Already, the Swiss police are investigating CryoSave

Already, the Swiss police are investigating CryoSave

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Sexually unequal cases do not cause much pain in most cases, but sometimes women may experience less or more discomfort during sex.

Painful sex after childbirth- what's the solution?

Dr. Ildikou Lхrincz, according to the Nursing Center of the Nursing Center, the problem is very common after 3 to 6 months after childbirth, and possibly until the end of breastfeeding, but if you do not enjoy it for a longer period, it is worth consulting a specialist.

Why do you have sex after childbirth?

There are countless hormonal changes in pregnancy and in the effect of birth, which are primarily intended to support the delivery of the baby and breastfeeding, and often it also has a profound effect on libido. There are many reasons for this, as it can be not only hormonal but also psychological. After the baby's birth, the mother is tired, witty and all the time and attention is attracted to the new family member. Professionals suggest that couples should avoid marital life in the first 6 weeks because of body regeneration, but this period may be shifted from one perspective to the next. "Many people report that after childbirth they experience pain during sex. This is usually due to elevated prolactin levels, which are responsible for milk selection. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage that it can cause libido and vaginal swelling, which can make people uncomfortable.If the mother does not breastfeed, Usually they think about half a yearotherwise, the problem is steadily diminishing as the baby switches to eating solid foods, "says Dr. Ildikу Lincrincz of the Center for Dermatology. cracks caused by childbirth they develop with severe scarring or gingivitis (especially in the case of cesarean section), but it is also possible that a simple vaginal infection is present in the uncomfortable background of the sensation.Other Possible Causes:
- postpartum depression
- Lack of confidence, body disorder
- fatigue
- postpartum births

What is the solution?

If the liner is the cause of the problem, it often happens in the beginning the use of the skeletonand then as time goes on, so you can leave. However, if the complaint persists for a prolonged period of time (even after breastfeeding has been completed), it is advisable to consult a specialist. In such cases, physical / ultrasound / hormone / possibly laparoscopic examination is required, and cure of the gland also excludes the existence of infections.How to remedy the problem for different reasons. Unless spontaneously resolved, you will have the opportunity to enjoy sexual activity again, with fungal / bacterial infections treatment, hormone therapy, possibly minor surgery, or psychological involvement.
- Does sex really change after childbirth?
- More and more women are expecting sex with newborn babies

Is it safe to do ballet during pregnancy?

Is it safe to do ballet during pregnancy?

Yes, as long as you take certain precautions, just as you would with other activities, such as running or yoga.

In general, it's fine to continue exercising during pregnancy. But your exercise program should be conducted under the supervision of your doctor or midwife, who will monitor how much you do and how it affects your baby.

You need to be careful with ballet now because it places stress on joints, and your joints are looser during pregnancy and more vulnerable to injury. This is because higher levels of the hormone relaxin – which help your uterus expand – also softens your ligaments tendons, and other connective tissue, including the tissue that connects your pelvic bones.

Also, toward the end of your second trimester, your balance becomes more precarious because of your growing abdomen. From that point on, you should not do any splits, jetés, changements, or flying leaps. I recommend that pregnant women work mostly standing at the barre and on the floor (mat work) during their third trimester.

Generally speaking, late in pregnancy it's best to limit your ballet routine to low-impact exercises and avoid balancing away from the barre.

Learn the 13 rules of safe pregnancy exercise.

Video: Here are some great ways to stay active during pregnancy.

Is It Safe to Dance During Pregnancy?

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More fragile and delicate than that of the adult, she claims to be well nourished and hydrated. Our selection in pictures.

Gentle care for the baby's toilet (10 photos)

Soothing washing oil Biolane

For the needs of the driest and sensitive skin, a washing oil that cleans, nourishes, soothes and protects the fragile skin of babies. For a soft skin and hair! 7,30 € (Biolane).


Uriage washing oil

Protective, it gently cleans baby's skin while softening and protecting it. It also strengthens the skin barrier. 11.76 th (Uriage).


His trio of oils, 100% natural, is ideal for massaging toddlers.

Face and body care oil Primalba: 12,90 € 50 ml (A-Derma).


Its soft, non-greasy texture soothes, sanitizes and protects the area around the mouth.

