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8 beneficial foods when you are menstruating

8 beneficial foods when you are menstruating

Menstruation is the time of the month that attracts a lot of symptoms that give you the whole life over your head: bloating, nausea, cramps, fatigue, sadness, etc. The first impulse, when it comes to food, is to infiltrate yourself into the freezer ice cream box and eat a ton of chocolate to raise your morale. However, here are some essential foods that can help you get through the few days of grief more easily!

1. Water

It is really tasteless and not too tempting, but women forget that during menstruation they lose a lot of fluids and need intense hydration. And no acidified juice or other sugar or other beverage makes it as good as plain water.

2. Vegetables with green leaves

Green vegetables with leaves (green salad, cabbage, spinach, stevia, etc.) are rich in iron, an essential mineral during this period. Therefore, they eat salads or preparations with such vegetables but do not exaggerate, because there is the risk of bloating, these vegetables also have this effect.

3. Over

Salmon and tuna are two types of fish that are rich in omega 3 and other fatty acids essential for optimal functioning of the body. They relax the muscles of the body and thus help to combat cramps of this period.

4. Bananas

One of the main sources of dessication in all foods, banana is also rich in vitamin B6 and others that help regulate blood glucose and induce a good mood, which you are missing during this time of the month. They help regulate intestinal transit, which is essential, given that most women experience diarrhea during menstruation.

5 . Red meat

Although not recommended by most nutritionists, red meat is a precious source of iron, which few people know. And as your iron level drops during this time, then it doesn't hurt to have such a resource at hand.

6. Chocolate

Although it contains high levels of caffeine and sugar, it is still an excellent source of magnesium, a mineral that you lack in this period, because it is eliminated by menstrual bleeding. Obviously you should not exaggerate to consume it, but if you eat one piece and if it is also black (contains over 70% cocoa) the better.

7. Nuts and seeds

moons, nuts and seeds are sources of health. They are some of the foods rich in minerals and vitamins, but also in essential fatty acids. It helps in restoring the body's nutrition and gives you the strength to fight the fatigue and depression you are experiencing during this period. However, be careful not to choose packaged variants that contain a lot of salt, as they favor water retention.

8. Fruits

When you are undergoing menstruation you have a sharp craving for sweets. You can't face them, whatever they are! Try to find fruits as an alternative to them. These contain natural sugars that have no adverse effects like industrial ones, but they soothe your appetite. Choose plums, berries, melons and other high fiber fruits.

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Sophie giraffe

Sophie's giraffe reached its peak of popularity in Poland a few years ago, when on various portals you could watch the toy in the hands of celebrity children. Although a few winters have passed since then, the giraffe has not been forgotten and still finds many enthusiasts, not only in their homeland: in France, but around the world. Sophie has become synonymous with the perfect gift for a newborn baby.

If daughter teethed painfully, I decided on Sophie, cursing the high price (PLN 59 plus shipping). Unconvinced if the choice pays off, I ordered the toy online. I found it in a classic box 18 cm off-white piece of rubber with brown spots. First associations (especially after pressing the toy) was not the best. Sophie was very close because of this sound for a dog, not a baby toy. Fortunately, the next meeting was already much better.

A giraffe with a story

Sophie's history goes back to 1961, when the first adorable giraffe was born in France. She immediately noticed her exoticism. Before the creation of Sophie, children had the opportunity to play with animals known from their immediate surroundings, the giraffe introduced a revolution in thinking about the world of toys.

Today, around 30 million copies of Sophie are sold worldwide, 800,000 in France alone.

Today, Sophie's giraffe looks the same as over 50 years ago. It is produced consistently using traditional solutions, manually, entirely made of 100% natural rubber (without phthalates) obtained from Havea tree juice (Latex). Sophie covers food paint, thanks to which the baby can suck, bite and mumble Sophie without any obstacles, and she does not respond to such touches and is doing well.

