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Children should be checked by the doctor in case of inflammation of the thyroid gland. Lack of iodine and daily discomfort, poor nutrition, ignorance of the first signs of disease and lack of medical control favors thyroid problems. The sick thyroid also affects the pulse, blood pressure, energy and cholesterol level, muscle tone, voice, but also mental state. The main manifestations are hypothyroidism, characterized by an insufficient level of hormones that lead to a slowing down of metabolism, and hyperthyroidism, consisting of the excessive secretion of these hormones.
The stressful situations we face on a daily basis, such as problems at work or within the family, when we examine or support a speech, even when we are in an emotional impasse, affect us so much from the point of view psychically, as well as physically. All this greatly influences the occurrence of various endocrine diseases. Deficiency of iodine is manifested in humans usually by increasing the volume of the thyroid gland, the appearance of the goiter, but also by increasing the number of abortions in women. This deficit is also the basis of the increased mortality in children.
(Magda Serban)
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May 14, 2007

Masturbation at 8 years

Masturbation at 8 years

Support your child's hobbies!

Let your child choose the hobby he wants!

Activities that people try to enjoy, develop, learn and be happy physically, mentally, socially, emotionally during this activity are defined as hobby. The contribution of hobbies, which vary according to each person, to personal development is also important. Clinical Psychologist Sevil Usanmaz from Anadolu Medical Center, explains the importance of directing children to social activities.

Young children spend most of their time playing. The game for children is the greatest source of happiness and they learn by play. Games and toys play an important role in the physical, mental and emotional development of children and socialize with play. The usefulness of the toys to be chosen according to the developmental periods and ages of children is a known fact. Playing games in children is a hobby. They can play the same toy over and over again.

Starting from the first childhood to give children a hobby, progress slowly. Children need to be encouraging, supportive, observing them and recognizing their talents, making suggestions that they like and can enjoy, and even become models. Including hobbies in groups of friends, directing them to group games and sports, participating in art activities, directing them to project groups will enable them to acquire and develop hobbies. We always appreciate and encourage our children for their jobs, occupations and hobbies, so that their desire to learn is permanent and happy children.

Children don't like hobbies they don't like. This causes tension between parents and children, and we know that tension does not lead to positive development and change.
The activities that we do not like are left after a while since they do not give us anything mentally, emotionally, physically and socially because they do not give happiness when they are done by force.

Less than six months: It is sensitive to sounds, shapes and colors, moving toys attract its attention and cheer up. Colorful objects and rattles are indispensable toys of this period. From the seventh month of her life, the child tries to reach out and reach out to her mouth. His favorite things are the colorful rings that he can easily pass from one hand to another, the plastic cubes he can grab, the soft baby and animal animals that don't spoil. This improves the sense of capture and touch. When he can stand up by holding onto it, he likes to throw everything he gets. Bouncing toys that make a sound when they fall down are happy. Large and small colored balls, nesting boxes are toys of this period.
When he starts walking: He chooses big animal toys, small crates, baskets and stools to sit on. She can climb up the couches and hide inside the closets, learning that her mother will find her voice.
Two years old: Other toys of the child's interest include dismantling the whole, filling and emptying the box, building towers and bridges, kitchen utensils, plastic pieces of different sizes, dolls with phone, hair and clothes, and cars. Push and pull toys, bucket-shovel are interesting. Learn to use his hand and pay attention.
Three years old: Tricycle is the most popular toy. As his legs develop, he learns to use his hands and feet together and a sense of direction occurs. Developing his creativity, wooden-plastic blocks, sand, play dough craftsmanship and realization of dreams, playgrounds allow socialization to begin.
4-6 years: Fantasy and exploratory games (dolls, school games and babies, kitchen and doctor examination instruments) Contributing to language development (piano, mouth harmonica, snare drum, music and story tapes and puppets, illustrated color story books) Preparing for arithmetic (picture and number matching) games, dominoes, ludo and number cards). Outdoor games, drama games, regulation of social relations
7-8 years: Toys related to social development and cooperation (ball, hopscotch, checkers, miniature cars, hide-and-seek), developing cognitive and perceptual skills (models, jigsaw games) and developing creative-aesthetic sense (finger paint, pulp, pencil drawing) paintings with watercolor or pastel paints, play doughs, games such as silent cinema,
9-11 years old: Complex table-top games, chess and video games problem-solving abilities, small-piece, complex jigsaw games, three-dimensional model airplanes, remote-controlled vehicles, fabric painting, woodworking and aquarium maintenance, fine motion skills and word derivation, monopoly, tennis, Develops strategic abilities in ping-pong, basketball, swimming.
Over 12 years old: Games and toys for simple thinking and reasoning (simple microscope or telescope, chemistry or electronic sets, etc.) and games and toys for independent living skills (walking, cycling, sports groups and camps) are recommended.