Baby Peri-Oral Care: 6,30 € the 30 ml (Uriage).


Thanks to its blueberry extracts, it cleans gently.

Dermazero Cleansing cream surgras baby body and hair: 10,90 € 500 ml (Rogé Cavaillès).


Enriched with moisturizing agents, it respects the skin, even the most sensitive.

Gentle Cleansing Milk Face and Body Baby: 11,35 € 500 ml (Nuk Care).


Highly concentrated in calendula extract, it calms redness, insect bites, chapped skin ...

Balm soothing and repairing: 6,90 € 40 ml (Klorane).

High security

Its new asset, Perseose Avocado, protects the epidermis from aggression.

Hydra Baby face cream: 6.82 € 40 ml (Mustela).


It soothes very dry and irritated skin.

Pure & Sensitive Baby Comfort Cream: € 4.30 per 150 ml (Nivéa).


Sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, its very creamy texture prevents drying out.

Calendula body lotion: € 10.50 per 200 ml (Weleda).

Monique Fort

All our articles on the baby toilet

How to play outside with children

RoboKid, the system for monitoring children's activity on the Internet

With RoboKid parents restrict children's access to information with dangerous content on the Internet.

The service does not allow downloading potentially dangerous materials to the child's computer.

It can be installed free of charge, in a few seconds, by the parent on the home computer or in schools and kindergartens, wherever the children have access to the Internet.

RoboKid is a web server system, which first examines the child's request to the internet and then filters and cleans the contents of each page separately. Thus, children can enjoy a real experience, away from access to any form of dangerous content, and parents are constantly aware of everything children do in the online environment.

As for the price, RoboKid is and will remain free for families and public institutions: kindergartens, schools and libraries. The service is portable, with only an internet connection and the RoboKid network, the installation can be done in seconds.

"We live in a dynamic environment and this prevents us, the parents, to be with our children and to control them more closely. RoboKid service, the latest technology, helps parents to contribute to education and training. The system helps them to check at all times what the child is looking for on the internet and what sites they visit, whether they are in the office and the child is at home in front of the computer. When used properly, with the appropriate protection tools, the internet has an educational role and develops children's creativity. ", declares Laurentiu Dudau, founder of

Why is RoboKid a revolutionary service, unique in Europe?

The service restricts access to any information with dangerous content on the Internet

The service restricts access to any information with dangerous content on the Internet: pornography, violence, drugs, terrorism, secret societies, aggression, abortion, pedophilia, zoophilia, online dating, live meat trafficking, cannibalism. It also restricts access to social networks and does not allow downloading potentially dangerous materials, such as viruses, to the child's computer.

It is the only filtration and protection system specially designed for children

It is the only child surveillance system on the Internet that verifies the applications and the incoming results from the search engines.

Delivers the page cleaned of dangerous content.

The service does NOT block based only on lists of prohibited sites. It identifies the language in which the requested page was written and then scans the content of each web page separately. After scanning, RoboKid removes dangerous content from the page.

Also check the pages in the "back" of the current page.

Also check the pages on the "back" of the current page, removing links and advertisements that send to pages with dangerous content, so that the little internet user does not click on the prohibited links.

RoboKid offers the parent / educator the opportunity to see in real time what the child is doing online

RoboKid is child friendly.

When he is forced to block a page, he offers the child an alternative page, which offers suggestions and a search engine specially designed for children (the engine searches only in a list of sites manually verified by the RoboKid Team and Friends).

RoboKid is very fast.

The process of analyzing the request and then filtering the page takes place almost without any noticeable delay

The sites most visited by children load much faster

The sites most visited by children load faster than a regular connection because they are stored in the memory of the RoboKid server and delivered directly

The RoboKid team offers technical support and psychological counseling.

The RoboKid project enjoys the support of the interactive company Wizart Studios, which has taken over the strategy and marketing part. Wizart Studios conquered the Romanian market in 2008, gaining accounts such as Credit Europe Bank, Adidas Romania, Anchor Grup, Uncle Ben's, BMW, Skoda, French Chamber of Commerce, Royal Gallery and many others. Liviu Dumitru is CEO and co-founder of the agency, with over 9 years experience in the field, successfully managing over 800 projects on various international markets.

