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Can I breastfeed if my nipple is straight or inward?

An effective product for the permanent treatment of flat or extroverted nipples: Niplette

Please note that mothers who feed their babies with a bottle or spoon because they are unaware of Niplette's presence. Once the babies get used to coke, they don't go back to the breast. However, breastfeeding your baby is very important for both you and you.
Introversion or underdeveloped nipples is a cheesy fact that creates psychological discomfort for many women and makes breastfeeding extremely difficult for the mother and the baby. Inverted nipples are formed by the fact that the milk channels connected to the nipple remain short and prevent them from functioning.
Until recently, the only effective method to solve this problem was to extend the short canal tissues under anesthesia. However, aside from its high cost, the aesthetic correction obtained by surgical intervention unfortunately damages the chest function.

In fact, the solution is quite simple. Niplette is a revolutionary product invented by Douglas McGeorge FRCS, one of the most important plastic surgeons in England.
The nipple consists of a transparent nipple mold and a closing end attached to a valve and a syringe barrel. It works by applying a gentle vacuum to the inward or undeveloped nipple. When it is attached to the nipple, air is drawn from the mold with the help of small syringe and thus the nipple fills the inside of the mold. The pull ratio depends on how comfortable the wearer feels.
The resulting gripping force gently extends the short grooves covering the nipple to perform the Niplette function. Breast function has not changed since it does not need to be divided, so breastfeeding is still possible.

It is important to note that any non-congenital and subsequent nipple withdrawals should be checked by a physician before Niplette is used.

How do I use Niplette?
The use of Niplette is simple and painless and can be used by women of all ages. By using the principle of tissue extension by pulling, it allows stretching of short-stay milk channels with long-term attraction. It is easily inserted into the bra and can be worn day and / or day.
The rate of correction depends on the degree of introversion, the condition of the individual's muscle tissue and the rate of use of the product. A permanent improvement is normally achieved with regular use for 1 to 3 months. Ideally, it should be used for 8 hours a day, day or night. Niplette can be safely used for a longer period of time if there is a tendency to withdraw.
Women who think they will have difficulty in breastfeeding can use Niplette in the first 6 months of pregnancy. If breasts are very sensitive during pregnancy, it can be used for several minutes before breastfeeding each after the birth of the baby. The nipple will pull out the nipple so that the baby can easily grasp the nipple. Use in the first few days will help build your breastfeeding pattern.
Niplette's traction effect will be reduced as the amount of incoming milk increases. Until then, however, the baby will be able to suck the nipple itself and become accustomed to sucking it out. After breastfeeding, Niplette can be used for permanent recovery.

How soon will it work?
This depends on many factors, from how inward the nipple is to how many hours a day Niplette is used. With regular use, improvement is normally achieved from 1 to 3 months.
Does my age matter?
No! Niplette is effective at any age after puberty.
Does Niplette always work?
Muscle reconstruction is the key to Niplette's success, and there is no reason why it shouldn't occur in almost all women. The only reason for not achieving successful results may be the wrong technique or not wearing it long enough.
Niplette Comments from Mothers from Other Countries of the World
“Many thanks to Niplette for your product. Thanks to you, I was able to breastfeed my son. This product is a revolution. ”
Raphelle A., France
“Now I feel much more comfortable and confident thanks Niplette”
Mrs. O., London
“I bought Niplette when I couldn't breastfeed my first baby because of my introverted nipple problem. My nipple has returned to normal and now I can breastfeed my 2nd baby more easily and feel that I will succeed. I found it very convenient and easy to use. ”
Mrs. T., Cumbria
Ler Thanks to Niplette. I was able to breastfeed my baby or I was giving up. ”Josie D., Staffordshire
Artık I can now accept the appearance of my breast. ”
Mrs. A, Birmingham
Before you finish writing, let's look at other Avent solutions you may need during breastfeeding:

Disposable Breast Pads
It provides absorbency, comfort and dryness with its layered texture. It prevents your blouse from getting wet and putting you into a disgraceful appearance due to the milk coming from the breasts.

Nipple Protectors
Made of paper thin, soft, odorless and tasteless silicone. It is incredibly useful to protect your sore and cracked nipples during breastfeeding. It is made in the shape of a butterfly so that the baby can sense and smell the mother's skin and continue to stimulate the milk flow.

