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How does your life improve when you have a baby?

Some couples who are thinking of making a child often see only the less pleasant transformations and changes brought about by the appearance of a child in their life. Being "tied to your head" in life is one of them. But there are plenty of benefits and unique and emotional moments through which a baby can substantially improve your life.

The baby loves you and loves you unconditionally

Each person needs constant love and affection, and a baby assures you unconditionally and regardless of anything. It is a source or source of unstoppable love from which you can feed yourself every day, moment by moment. Now you have someone in the world who truly loves you and will never disappoint you in this regard.

It helps you make new friends

If you were a lonely person who had a lack of friends when you had a baby, this is instantly remedied. Even if you don't want to, you will get to know all about the playground, the pediatrician, the nursery, the kindergarten or through various groups of mothers. Some of them remain in the knowledge stage, but others become very good and long-term friends. With them you can share birthdays, holidays, holidays, problems, worries, tips etc.

Makes you feel younger

Even if in the first few months you experience maximum stress and maybe some wrinkles caused by lack of sleep or fatigue, as the child becomes accustomed to the program or the routine of sleep and nutrition, so you can enjoy games with he. These transpose you into a stage that you probably knew a long time ago, when you were a baby or as a child, and you and I make you feel much younger.

Your source of continuous relaxation, goodness and happiness

Wondering how crying, changing diapers and hysteria could relax you. Let's set aside these natural steps from the growth and development of any baby and remember other things. For example, as a smile or a stranger grin on your child instantly awakens your laughter and draws a smile on your face, as his first word or first step makes you cry with joy. Or about how after a day of work and stress, the mere presence of the baby calms you and relaxes you almost as suddenly as you enter the door.

It helps you to be more organized, efficient and productive in everything you do

If before you had a baby you had more time to solve various problems, now every minute matters. You will discover a quality that you did not think you had: a good organizer. You will take advantage of every free minute to do something, you will combine certain activities with others to be more efficient.

You learn to appreciate the things that really matter

If until you had a child your house was shining clean, the wardrobe was arranged on the line and you got dressed from famous brands, regardless of how much it costs, now you will not put so much price on them or material things, because your little one and his happiness become essential in your life. You will put up a price and you will nourish yourself more spiritually from the love your little one gives you. You will know the value of a smile, of a smile and you will value each gesture as small as possible at maximum intensity.

They will relieve you of all kinds of feelings you didn't know or didn't care about. Finally, you get to feel on your skin what it means to have a maternal feeling and to know that state in which "mother knows" that something is happening.

You will feel fulfilled

The feeling of pride and fulfillment from the moment you raise the foundation of a family is unique. You feel that you have done something with your life, that "you have not lived for nothing", as the people say. A baby can unite even more a couple, it can strengthen new relationships and it can make you tell each day how lucky you are.

It helps you to have a healthy lifestyle

Now you're a mom and you can't afford to get sick too often. That is why you are more careful with your health, you respect more routine medical checks, etc.

In addition, paying attention and caring for your baby's safety in terms of nutrition, movement, cleaning and care products helps you to realize how harmful some of the things you used or ate before were harmful.

This makes you adhere to the day that goes to a healthy lifestyle, spirit in which you want to raise your child.

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Architecture conferences for children, School Week Other

The series of architecture conferences for children begins "De-a story architecture", within the School Week Altfel.

The project is part of an extensive cultural program, of the Association of Architecture and of the Bucharest Territorial Branch of the Order of Architects of Romania, which aims to introduce the education for architecture and environment built in the compulsory program of general schools.

School Week Otherwise, April 1 - 5, the week of extracurricular activities initiated by the Ministry of National Education, begins in force with a series of architecture conferences on the meaning of children, called The story architecture. 675 children and 64 teachers and parents attend this first edition of the conferences, organized in the Aula of the Central University Library Carol I.

The entire project of the narrated architecture is supported by German origin brand YTONG, known for its international involvement in architectural projects.

Renowned architects have accepted the invitation of the Architecture Association to hold a series of lectures adapted to the age and level of understanding of children.

"We want to contribute to the way Romania will look over 20 years, when these children will grow up and will be in a position to make decisions, for themselves or for the community. I hope that this lecture, which for the most many of them is the first conference, it will awaken pleasant memories or maybe even emotions, "explains Arch. Eliza Yokina, founder of SYAA Architecture and Managing Partner.

The conferences are addressed to children in grades I-VII, each seminar being designed for another age category. The children will find out what the built environment means and how it influences our daily life, what is the architecture or how to build a house, but also when and how the speakers decided to become architects, why they were playing when they were children and what satisfaction this job brings them.

Architecture aims to develop and promote the education of architecture and the built environment, by introducing as an afterschool or optional course in private and state schools the architecture courses for children. The Architecture course in my city has its own method, which is based on project learning and includes some principles - Observe, Analyze, Build, Present.

"Many of the problems of architecture and urbanism, of living finally, are generated by the lack of information and the general culture regarding the built environment. The initiative of architecture starts from the foundation, as it is natural, and again we want to build with them and financially support initiatives that contribute to improving the quality in construction and architecture, "said Madalina Dumitru, Regional Marketing Manager Xella, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

YTONG is the first brand to financially support the project. The architecture association hopes that the ambitious project to change the Romanians' mentality regarding the importance of architecture and the quality of the dwelling needs support from the private environment in order to continue.