For more information, please visit

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12 stirring movies to watch with your kids for Earth Day

As a mom, a Girl Scout leader, and a nature lover, I find Earth Day to be a good time to do a little reality check: Am I teaching my kids to take care of our environment? Am I teaching them to just get outside and appreciate it? I really do want them to grow up appreciating this amazing planet.

We live at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, and I think they get sick of me telling them, "People save up for years to come stand where you're standing right now." But I hope they get that. I hope they always look at this world with awe.

I thought I'd follow up last year's post on great books to read on Earth Day with a post on good movies to watch. Every Friday night, we make breakfast for dinner, spread blankets on the floor, and have a movie night while we eat. It's tradition. If you're looking for a Friday night movie suggestion, how about one of these with an environmental theme?

Whale Rider

Set on New Zealand's North Island, Whale Rider shows life in a present-day Maori tribe. Pai knows her destiny is to become the tribe's leader, but faces resistance because she's a girl. But the movie also shows the relationship between the tribe and nature, and Pai's own place in it. The movie will give you lots to talk over with your older children (it is rated PG-13, so I'd hold off with younger kids.) Just a beautiful movie that will leave you thinking for days.

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Danny DeVito voices the Lorax, a grumpy but lovable creature who speaks for the trees in this adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book. The soundtrack to this wacky movie is one of our favorites.

March of the Penguins

Morgan Freeman narrates this documentary on the harrowing journey emperor penguins make -- from warmer climes to the freezing Antarctic -- in order to mate. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll leave with an amazing respect for these fellow parents (and if you're anything like me, you'll get teary realizing the lengths they go through for their babies, just like we do.) Great movie for kids and adults.

Arctic Tale

From the same studio that made March of the Penguins. Queen Latifah narrates the stories of Nanu the polar bear and Seela the walrus pup as they struggle to survive and grow in the Arctic.

Anything by Disneynature Films

I'd start with "Earth," but all of these movies are fantastic and show how different species survive in their environments. There's a new film out this year -- Born in China -- about pandas that I really want to see as well.

Happy Feet

Although Mumble the penguin can't find his "heart song" -- the unique noise each penguin makes to attract a mate -- he's a pretty awesome dancer. The movie also touches on how humans have depleted the penguins' food supply, and could lead to a good discussion with kids on how our actions affect others. (Also? Another amazing soundtrack!) Bonus pick: Sequel Happy Feet Two returns with a plot involving melting icebergs that endanger the penguins.


Set in the future, Wall-E shows a garbage-strewn planet earth, where a sanitation robot (WALL-E himself) lives alone until the arrival of a fascinating new girl robot (EVE). But can WALL-E and EVE help the humans, who now orbit Earth in a spacecraft, to return to their planet and take care of it properly this time?

Fly Away Home

Amy, a 13-year-old in New Zealand, is sent to live with her father in Canada after a car crash kills her mother. While wandering through marshes near her new home, Amy discovers goose eggs left behind when developers accidentally kill the mother goose. Amy raises the goslings herself, teaches them to fly, and helps them migrate with the rest of the Canadian geese. Rated PG, so make sure your child can handle the more intense moments.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Fairies discover humans are cutting down all the trees in their forest. One fairy, Crysta, shrinks a human boy to save him from being hit by a tree being felled, and teaches him about the importance of saving her forest.

Big Miracle

Based on a true story. In 1988 a reporter in Barrow, Alaska, discovers a family of gray whales trapped offshore. Realizing this could be his big break, he reports the story, which gets picked up by press across the country. Organizations from Greenpeace to oil companies to the Soviet Union must work together to save the whales. (Note: There is a death that might upset younger children. The movie is rated PG.)


Way back in the '40's, Walt Disney made a film that took a hard look at man's relationship with the natural world, and at his capacity to destroy it. From Bambi's mom being shot (spoiler alert) to the fire at the end of the movie, Man doesn't come across very well in this one.


Based on the Carl Hiaasen book, the movie follows three kids trying to thwart a corporation that's endangering owls. The kids sabotage the company's construction site, and hilarity ensues. Rated PG.

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