Swollen Tits
Your breast may become stiff and uncomfortable when your milk comes. Breastfeed your baby as often as possible. If necessary, soften your breast and ensure that your baby can easily catch your breast with Avent Breast Pump. Cold compresses or refrigerator ice packs are good for swelling.
Breastfeed your baby long enough to relieve swelling and tension. In the meantime, you can use Avent Breast Shield in your bra. Gentle pressure will help your breast not swell as well as accumulate leaking milk.
If your breasts become too full and disturb you between breastfeeding and you do not want to wake your baby, you can use the Avent Breast Pump to empty your milk.

Breast Milk Leakage
Breastfeeding occurs between breast milk and breast milk to breastfeeding mothers by creating a very embarrassing situation. You can solve this problem with Disposable Breast Pads. The disposable pads are made of soft lined cotton with a sealed lining that keeps moisture away from your chest and prevents your clothes from getting wet. Remember to replace the pads frequently to prevent injury to your nipples.

Cracked or injured nipples
If you start to keep your baby in the proper position on your chest from the beginning, your nipples will probably not have cracks or wounds. At the end of each breastfeeding, it is useful to squeeze a few drops of your milk and rub it around your nipple. Don't forget to keep your nipples dry and replace your breast pads frequently.
If there are wounds or cracks in your nipples, you can continue to breastfeed your baby using Avent Nipple butterflies. This product is odorless, tasteless, ultra thin, made of the best quality silicone and does not get used to the smell or taste of your baby. You can sterilize with Avent Steam Sterilizer or just by boiling. Use the silicone breast adapters only when necessary and give your baby your breast again as soon as your nipples heal.

Mushrooms (thrush)
If you suddenly feel sore, pink, or itchy on your nipples, or even during breastfeeding, or between you and your baby, fungus may have formed on you or your baby. This is a very common problem and requires medical treatment. You and your baby need a 2-week treatment. You can continue breastfeeding.

Inflammation (Mastitis)
If your chest turns red, burns, and you don't touch it and you have a high fever, you probably have an infection in your breasts. If you can, continue to breastfeed or milk your baby with a pump to give your baby bottle. Meanwhile, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Because you may need to use antibiotics, only your doctor can decide the safest drug you can take while breastfeeding.
Remember ...
Having your first baby is the biggest change in your life. The first few weeks can be very emotional. Despite all their good intentions, your close friends and relatives can offer confusing and contradictory advice. Trust yourself and follow only the advice of your doctor, obstetrician or midwife.

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The 6-month well-baby checkup

The 6-month well-baby checkup
  • What to expect

    Photos by Steve LaBadessa

    These slides show you what happens at the 6-month well-baby checkup. Here Dr. Jennifer Miller is talking to mom Lindsey and getting ready to examine baby J.P. at East Bay Pediatrics in Orinda, CA.

    Once the exam is complete, the doctor will probably ask you a series of questions about your child's health, sleeping habits, and feeding habits. Jot down your answers on our printable doctor visit worksheet to take with you to the appointment.

  • Weight

    The doctor (or an assistant) weighs your baby to make sure he's growing at a healthy rate. You'll need to undress your baby completely for weighing.

  • Length

    The doctor (or an assistant) measures the length of your baby's body.

  • Head size

    The doctor (or an assistant) measures your baby's head to track the growth of his brain.

  • The growth chart

    The doctor plots your baby's weight, length, and head circumference on a growth chart.

    The chart lets you to see how your baby compares with other children the same age. But it doesn't matter whether she's in the 5th or the 95th percentile, as long as her rate of growth is steady from one visit to the next.

  • Heart and lungs

    Using a stethoscope, the doctor listens to your baby's heart and lungs to check for abnormal heart rhythms or breathing problems.

  • Eyes

    The doctor checks your baby's eyes for signs of congenital conditions and other problems. The eyes and eyelids may also be checked for blocked tear ducts, discharge, or other signs of infection.

  • Ears

    The doctor looks for signs of infection and observes how your baby responds to sound.

  • Mouth

    The doctor checks for signs of thrush (an oral yeast infection) and any new teeth, among other things.

  • Head

    The doctor looks at the soft spots (fontanels) and the shape of your baby's head, including whether a flat spot is developing (now's the time to catch it).

  • Body

    The doctor checks your baby's reflexes and muscle tone, and examines his skin for rashes.

