Bobini moisturizing bath foam chocolate with orange

Bobini moisturizing bath foam chocolate with orange

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The enemies of cellulite

We all want a perfect silhouette, a harmonious body, a smooth and healthy skin appearance. This is not always possible because the enemy number one that can ruin everything in this regard is of course cellulite.
Cellulite is, as we probably all know, a deposit of fat under the skin that usually appears under the skin of the thighs, feet, buttocks, arms and even the abdomen. Women are more affected by cellulite than men, and this is most likely explained by the hormonal changes they go through throughout their lives.
Here are the most feared enemies of cellulite:
Remember that sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons for the appearance of cellulite (the comfortable chair in the office, the armchair in front of the TV, the standing state, etc.).

Make as much movement as possible, walk at least half an hour daily, to strengthen your thigh and pulp muscles. If you complain that you do not have time, I will tell you one thing: everything depends on how you set your priorities.

You can opt for a subscription of 10 sessions of electrostimulation + 10 sessions of fast slim (ultra-fast weight loss) that will successfully replace the hours you should spend in the gym.
So, with only 3 electrostimulation sessions per week, the victory will be yours!
Insufficient liquid consumption
An essential rule is to consume at least 2l, 2l and half of water per day, but avoid gaseous water because it contains salt and promotes water retention in the body. Also, avoid sweet drinks and coffee.
Remember! In the process of weight loss, most of the fat removed contains toxins that are easily eliminated through adequate water consumption.
With the arrival of summer, be careful while you are at the beach, because excessive sun exposure accelerates the aging of the skin and decreases its resistance. Use protective cream before and after sun exposure.
You must also give up alcohol and tobacco because they produce additional toxins in the body, but also in the skin.
If you do not have problems with weight, but nevertheless you have noticed the appearance of cellulite, a good diet is a first step in the fight against cellulite. The cellulite diet is a perfect solution for the problem of orange peel. Any food and drink will influence the level of cellulite. If you consume the right foods, the result will be a good one. If you want to eliminate this problem, you must avoid foods high in fat. Salt, sugar and fatty foods are clear prohibitions of this diet.
Fiber, which we find in fresh fruits and vegetables, must be consumed daily. They help to eliminate toxins.
At the Bodycenter Dakima we continue the promotion of the ANTI-CELL PROGRAM so we make some recommendations: you should start with the anti-cellulite packaging that will lead to the melting of fat, the fat layer, the elimination of retained water in the body, the healing of stretch marks and of course the rapid removal of cellulite.
The anti-cellulite packs give extraordinary results if combined with the muscular electrostimulation, by which the muscles are toned, the blood circulation is significantly improved and the skin regains its elasticity, appearance and health.
By alternating these types of sessions you have every chance to lose 2 numbers in clothing and about 8-10 cm in circumference after only 10 sessions
If you want to remodel your figure in a short time, we recommend that you also opt for a minimum of 10 professional cellulite massage sessions.
Alternating 10 anti-cellulite packs, 10 electrostimulation sessions and 10 anti-cellulite massage sessions can do wonders.

In the month of FEBRUARY in any hour interval at BODYCENTER DAKIMA you have discounted cellulite subscriptions up to 70%. Cellulite subscriptions: from 80 RON - 5 electrostimulation sessions + 5 fast slim sessions.
Address: Biserica Enei str. No. 16, UNIVERSITY area;
Program: L-V: 8-22 / S: 9-18
Tel: 3159871; 0726325462; 0743216481;
E-mail: [email protected]

Greek broth

Head to Greece with this soup recipe made from rice, eggs and poultry. A delight! See the recipe.

Head to Greece with this soup recipe made from rice, eggs and poultry. A delight!

See the recipe.

How do you raise your child's EQ?

Experts point out that the development of emotional intelligence is of the utmost importance on the basis of educating generations of solution-oriented generations with high academic achievement, loved around. Experts that parents who play a role in the future of their children, who ignore the feelings of their children and who criticize and punish them more or more, warn that davranış such behavior leads to low emotional intelligence which plays a major role in improving the quality of life of the child gelecekteki.

The role of family in emotional intelligence

Psychologist Dr. Mir from the Center for Education and Psychological Counseling, who made an assessment of the development of emotional intelligence and the duties of the parents. Ayşegül Önk Eray, cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) complement each other, but emotional intelligence skills, although 50 percent of innate, emphasizes that it is available later. Emotional intelligence is less inherited than cognitive intelligence, so deficiencies can be compensated. Therefore, parents and educators have a great role in developing children's emotional intelligence. Family is the school where the first emotional lessons are given. It is known that parents with high emotional intelligence are more skillful about these courses. Although emotional intelligence continues to evolve in later years, the first opportunity to create elements emerges in the early childhood years.
Psychologist. Ayşegül Önk Eray describes emotional intelligence from the first step up: tanıma Knowing yourself, being aware of your own feelings and thoughts, knowing what and how you do it, managing emotions, using the power of emotions without captive, constructing them in a constructive way, self-motivating to be able to act, to mobilize, to understand the feelings of others, to use the power of empathy, to maintain social relations in a healthy way. ”

First of all, parents should be aware that in order to help their children succeed in life, their behavior is effective in güven creating trust, curiosity, learning pleasure and a concept of boundary ta. Because the emotional skills to be acquired are built on the foundation created in the first years. Parents need to explore ways to raise their own emotional intelligence before they can become conscious and skilled educators.