Hobby types and their contribution to development

With their games, children then choose the hobbies they like and are happy with according to their abilities and tastes, and this is reflected in their choice of occupation, friends, jobs and helps them create a life style for them when they are happy.

    • ● A child interested in kites can start making model toys, then hobby as a model airplane
    • ● A child riding a bike, climbing, swimming, a good athlete, a team player, a good manager, and a hobby that makes him happy may be mountaineering
    • ● Play dough, coloring, color books, jigsaw puzzles, woodwork, a child who loves painting, can be a good photographer, writer, or a good math teacher and is very happy with his hobby while painting.
    ● A child who loves music, drama, garden games and collects tiny shells can be a good doctor, banker and critic in his adulthood. His hobbies include collecting.
First baby shoes, what do you know?

Your baby is ready to embark on the discovery of the outside world. Great adventure for which, it suits him to be well shod! To know if you have all the cards in hand to find shoes at his feet, do our quiz!

Question (1/7)

You have to put on a baby as soon as you get ready to take your first steps.

That's rightIt's wrong


In the early days, nothing beats walking barefoot at home or in the sand, at the beach, to allow the child to tame his balance and strengthen his feet. It is at the moment when the learning of the march is consolidated and that it really begins to walk outside, that it is necessary to think of putting it on.


Name Margot - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

It is like Margaux a diminutive of Marguerite, from the Greek margaritas, "the pearl".
Of course, we think of Queen Margot who married Henry of Navarre in 1572. The Margaux form remains the most common. This name is widespread since the Middle Ages, but did not register in the civil registry until the second half of the twentieth century.
The Margots are celebrated on November 16th.
Its derivatives: Margerie, Margot, Marguerite, Marguerin, Megan, Meg.

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Pizza muffins or muffins. Recipe for kids

Pizza muffins or muffins. Recipe for kids

If what you are looking for is a quick and easy recipe to prepare, and that at the same time is attractive for children, we recommend these exquisite muffins or pizza muffins. It is an ideal recipe both for dinner, for a birthday or a children's picnic. The little ones will love it.

As it is a pizza, it is best to serve them while they are still warm to the children. When you remove the muffins from the oven, the kids are sure to run into the kitchen. The aroma of pizza will spread throughout the house. Hmm…. How hungry! Follow the recipe for our pizza muffins. We hope you like!

  • 200 gr. strength flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 200 ml milk
  • 1 dozen cherry tomatoes
  • 150 gr. York ham or cooked
  • 10 gr. yeast for bread
  • Pitted and diced olives
  • 100 gr. parmesan cheese
  • 80 gr. butter or margarine
  • Salt, pepper and oregano

1. Cut the tomatoes into four pieces and the olives into slices. Reserve them.

2. In a bowl, dissolve the yeast in the warm milk. Add the eggs, melted butter or margarine and mix well.

3. In another bowl, mix the flour with the oregano, salt and pepper.

4. Put the two mixtures together, add the finely chopped ham, tomatoes and olives. Stir.

5. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Grease muffin or muffin tins with a little oil or butter.

6. Fill each pan with the batter halfway and sprinkle each cupcake with the grated Parmesan cheese. Bake for about 20-30 minutes, or until muffins are grown and golden brown.

7. When removed from the oven, allow them to cool on a rack before eating.

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Development starting from the birth of the baby (physical, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, psychological, social) continues throughout life.

The first 6 years of life (0-6 years) are the cornerstones of development and provide basic knowledge and skills. Brand and Communication Consultant Trainer Yasemin Sungur says, ilk In this first 6 years, which is also important for the formation of personality, parents need to offer an open environment for development, love, see differences, respect and provide healthy development for the child. ”

What should be taken into consideration when choosing kindergarten and primary schools?

