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For a quick, easy and inexpensive recipe, try making these delicious mashed potato cakes at home. Also, you don't need to be a chef to make them. It will work out for you, always. proposes a simple recipe for lunch or dinner for children. In addition, with this recipe children can eat what they like the most: potatoes! Do you dare to do it? Your children will love eating these hamburgers alone, or accompanied by a steak.

  • 2 large potatoes
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley
  • Milk
  • 20 gr of wheat flour
  • Salt
  • Oil for frying

Tips: instead of potatoes, you can also use cassava, which has the same texture as potatoes, depending on your taste

1. First, put the potatoes and carrots, already peeled, to cook in plenty of water.

2. When they are done, pass them through the potatoes and prepare the puree with a little milk and a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan.

3. Put the mashed potatoes and carrots in a large bowl.

4. Chop the parsley well and add it to the puree along with the flour.

5. Season everything with salt.

6. Divide the mixture into portions (about 8 or 10), make a ball and then shape them into hamburgers.

7. Heat plenty of oil in a frying pan.

8. When hot, fry cakes over medium heat for 5 minutes on each side, or until golden brown and crisp.

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Meaning of the name Lucas. Name for boys

How difficult is it to come up with that name that summarizes everything we want for our baby, right? But let's go little by little. If you already know the gender of your baby, congratulations! You have 50% fewer names to study. On the other hand, think about whether you like it short or long. If you have chosen the first option, we have already advanced a bit more! Finally, if you like biblical names, with tradition but at the same time that are not very old-fashioned and are currently a trend, the name of Lucas is perfect for your child. Before I tell you, be sure to take a look at the history, origin and meaning of Lucas. It's almost like a master's degree!

Lucas is a masculine name of Latin origin, like many names, and it comes from the word Lucius. It has a strong biblical and religious tradition, since one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and one of the four evangelists was called that.

There does not exist, a priori, any type of diminutive to refer to this name (some say Lukys or Luquitas, but you already know that that goes in tastes) and it has two feminine versions. Some point to the name of Lucia, while others point to Luca.

Its meaning is so beautiful that it is not surprising that more than one father and one mother have chosen this name when they found out that their baby will be a boy. Means 'luminous' or 'radiance'.

It will be necessary to pull the agenda to note all the days of the year in which, for one reason or another, the Saint Luke. And is that the dates range from January to October, with September being the star month with three days. Take good note!

  • January 13th
  • April 22
  • May 30
  • September, 10th
  • September 19th
  • September 30th
  • October 18

Among all these, the best known and most popular is the last one, that of October 18, in honor of Saint Luke the Evangelist, one of the apostles of Jesus and a disciple of Paul of Tarsus.

Lucas was a doctor who was born in Turkey, educated according to the Greek tradition. He was one of the followers of Jesus and his gospel is considered one of the most refined, because of how well written and documented it is. Luke was slow to become a Christian and, it is said, he met Mary, the mother of Jesus, on a trip he made with Paul.

The causes of death of Luke, although it is known that it was after the Paul and of the Pedro. According to tradition, Lucas would have been martyred next to Andrew the Apostle and ordered to be buried together with the picture of the carved image of 'Our Lady', which he himself would do years ago.

This name is not only a trend in Spanish, but also in other languages. Do you want to know their equivalents in German, Czech, French or Greek, among other languages?

  • Lucas in German: Lukas
  • Lucas in Swedish: Lukas
  • Lucas in French: Luc
  • Luke in Greek: Λουκάς (Loukas)
  • Lucas in Hungarian: Lukács
  • Lucas in English: Luke
  • Lucas in Polish: Łukasz
  • Lucas in Catalan: Lluc
  • Lucas in Italian: Luca
  • Fights in Czech are Lukáš
  • Lucas in Russian: Лука (Luka)

Being such a popular name in all corners of the planet, it is normal that history is full of famous people named like that. We make a list of the most important ones. Surely some you did not know or you had not paid attention to them!

  • Lucas Cranach, German painter (1472).
  • Daffy Duck, an animated character from Warner Bros.
  • Luke Skywalker, one of the main protagonists of the mythical saga of 'Star Wars'.
  • Lucas Gabreel, actor in the movie High School Musical (1984).
  • George Lucas, American film director who created 'Star Wars'
  • Robert Lucas, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1995 (1965).
  • Lucas Vázquez, soccer player

Lucas is a name that accepts many possible combinations, although as you can imagine some are more widespread than others. We will list those that are most successful among first-time parents or who repeat for the second, third or fourth time!

  • Lucas Rafael. 'God has healed' will be the meaning behind Rafael's name.
  • Lucas Vicente. Relating to the word "vincens", which would be translated as victor.
  • Lucas Samuel. Male name of Hebrew origin that means heard by God.
  • Lucas Daniel. Daniel comes from Hebrew and his tradition would be 'God is my judge'.
  • Lucas Ignacio. It means born of fire.
  • Lucas Javier. Of Basque origin, it is as popular as Lucas himself.
  • Lucas Gael. Add to the meaning of Lucas, another one: generosity.
  • Lucas Gabriel. This second name means strength of God.

[Read +: Compound names]

We all have our positive and negative traits. To help us detect what they are, we can resort to numerology, a science that through the numbers that we assign to each letter of a name we can determine the digit that governs our life. In the case of Lucas, the 8 will accompany him on his way in this world, but what does this figure hide that can reveal more characteristics about the personality of our little one?

- The best of Lucas
They are usually very emotional and very loving babies and children. They give a lot of love to their parents, but they also demand it against them. They have a great facility to integrate in any situation and they love to collaborate with different humanitarian causes.