Is it worth it

The first meetings with Sophie did not cause a tremor of the heart. However, over time, the toy became a real hit. Her secret lies in perfect shapesthat are comfortable for small hands: an infant grabbing a giraffe by the neck, maybe massage the gums with Sophie's ears or bite her legs. The child learns to maneuver the toy quickly. In addition, Sophie is soft and light, that's why compared to many of the plastic rattles we have, is completely secure. An infant cannot strike her.

Are there any minuses? In my opinion, yes: the sound of a pipe, which I personally do not like. In addition, toys because of the material cannot be sterilized. The manufacturer allows washing under running water and recommends using soap for this purpose.

Overall rating:

GuiaInfantil.com has prepared some interviews with people who, in one way or another, develop an educational or health activity related to childhood. The interviews selected by our site are not accidental. There is a previous interest and a previous expectation, especially for topics highly demanded by parents.

Our objective is to investigate, inform (reproducing opinions and opinions), and make our readers learn from the personal and professional experiences of our interviewees.

GuiaInfantil.com is open to all suggestions and opinions that readers may have. If you have an interest in a particular topic, please let us know. Your collaboration is very important to us. Thanks.

Alfonso Callejas Cabrera
He is the president of Dyslexia sin Barreras, an association that aims to inform and sensitize interested families, as well as society in general, about dyslexia and its associated disorders.
Paloma Hombrados Garcia
She is the coordinator of the project for hospitalized children of the Red Youth Cross, which aims to promote actions that improve the quality of life of minors hospitalized and admitted to different hospitals.

Angel Peralbo Fernandez
He is a psychologist and co-author of the book Stories to eat without stories, in which he gives advice on how to improve children's eating habits and avoid nightmares when eating.

Jesus Gonzalez
Coordinator of Payasos sin Fronteras in Madrid. He talks about the work carried out by the NGO, the benefits of laughter, and opens our eyes to the great problems that affect thousands of children in the world.

Jose Antonio Pastor
President of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, and president of the Crecer Jugando Foundation. He talks about the campaign A toy, an illusion, and how important a toy is in the lives of children.

Mary Alameda
Graduated in Education Sciences, she is a scriptwriter and actress in Teatrama, a theater project created by a group of parents, teachers and students, to educate children and collect benefits for childhood.
Jordi Folgado Ferrer
General Director of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and nephew of its founder. Invite everyone to sponsor children to restore dignity and hope to some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in India.
Georgina Garcia-Mauriño
She is a writer, illustrator, and a great opera lover since her childhood, studied law, fashion design and creator of Tell me an opera.

Juan Jose Garcia
President of the Abracadabra Foundation, through which solidarity magicians bring magic closer to children and young people who are in a difficult situation. Magic is capable of believing that the impossible can come true.

Carmen Gil-Bonachera Martínez
She is a writer. It has 42 books published and 10 in the process of editing. Her passion for poetry made her create Cosicosas, a digital magazine of children's poetry for all children in Spanish-speaking countries.
Luis Mora
Journalist, editor and scriptwriter for 13 years at Canal Plus. Documentary director Gifted (East of Gaussian Bell), awarded as best documentary for TV, at the Malaga Festival 2007.

Cristina Palacio
Author of In search of Clara. Diary of an adoption. A first-person account of a woman, from the moment she requests an adoption until the moment she holds her daughter in her arms.

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Recipe of Pumpkin with baked dough, simple and tasty, is recommended for babies of 10-12 months.


  • a quince
  • a piece of pumpkin pie
  • 1. The gutter is washed, it is wiped, it is cut in half, the elbow is removed and placed on a tray;
    2. The pumpkin piece is washed, and put on the tray;
    3. Put the tray in the oven;
    4. When baked, leave for 10 minutes and pass.

    Tags Baby recipes Baby recipes 10 months Dovlecel

    For you, what would be the most boring of the faults?

    Question 5. For you, what would be the most boring of the faults?