Ways to improve the child's emotional intelligence

1. Encourage your child to discover and express his / her feelings and set an example.
2. Create and maintain clear rules and boundaries. When he doesn't, warn him first, it will help him gain his own control. (To limit the amount of time he spends on TV and computer.)
3. Inform the child about social responsibility projects so that they can learn to empathize and participate in the work together. So you can teach him to be sensitive, encourage him to be helpful.
4. Have conversations highlighting the importance of honesty and tell example stories about it.
5. When the family has common problems, ask the child to think about finding solutions. Let him express his thoughts. The best way to improve your problem-solving skills is to arrange weekly family meetings.
6. Help him solve his own problems, support him to produce alternative solutions; do not attempt to solve problems in its place.
7. Encourage participation in social activities in and out of school. It is important to create age-appropriate opportunities for your child to make friends.
8. Allow the child to make mistakes so that he or she can learn to bear the consequences. Teach him to apologize when he makes a mistake. You must admit your mistakes and do not hesitate to apologize when necessary.
9. Convert the time you spend with your child into a mutually satisfied process. Do not neglect physical contact. Everyone needs a hug. The child learns the feelings of acceptance, kindness and compassion by living and feeling.
10. Encourage your child to find suitable hobbies. Support him to continue, let him learn to persevere. But avoid a program that runs from course to course, drowning in weekend activities.
11. Teaching cooperative games to the child makes them understand that success is part of the group process. It makes it easy to cope with a competitive world.
12. Teach how to control negative emotions. Feelings such as anger and anger are normal feelings, only how they are expressed is important.
13. It is important to be optimistic about the relationship with the child. The child creates his own behavior by observing his parents. The pessimistic tendency is increasing compared to previous generations. The teacher of pessimism has a great risk of making the child susceptible to depression.

Not only does the onset of ovulation produce mixed feelings in the mother, but also in the mother. What will we do with the child? To get along? And what will happen to us?

Getting started: how to help with release?

You and the experienced uvunna know that the surest sign of high school education is not that the child is able to eat hot soup, not that he or she can dress up easily without any problems, but that the child is able to let go of the mother. And vice versa: The mother is also able to let go of the child.The extent to which the habituation of the mother is reliant largely depends on the ability of the mother to let go of the child. It is not that simple as it may be necessary for the child to succeed without the mother first. The mother is then full of fears and doubts: can her child solve her difficulties and conflicts? Can you manage it alone? Do the uvons pay attention to them when they are in trouble, and if this is not enough, the mother can also be anxious about what she will do without her child? Can you afford to do something else, listen to something, and maybe still feel good. After a while, however, this request may become impatient or even instructive, and from now on we will feel uncomfortable and urgent. Letting go back and causing us more anxiety and resistance - read the mother manager. mother-child relationships vary in depth, background, conception, birth, to a single recipe for everyone. The process of nicely, gradually letting go of our child, will be done by every mother - summed up by the mother manager. Now, as with all anxiety and fear, it is best to look at us. Even before the habituation period, let us say that what are you afraid of most of all, what makes us feel bad is why we are afraid of change. Getting started is not only good for the mother to learn how to let go of her child, but also how to trust me. If this happens, we will be able to let go of it. Many mothers also face the need to look after strangers. This is usually more difficult when they have been close to the child for three years. At the same time, it is worth pointing out that starting with kindergarten does not reduce maternal responsibility or the amount of work to be done. There will also be new assignments, such as building a close, trusting relationship with the parents. But maternity relief will only work if she gives herself confidence in the nursery during her familiarity, and so releases her child with good heart.Related materials:

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Heart attack - start prevention as early as childhood

Overexposure to childhood has a direct effect on the development of cardiovascular disease, even at a young age.