The school should be selected with a long-term future plan considering the social, economic and cultural structure of the family.

The child's physical characteristics, skills and aspirations should be taken into account.

Starting from the nearest schools,

· Transportation,

· Physical environment, classes, activity halls,

· Education standards,

· Teacher staff,

· Training programs,

· Number of class students

· Social activities,

· Student-school-family cooperation,

a list should be made taking into consideration, each school should be visited one by one.

Negative evaluations should not be made with the children about the school process.

Especially at this age, children prefer to play in the park rather than going to school. What is the role of play in the development of children at this age? How should game-school balance be established? When choosing a school, should the game be considered?

Play is an activity in which the child is active and social learning. It also improves the child's learning ability. The most effective learning is the way the child uses all 5 senses. When the child learns by hearing, seeing, touching, sharing, living, telling, the development continues.

There should be games of all ages and in every lesson. In addition, support should be given to continuing the games that the child loves and contributes to their development outside the school. An example should be created in the family for hobby development.

The most popular teachers are teachers who can add play, movement, drama to their teaching style and allow students to share. Thus, even the heaviest and hardest subject allows the student to learn easily.

What is the ideal age for starting kindergarten and kindergarten?

Kindergarten education is necessary for the development of children to be healthier. Preschool period is an important period in which the child is determined to be an adult in the future, self-development, basic beliefs and values ​​are formed, learning speed is at the highest level and creativity develops.

It is generally seen as appropriate from the age of 3 (36 months). Each child should be assessed on its own, the process is not the same for each child. Some children are easily separated from a 2-year-old mother and some are not ready to start primary school.

If the child expresses his / her needs, understands and follows simple commands, they can easily start kindergarten. The beginning of the kindergarten should not be forced and dominant, and the child should be accustomed to the new process slowly and slowly. The child should be prepared for the kindergarten process in a safe environment and the parents should make the best decision for the child without hesitation. If the parents are disagreed, if they are indecisive, the child will be affected negatively. The more comfortable the parent is, the more comfortable the child goes to school.

If the child is going through a healthy development process, he spontaneously wants to communicate with the outside world. The child wants to stay on the street more, wants to go to the park, shows interest in the sounds of children coming from outside. As long as the family does not create obstacles. The negative speeches of the family outside the home to protect the child and the bad examples chosen while teaching them how to protect themselves destroy the child's confidence in himself and his environment.

The more the parents agree and agree on the decision to send the child to school, the more secure the child feels. The slightest hesitation of the parents will push the child into a feeling of insecurity. Moreover, children are very good at reading our body language, often more observant than adults.

What should the family take care of before starting kindergarten?

· This should be accepted by parents and other family elders as a natural step (the issue should not be exaggerated, should not be made a problem, the opposite ideas should not be discussed with the child)

· Talk to the child about school,

· Children attending school should be shown as a positive example, not to compare, but to practice;

· Visit to nearby schools, physically accustomed to school,

· Parents and children should participate in outdoor activities together,

· Play groups should participate as a family,

· The stories and fairy tales in schools should be read,

· Children should be introduced to toys of all ages in time,

· Paper, scissors, paint, etc. materials should be played with the game,

· Make friends with the children around them,

· Sharing toys with friends and giving each other the opportunity to play freely in the playrooms,

· The chance to go to the same school with friends

· Children's group plays should be praised,

· If the child seems to have difficulty, initially a program of 2 hours or half a day should be selected,

Usher became a dad

The famous singer Usher, 29 years old to become a father on Monday.

His wife Tameka Foster, 36, has brought to life a perfectly healthy boy.
Usher and Tameka Foster had a "song marriage". They had planned the wedding on July 28 but because of differences between Tameka Foster and his mother Usher, the ceremony was canceled.
In a statement to the press, the couple denied the rumors of these divergences and said the ceremony was canceled due to the fact that Tameka Foster had minor pregnancy problems and had to be hospitalized.
Finally, the ceremony took place on August 3, in a very limited setting.
On September 1, the couple renewed their vows during a lavish ceremony in Atlanta.
Gabriela Hotareanu
November 28, 2007

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