    For you, the most boring of faults would be:

    He is very sensitive. He is rude, disobedient.



    Help, my son wants pink clothes!

    Help, my son wants pink clothes!

    You won't be "mбs"? What will the relatives do? We need to educate you! - Parents look frightened when a little boy is dealing with girlish things.

    "Over the past few weeks, we've started worrying about our two and a half year old baby boy. His favorite color is pink. He only drinks pink ice cream, wants to dress in pink, and now he has to wear a pair of pink panties. for one, of course, he would follow me in everything, and for me, because he rarely sees his father. But this is a hell of a bitch! She was sleeping at home with this one. She was given by a prospective owl when we went to the ovi. her russian panties? " - Andi says in despair. Let's see what would happen in the opposite case! If Andrea lбnya Playing with cubes, tossing cars for the day, and biking wildly in the morning, this letter wouldn't have gone. Families and acquaintances would book that baby chick has arrived in the middle of the day, and will stumble when she gets bigger.
    However, when we see girlish behavior in our son, we always find it scary or at least strange. In the rarest of cases, her parents give her parents pink rushes, even if they are somewhat elastic and enlightened. Of course, we can see a little girl in the blue often, and nobody gets stuck on it. This is no different in adulthood: we are a little surprised at women's boxers, but a male aerobics or belly show is welcomed with some great scrutiny.
    To this day, masculinity is more valuable in society than femininity, and we care more about it and worry when it comes to risk. But we know very little about how masculinity and femininity develop in our children.
    And Andreba is reassuring: at the age of two and a half, children are very much in the beginning. It is better to consider them primarily as a child and not as a baby or boy. And most importantly, you don't have to feel remorse if your behavior on this field is different from your usual routine. Many parents are nailing the question: What did I break? What's wrong with my pony? Or plead: here's the proof that you don't care enough about the child! But it's not that simple!

    Where do you study?

    According to research, non-family models are more effective in learning a child's gender roles than what he or she has seen at home. He did not add the "masculinity" or the "femininity" factors to humans, but to the patterns he saw around himself in the world.
    The incarnation of the masculinity is not the father, but the soldier, the police, the actor. And femininity is not the mother, but the fairy tales, the Barbie doll, and a common mummy image she gets to know about fashion and fairy tales. This is the reason why little boys love to fit, play with guns, and still want to be the driver of a locomotive, though most dads today are mostly on mobile phones, not infrequently.
    Babies are kneading lumps on toys on baby chairs, and baby washing in the baby crib - even though moms are more than ready to make bread, hardly ready to eat, and do not wash their hands. Even most of her ovis' wits revolve around clothes, hairstyles and nail polish, even if her mother has never followed fashion, or even made-up.
    Most children start to discriminate between genders around the age of two and a half, but this is still a very shaky science. For five to six years, they mainly decide on the outside: it is useless to have a baby's potty, if you wear a skirt, it can only be a girl. Gender identity will be stable until high school, and then it will be sure to develop the "we, girls", "us, boys" sensation, group formation. If a child shows a precarious gender role before this age, there is no need to worry.

    Superhero, superhero?

    I think it is very important that we do not try to get rid of those properties that are more specific to the opposite sex. If one woman misses all the masculine, if she doesn't have a hell of a lot of aggression or rhetoric, she'll have a hard time staying in capital letters or parenting. If a man is lacking in integrity and caring, he may become a guy with plenty of buddies, but it will not be easy for him and his children to live together.
    Recipe: Emoji shortbread

    For a birthday party or a special party, these shortbread Emojis will necessarily brighten your day but especially impress your greedy! Quickly, discover these shortbreads specially made by Anne-Sophie of the Best M6 Pastry Chef.

    View and print the recipe sheet

    More recipes on ourfamily.com

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    Production : Our family

    Rooming in with your newborn (ep. 33)

    Rooming in with your newborn (ep. 33)

    0:54 min| 56,550 views

    Hear about the benefits of having your newborn stay with you in your room instead of the nursery.