    The doctor also assesses your baby's muscle control when sitting upright as well as how he interacts, reaches, and grabs things

  • Belly

    The doctor gently presses on your baby's abdomen to check for a hernia or enlarged organs.

  • Genitals

    The doctor opens your baby's diaper and checks the genitals for signs of infection.

  • Legs

    The doctor moves your baby's legs around to look for problems in the hip joints.

  • Immunizations

    Your baby will receive the hepatitis B, DTaP, polio, pneumococcal, and Hib vaccines (combined in two or three shots) and rotavirus vaccine (given orally). He's also due for his first flu shot if it's flu season.

    An assistant may administer the vaccines. This is usually done at the end of the appointment so you can have some privacy afterward to comfort your baby.

  • Other health concerns

    The doctor will address any other concerns (such as childproofing your home before your baby crawls), ask you some questions (see questions the doctor may ask at the six month exam), and help you understand what's normal at this age.

  • Can a Child Be Healthy Without a Father Without a Woman?

    Children's stories about mothers

    Children's stories about mothers

    Being a mother is one of the most endearing and pleasant experiences that women can live. Being a mother is an experience of a lifetime. That is the theme of this selection of books with stories so that children understand and understand how important it is to have a mother, and at the same time they learn to value them. Follow one selection of stories for children to have fun and be closer to their mothers. You can count them any day of the year or, also, on Mother's Day. Do you dare?

    Father's day, grandparents 'day, great-grandparents' day, children's day ... Not to mention other 'outstanding' dates such as chocolate day, omelette day or brownie day . The calendar is full of festivities, but if there is one that the children look forward to, it is certainly Mother's Day, right?

    Around this date there are many curious facts that you may not know, but that we are going to tell you so that you know a little more why, how and when this day is celebrated around the world.

    - Did you know that it is not celebrated on the same day in all countries? In Spain, Portugal or Angola, for example, it is the first Sunday in May while in Chile, the United States, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Cuba or Colombia it is the second Sunday. In Mexico, there are years that coincide and others that do not, because it will always be May 10, regardless of the day of the week. Argentina, for its part, passes it to the third Sunday in October. In many other places, it coincides with March 8, Working Women's Day.

    - We have to travel to Ancient Greece to meet the first celebrations for mothers. There, homage was paid to Rea, the mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Later the Romans came to call this celebration Hilaria

    - Everything changed with the arrival and expansion of Christianity throughout the world. It was when it was decided that on Mother's Day honors would be paid to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. Hence, at the beginning, in many places it was celebrated on December 8, the day of the Immaculate Conception.

    - Behind this special day, a movement that wanted to peacefully defend women's rights emerged in the United States at the hands of activists Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis.

    - In Japan there is a custom of giving a carnation, a symbol that is linked to the motherly side. And, how could it be otherwise, in many homes they eat shushi. While in the United Kingdom, mothering cakes are prepared in every house.

    - In Mexico there is no shortage of serenades to honor mothers ('Las mañanitas'), in the Dominican Republic they have created the 'Hymn to mothers' and in Thailand women go to their children's school.

    These traditional stories are different from each other and try to teach different values, but they all have something in common: in all of them there are mothers. Each one of them different, with very different circumstances, but all of them sharing the same feeling: unconditional love for that being that they have had within them for nine months.

    Mother goat and the seven little kids. our site offers you the traditional story of 'The mother goat and her seven little goats'. A story to alert children that they should never open the door of the house to strangers and that appearances can be deceiving.

    Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel children's story. Traditional stories to read with children. Classic stories to encourage reading. Short books for children.

    Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault in 1697. Countless adaptations have been made of this classic, such as this poem about Little Red Riding Hood, written by Francisco Villaespesa.

    The dumbest punishment. Children's story about the valuable role of mothers. Special story for Mother's Day. Story 'The most stupid punishment', about the importance of mothers.

    Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty. Children's stories of a lifetime for your little boy. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

    The princess and the Pea. Short story of the princess and the pea. On our site you can print the story of the princess and the pea to read to your children. A story about princesses for boys and girls.

    The ugly Duckling. The tale of the ugly duckling. Traditional children's stories for your children and babies. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

    The trunk of the costumes. The story of 'The trunk of the costumes', talks about the Carnival. Once upon a time there was a girl who needed a costume for Carnival, in her grandmother's costume chest, she would find the best of all. Find out what this girl has dressed up for in Carnival, reading this story to your children.