Heart attack - start prevention as early as childhood

According to the Hungarian Cardiologists' Association (MKT), it is not possible to start prevention early. This is what the Company calls attention to on Our Heart Day "Run the schoolgirl!" programjбval, which interested people, small and large, can actively support their school so that young people can move more. We also look for applications from schools that can buy sports equipment from the donations collected at the event, giving you more opportunities to move, chocolates, chips, sugared donuts live in biscuits. Over the past 20 years, the number of obese children has practically tripled, and it continues to grow rapidly. Consumption of sweetened cereal flakes and fast food. Today, it has been proven that the advertising of these ads is directly responsible for obsolescence because it adversely affects the dietary habits of children. Today, every second child has their own TV and daily On average, they spend 2-3 hours in front of the screen. It is a sad statistic that half of the parents of pregnant children do not even notice and think that their children have a problem with weight. However, obesity is the hallmark of cardiovascular disease, which is not only a significant risk but can also develop much earlier. The Society of Hungarian Cardiologists is now directing society's attention to children. Launched on Heart Day, the "Run for School" program encourages movement. "Daily exercise and proper diet are essential to heart protection. But exercise also brings other benefits of a healthy lifestyle, because if we spend less at one place, we will also have less time to get bored, " dr. Becker Dvid, the secretary general of MKT, who says that children now have the eyes of the world, because prevention, health consciousness cannot be started early. "If a child grows up to be healthy, he or she does not move, eating big chips or fast food, you won't have to pay extra attention to it anymore, but it's also a fact that An overweight child has a high chance of becoming an overweight adultand, more often, comorbidities with cardiovascular disease, infarction itself, or stroke. In sport, the importance of movement does not need to be emphasized on its own, since this is probably what all parents are aware of. What is very difficult to do is to show the example, to reform your own way of life. If there is no good example in front of the child, he will hardly live an active life, "the cardiologist says, according to the Society on the 24th of September, inviting everyone to Millenbroys Park for today's public school." "akiу is the only one where, in addition to the status of participation, participants of their own school can compete.What you say about "Run for school!" akciу?
A playful run for families, kids, where participants can raise money for general or high school students. Each participant in the program has completed a minimum of (or dropped) a round of donations worth $ 500. This can be offered upon arrival to any educational institution of your choice. Among the schools participating in the program, donations amount to a total of one million forints in sports rewards. Apply the application form by September 19, 2017 at the latest e-mail address. To get more students and families to move and encourage them to come to Millenbar Park and participate in the program. The more they run (walk) the school, the greater the amount of support they can get.
- The role of advertising in the obsession of children
- Put the kid in front of the television!
- Every third school is excessive

Vitamin A, essential for the body

Vitamin A is found in nature in foods of animal and vegetable origin. It is recommended against vision disorders, gives the body resistance to respiratory infections, balances the immune system and shortens the duration of the disease. Also, Vitamin A "> Vitamin A maintains the health of the superficial layers of the tissues and internal organs and mucous membranes of the body. Moreover, it strengthens the bones and teeth and plays a decisive role in the growth process. It improves vision and plays an essential role in increasing visual acuity. It is also used for cosmetic treatments, maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin, helping to regenerate the hair and skin.

Signs that indicate a lack of vitamin A may be the lack of adaptation of the eye to seeing in the twilight light, the loss of the glow of the cornea, which may become rough and dry, the appearance of pimples on the face, the premature brushing of the hair, diminishing the taste or diarrhea. Natural sources of vitamin A are liver and fish oil, butter, dairy products, egg yolk, carrots, yellow fruits, dark green and yellow vegetables.
Source: Current
April 13, 2007

White noise to calm and sleep the baby

Some babies sometimes have trouble falling asleep. This difficulty in sleeping causes the baby to cry, which in turn leads to a kind of vicious circle since crying leads to irritability in the child, which prevents him from being able to rest.

Some experts consider that one solution may be to use what is known as white noise.

White noise is a constant noise that prevents other sounds from entering our auditory perception, so our brain focuses solely on it, promoting relaxation. It contains all the frequencies and they all have the same power, harmoniously, offering a feeling of calm.

If we listen to it at bedtime, being a constant noise and without ups and downs, it can help to reassure and help the baby and adults to fall asleep.

Some liken this noise to rain, ocean waves, an untuned television, or the murmur of conversation.

White noise helps other types of everyday noises such as those from household appliances, vehicles or the noises of large cities to go into the background and 'camouflage' themselves with this white noise on which our brain focuses.

This harmony that white noise transmits helps our brain to fall asleep and avoid sleepless nights. In the case of babies, some experts argue, it even masks the sound of their own crying, causing their crying overexcited brain to focus on that white noise, helping the baby to calm down and get out of it. this way fall asleep.

Other experts point out that this white noise is similar to the noise perceived by babies in the womb, being quite similar to the sound of the umbilical artery, and to the perception that external noises may have when they are inside their mother's womb.

White noise can be found in some devices in our house. Some household appliances such as the extractor hood, the washing machine, the dishwasher produce it. Also untuned radio or television sound emits this white noise.

White noise is also incorporated in some dolls and baby products, and through Youtube we can find a wide sample of this sound of calm.

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Meaning of the name Anfiloco. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Amphiloco. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

In Greek mythology, he was the son of Anfiarao, a soothsayer from Argos.

Corps of soldiers.


  • Baudouin I, king of Jerusalem.Baldouin I, king of Belgium. husband of the Spanish Fabiola de Mora y Aragón.

Drawing of the name Anfiloco coloring page printable game

Anfiloco: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Anfiloco coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Anfiloco coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Anfiloco name to color and print

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