    Prepare for labor and delivery with our online birth class. See all 51 videos in this series.

    Show transcript

    Linda Murray: Many hospitals allow and even encourage what’s called rooming in, or having your baby stay with you in your room instead of the nursery. During your pregnancy, think about what you’d prefer, but know that you can change your mind on the fly once your baby is born. Rooming in is a nice way to bond with your baby and get to know him quicker. You’ll begin to learn his signals that he’s hungry or has a dirty diaper or needs some rest. You can ask to have your baby in your room as much as possible or only when you’re awake. If you’re exhausted, you might want your baby to stay in the nursery while you catch up on your rest. There’s nothing wrong with that. The staff will take good care of him. If your baby is spending time in the nursery and you don’t want the nurses to offer him a bottle or a pacifier, be sure to make your wishes clear.

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    Perico wants to be a real page. Children's tale about illusion

    What is your son's greatest illusion? Childish illusions light your gaze, put a smile on your face and are also contagious. Whether they have a workable or unrealizable illusion, why not live it out with them?

    We invite you to read this wonderful children's story about the illusion of a child. Our protagonist, Perico, wanted to be the page of the Magi and to achieve it, he had to pass a test. Will your illusion to achieve it lead you to achieve it?

    Far from home, in America, Perico was leaving the hospital very happy when he was discharged. He had been admitted there all Christmas and had had a lot of time to think. Now he was much more animated and he was smiling happily when he found himself in the street again. He knew that at his home in Spain he would find the toys that the Kings had left him and he was happy.

    They were walking along the beach in Miami a few days before the return and, suddenly, Perico confessed to his parents, catching them by surprise.

    - I want to be a real page!

    - Do you want to be a real page? - Monica repeated with amusement to her ten-year-old son.

    "Yes," Perico insisted. When I grow up I want to be a royal page. I want to collect all the letters that the children write to the Kings. I would like to travel to the East, ride a camel, and distribute toys and gifts all over the world.

    As the Kings are magi, they listened to Perico's wishes and quickly sent a letter to his home in Spain so that he could find it upon arrival.

    Upon entering his room and seeing the letter, Perico screamed and screamed in disbelief:

    - The Kings have written to me! The Kings have written to me! - and ran with the letter in hand down the hall from here to there.

    Finally he nervously opened the envelope and, inside, was another small sealed in red ink and a letter addressed to him.

    He read aloud:

    Dear Perico:

    We are very happy that you want to be part of our court but, to be one of this entourage you will have to pass a test. We leave you the topics that will be asked of you in the opposition; They are simple, you will surely overcome it. We know that you are a smart and diligent child.

    The letter was signed with a nice royal seal.

    The three wise men

    Melchor, Gaspar, Baltasar

    Perico's eyes were sparkling when he opened the small envelope.

    Inside was a sheet on which it said:

    Opposition agenda for royal page

    1. Learn children's games and know how to love them.

    2. Always have a good humor and general culture (if you want to be a good page, it is not a trivial thing).

    3. Sympathy and empathy can never be lacking.

    4. Know how to find the North, have good orientation (to travel the world is an essential condition).

    5. To ride very well on camel, donkey and dromedary.

    6. To read the letters, know the alphabet.

    7. Know how to write very well, without spelling mistakes.

    8. To know the world, also know geography.

    * In case of not exceeding point 1 of the agenda the opposition will not be considered passed.

    Perico read and reread happily and suddenly shouted making his parents laugh again:

    - Just riding a donkey can be more complicated, the rest is sucked!

    When trying to help our children with reading comprehension, it is necessary that, in addition to knowing the words, they have a good understanding of what the text means. To help them, ask them these questions about this story:

    - What illusion did Perico have?

    - What did you do to reach her?

    - You think he got it?

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    Saint Naomi Day, June 4. Names for girls

    Saint Naomi Day, June 4. Names for girls

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