    Thumbelina. Thumbelina, traditional short story by the Brothers Grimm. Classic stories for children. Literature to encourage children's reading. Traditional fables.

    Magic beans. We offer you a version of the story 'The magic beans', from the famous writings Hans Christian Andersen. The magic beans, Jack and the magic beans. It is a story by Hans Christian Andersen that tells the story of a boy who, through magical seeds, lives unique adventures.

    It doesn't have to be Mother's Day to show your love for your mother. That's why since Guiainfantil.com We encourage you to have these displays of affection with your mother, whatever the date.

    - Special breakfast
    Who gets up before anyone else so that everything is ready for breakfast? What if this time we change roles and it is the children and the parents who come forward and leave their mother in bed? The surprise will be great!

    - Unique dedications
    If mom uses an agenda, write it on the day you choose a special dedication ('Thank you mom for so much love'). When you open to that page and see the message, you will be totally thrilled! You can also think about giving mom a poem. A great gift, right?

    - Special gift
    A mother would give her life without thinking about it for her son, and what would you be able to give her? If you have a special object ... how about you put it in a box and wrap it up to give it to him? It will be like giving your heart!

    - A drawing about her
    This is not about making a quick and running drawing but about making a different design. Take out your painter's streak and become a whole Picasso, but giving your touch. Close your eyes, think of that image of your mother and put it on a blank sheet of paper. It will come from the depths of you!

    [Read +: Script to organize a children's play for mom]

    Ideas, feelings or emotions ... All this can be expressed through poetry, that's why a very special gift that children (and husbands or partners) can give mothers on any occasion is to recite a poem (if you dare you can also start writing your own). Here are some suggestions!

    You can read more articles similar to Children's stories about mothers, in the category of Children's stories on site.

    The Banana diet in the morning

    The Banana diet in the morning

    The Morning Banana Diet created a real hysteria among women everywhere. Even former opera singer Kumiko Mori has announced that she has lost 8 kilos through her "Morning Banana" diet. This diet is considered to be the simplest and fastest method of weight loss.

    The diet was created by Hitoshi Watanabe, who studied preventive medicine in Tokyo and his wife, a pharmacist, Sumiko. The diet has grown in popularity through websites, TV shows, magazine articles and a book written by Watanabe.

    What you can eat

    For breakfast you can eat bananas and drink water at room temperature. For lunch, dinner and snacks you can eat whatever you want, as long as you do not eat after 8 pm.

    The only restrictions: no ice cream, dairy, alcohol or desserts after dinner. The only drink you can drink at the table is water at room temperature. Only one sweet snack is allowed in the afternoon.
    One of the most popular aspects of dieting is that it does not focus on exercise. Dieters are advised to exercise only if they want to, and then only in a less stressful way.

    How it works

    There are several theories that try to convince us how bananas help to lose weight. One of them says that certain enzymes contained in bananas speed up digestion and facilitate rapid weight loss. It is true that high-fiber foods, such as bananas, can pass faster through the digestive system and so the body absorbs fewer calories, but this is not enough for a substantial weight loss.

    Another theory says that banana contains a certain type of fiber that causes the sensation of satiety and increases the fat burning process. This fiber can also be found in green bananas, potatoes, grains and grains, but only when you eat them cold. But the banana has quite a few grams of this fiber.

    Bananas, along with many other fruits, have been included in diets for a long time. They contain important nutrients, but they have no special properties when it comes to weight loss.


    Eating what you want for lunch, dinner and snacks is not the ideal solution for those who want to lose weight. To lose weight you need to exercise and control your calories. To stay healthy you have to choose healthy foods.

    Eating after eight in the evening is good advice, but it does not work miracles. What matters is how many calories you eat, regardless of the time of day, and how many calories you burn.
    Eating a banana in the morning is a low calorie solution, but the banana contains fiber, and carbohydrates will cause you to feel hungry a few hours later.
    A better solution is to mix a banana with a few ice cubes and a weak yogurt for a delicious and tasty breakfast.
    To quench your hunger with a few calories eat healthy foods with high water content and fiber such as soups, vegetables and fruits. It also includes weak proteins, such as weak yogurt, lean meat, eggs, and nuts to ward off the hunger sensation.

    Keep in mind that this morning's Banana Diet does not work wonders and to lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat.

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