors.
You do not have to pay a parent who is staying in a hospital because of the child

It is not possible to make a parent's stay in the house for a fee, the house rules may change.

You do not have to pay a parent who is staying in a hospital because of the childSzékely Laszlo, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, in a statement to MTI, said in a report published last December that she found that in many institutions there were unjustified restrictions on the care of children with special needs. Against this background, the Ombudsman identified an inadequacy of the legal framework and the financial rules. What matters is that you are alone child maintenance cannot be made subject to payment of a fee.
In this document, the Ombudsman called on the Minister for Human Resources, who is also responsible for health, to create a document for adults, parents, relatives, and close relatives.
According to a statement from the Commissioner, the Secretary of State for Health and Human Resources agreed with the findings and indicated that he was invited by the Health College. In this context, the Secretary of State also called for a review of the financial framework and for a clarification of the personal scope of persons eligible for retention.
  • Parents who are staying with a sick child at the hospital cannot ask for money
  • If your child goes to court - Rights and Opportunities
  • The kid's going to curry
When to move the child from crib to bed

Is there a more suitable stage to change the crib for the bed? This going from crib to bed is something that is sometimes improvised, each family does it when it feels like it or when it feels compelled to do so. There are little ones who are deprived of their crib and go to the older bed barely after the year and others who remain in it until they can hardly stir.

The possible arrival of a little brother accelerates that the oldest (no matter how small) has to get used to a bed for giants, I remember that exactly that happened to me, I did not want to buy another crib, so my oldest son went to bed when he was a year and a half and the poor man always ended up sleeping curled up wide, with his little body glued to the pillow. The poor man was lost in that big mattress! An acquaintance of mine, on the other hand, keeps her 4-year-old son in the crib because there is no room in the room for a large bed.

Despite these motivations that accelerate or delay the decision, if there is an appropriate time to change our child, it occurs when due to their development, the child begins to be called to have greater independence. I think that after two years is a good time, since the child at this stage acquires greater mobility and does not hesitate to jump bars to get rid of possible impediments. On the other hand, from this age, it is when the child begins to control sphincters so he will need to be able to get out of bed comfortably to start going to the bathroom alone and also from two to three years is when it can arise in they the restlessness to sleep in a bed like their older brothers.

The crib for many children is a place associated with comfort and safety, the crib is the den where it is warm, tight as in mother's belly, for these little ones who find it more difficult to take the step, it is convenient that we explain the causes of change and encourage them, making them participate in the choice of the new bed, to disassemble the crib or to move their favorite doll or blanket to their new bed for adults. The new bed must be cozy for the child, and meet some requirements for their safety such as a side rail, simple and safe design, mattress and height appropriate for their age and not present sharp edges or edges.

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His dad is often away

Your child is just getting out of bed and his dad is already on the doorstep, ready to go to work. A kiss and ... see you tomorrow. How will their relationship be built if they see so little?

His daddy misses him

  • The image of his father being little present in your child, he can react by merging too much with you. The risk then lies in the construction of an excessive emotional, emotional and symbolic proximity between mother and child.
  • This lack of father-child contact can weaken you, especially if you suffer from this absence. Sometimes a mother dissatisfied with this situation does not express it and her child perceives it.
  • This situation often arises for professional reasons, it is important for your child to know and feel proud. Explain to your toddler that his dad's job is important and that, even if it takes him away for several days or coming back late at night, he loves his child very much.

How to compensate for the absence of his dad?

  • It is important to maintain contact in the absence of one's father. Your child will look forward to the phone call or email that you, his mom, will read.
  • For his dad, it's about finding the right balance. On the one hand, build a bond with your child, and on the other hand, find your father's place. By phone, by mail, by postcards if it leaves long and far, and by gifts sent by post.
  • Talk to him often about his dad. By the word, you make it present in the eyes of your child. Whether telling him anecdotes about his father or pointing out to him from time to time that he looks a lot like him.
  • There must be people around you who can relay you. Girl or boy, your child will always benefit from the presence of grandparents, a godfather, an uncle, who know his father well and can evoke it. Without replacing him, they will play the supporting role, especially if your child feels insecure about not seeing his daddy often.

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