"Often the architects have been accused of the current state of the Romanian cities, but the change depends not only on us, but on entire communities that we try to pay attention to, to inform, to educate them. The house, the school, the neighborhood, the city and their community trains these future citizens, gives them a message about their place in the world and affects the physical and psychological qualities of their lives. The quality of the architecture and the environment built by tomorrow depends on them "concluded the arch. Mina Sava, founder of the architecture.

About De-a architecture
Architecture is an association that aims to develop and promote the education of architecture and the built environment, by teaching in state and private schools the courses of architecture for children. The association was created by Romanian architects: Mina Sava, Vera Marin, Eliza Yokina, Corina Croitoru, Claudia Pamfil and Miruna Grigorescu. together with the Bucharest Territorial Branch of the Order of Architects in Romania and in partnership with the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at the University of Bucharest, the Architecture Association has developed a cultural program that includes an educational program called "De-architecture in my city". is a course of architecture and environment knowledge built for the fourth grade, which can be used for the optional subject. Currently, in its first year, the program runs as a pilot course in 7 state and private schools in Bucharest, with the support of the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest.

The first stages of development of the cultural program were financed from the Architectural Stamp Tax Fund granted by the Order of Architects of Romania following the competitions of cultural projects. Currently, the association has initiated a fundraising project, called "Growing together a city", to extend the project of the national educational program, for the 2013-2014 school year.

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Can we calmly give the kid the oats?

It has recently caused a major storm in the US to find out that some light, oat-based cereal and barley barley are contaminated with glyphosate. Is this chemical so dangerous that we shouldn't give the oats to the kids?

American laboratory tests have shown that a large proportion of different cereal-based foods, such as cereal flakes and cereal bars, are contaminated with so-called glyphosate; in particular, there were glyphosate residues in oatmeal foods. In our country, and more specifically in the European Union, a similar study was conducted in 2017: more than 22 countries tested more than one plant product. Wheat was found in 10 percent, while oats in 9 percent, but none of the products had health limits. Glyphosate is a worldwide herbicide that is controversial.Oats are one of the most popular cereals According to some, glyphosate severely damages our body and increases the risk of cancer. Others, however, believe that the drug is safe. For example, the California Court of Justice has awarded a record $ 300 million to an American man who claims to have infectious cancer caused by the use of glyphosate in herbal medicine. And in the European Union, a few years ago, it initiated a review of the rules for the use of glyphosate, but in 2017, the Chemical Assessment Committee (RAC) that could harm our body or cause cancer.It may be asked in parents: can the oats give (as well as zebra dishes, cereal flakes, cereal bars) for small children? Because little ones are still developing and their bodies are smaller than adults, they are more sensitive to environmental factors, such as harmful compounds and impurities, than adults. There are experts who say that foods contaminated with glyphosate have no place in our diet, even if its harmful effects have not been proven. Others, for example Alexis Temkin toxicologist, they think so the likelihood of someone being ill with a glyphosate-contaminated oatmeal is extremely small. "If someone were to take one such meal a day for the rest of their lives, there would still be only one person in a milliliter who would have cancer because of that. So I don't think it's a risk that you have to worry about," he said. Michael Davoren specialist in molecular toxicology. "Oats have a number of positive effectsbut they are far from the potential hazards. "However, those who are very concerned about the potential effects of contaminants on the organism may recommend the use of bio-grade products. via)You may also be interested in:
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3. The minced fish mince is not bad

3. The minced fish mince is not bad
The cuckoo and the butterfly. Children's poem with rhyme

We invite you to read with your children this beautiful poem for children with rhyme. It is the story of a cuckoo that was looking for its friend the butterfly. The little bird had to go from place to place and from animal to animal until he could find the mischievous butterfly. Can you imagine where he found it?

A beautiful poetry to read with your children before bed and a wonderful read to introduce children's taste for poems.

A cuckoo was a friend

of a butterfly,

and to play

he looked for her among roses.

Hello beautiful rose

you are smelly,

Have you seen pass

to the butterfly?

She came very happy

at dawn,

to her frog friend

he said he would see.

Looking for the frog

the cuckoo flew,

croaking in the pond,

alone she found it.

Good morning frog,

Your voice is beautiful,

Have you seen pass

to the butterfly?

Arrived very early,

found me in bed

then he went to see

to her spider friend.

Looking for the spider

the cuckoo flew,

weaving its threads

alone she found it.

Hello spider friend,

you are doing,

Have you seen pass

to the butterfly?

Came at noon

We talked for a while,

then he left

with his duck friend.

In search of the duck

the cuckoo flew,

dancing in the river

just found it.

Hello duck friend,

your dance is funny,

Have you seen pass

to the butterfly?

He came to greet me

I invited her to eat

to the heron later

he said he would see.

Looking for the heron

the cuckoo flew,

taking care of her eggs

happy found her.

Hello sweet friend,

you are loving,

Have you seen pass

to the butterfly?

It came in the afternoon

at tea time,

to his donkey friend

then he went to see.

In search of the donkey

the cuckoo flew,

inside the stable

just found it.

Good night donkey,

your house is beautiful,

Have you seen pass

to the butterfly?

To her friend moon

He said he was going to see

she left tired

At dusk.

Sing to the moon

the cuckoo listened,

and the butterfly,

asleep in his arms,

finally found.

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