- The worst of Lucas
The little ones baptized with these five letters stand out for being too sensitive, a trait that taken to the extreme can make them suffer a lot, and that is that they get involved in everything they do and get frustrated if things do not go as they would like or expect. Poor guys!

Any excuse is good to sit down with your child and tell him a story. But if on top of that story you are about to tell him has a boy named after him as the main character, he will listen carefully from beginning to end! So get ready to tell him night after night 'Lucas and the shadow', a children's story about happiness and how the little things can fill us more than the big and ostentatious.

And if you want to talk to them about adoption, you cannot stop showing them 'Lucas, an adoptive child', an educational, playful, tender and natural way of explaining an increasingly common way of having children.

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"Happy parent of happy children. NLP in your home " There are many opinions about NLP, or neurolinguistic programming. Some believe in its power and impact, others sincerely doubt whether this method can be effective. NLP also has many associations with its methods of influencing other people. However, I would not like to focus on them. At this point I will deal with the merits, that is, the message of the book, and in it the NLP methodology is not so important. The idea is important: creating a world, everyday life in this way, so that the child's happiness is not paid for by the happiness of the parent and vice versa.


In my opinion, you can't raise children well, hesitating at every turn. You need a minimum of confidence to be able to move within a certain framework, setting certain standards and principles that you want to follow. However, in the sheer volume of advice, many trends, tips, and mutually exclusive advice, it's hard to get solid foundations, which is why the great advantage of this book is that it builds the belief that even the most difficult situations can be handled. Of course, no one will give us a guarantee of infallibility and will not provide us with peaceful everyday life without remorse. After reading, however, you can understand what many of us do not want to let our consciousness: that everyone is only human, therefore all mistakes cannot be avoided.

"Happy parent" program

The banal truth is often underestimated. If a parent is happy, it's much easier for the child to be happy. A fulfilled mother or dad give the child a picture that life is too beautiful to spend on sacrifices and limitations. Of course, it's not about avoiding responsibilities, but as Sue Beever shows, change your mindset by designing reality.

"With specific" guide

The most important advantage of this guide is what can irritate some people: bright style, advice "coffee for the bench" and lots of examples. We will not find here "metaphysical references" or philosophical translations, but specific advice to change bans into orders to join children, praise the child, go down to his level (by leaning or sitting next to him). The guide shows how to take into account your needs in everyday life and how to find a good mood in hard work, which is raising children. For parents looking for specific solutions: it can be an interesting proposition.

Thank you to the Helion publishing house for sharing a copy of the review book.

FDTC Diabolo baby crib

FDTC Diabolo baby crib

We love its design with rounded and soft shapes and its color! The mattress (120 x 60 cm) is sold separately. For babies from 0 to 3 years old. Available in several colors. 257 e. Where to find it?

We love its design with rounded and soft shapes and its color! The mattress (120 x 60 cm) is sold separately. For babies from 0 to 3 years old. Available in several colors.
257 € (Diabolo baby bed from FDTC).

Where to find it?

Name Alderic - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Alderic is a variant of the name Aldric, which means "noble and powerful" in Germanic.


Former CIA American officer Aldrich Ames and American football player Aldrick Robinson.

His character :

Alderic is a person who likes extremes and risk. Sporty and adventurous, he likes to surpass himself and test his own limits ... as sometimes those of others. Demanding towards himself, he is also with those around him. He is also hypersensitive and emotional and needs to feel understood to engage totally. He likes to help and help others.


Alderich, Alderick, Aldric, Aldrick and Aldrich.

His party :

No party celebrates the Alderic.

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Medlife Pediatric Hospital, Medlife's first private children's hospital

June 1, 2011

MedLife today opened the first private children's hospital in Romania - the MedLife Pediatric Hospital.

It offers, for the first time in Romanian private medicine, integrated pediatric services:

  • specialized consultations in hospital and ambulatory regime;

  • surgery;

  • imaging services;

  • laboratory tests.

Spread over 6 levels and 5,200 square meters, the MedLife Pediatric Hospital comprises:

  • a multidisciplinary ambulatory with over 15 medical specialties;

  • a complex department of medical imaging;

  • an operating block with 2 operating rooms;

  • a section of ATI with 2 compartments (septic and aseptic);

  • the medical triage area for the evaluation of patients, which will ensure the functioning of the hospital 24/24;

  • a pharmacy;

  • reserves of 2 or 3 beds, the total capacity of the hospital being 132 beds.

In addition to the latest equipment, the hospital has state-of-the-art equipment, which are considered top technologies in private clinics in Austria and France.

The MedLife Pediatric Hospital also benefits from consulting an Austrian specialist, Mr. Christian Raming, who will be actively involved in hospital management.

"Pediatrics is one of the specialties that has established MedLife as the most important private provider of medical services in Romania. In the 15 years of activity, we have treated over 1 million patients in the pediatric, outpatient and hospital area, becoming a market leader including on this segment of activity. Now, by opening a private hospital dedicated to pediatrics, we are raising the standard of medical services for children even more, "said Mihail Marcu, President of CA MedLife.

The hospital team exceeds 200 employees, of which 163 specialists, doctors with national and international experience, as well as well-trained nurses, who will handle cases from the following specializations:

  • pediatrics;

  • allergy;

  • cardiology;

  • orthopedics;

  • dermatology;

  • endocrinology;

  • gastroenterology;

  • ophthalmology;

  • ENT;

  • neurology;

  • pulmonology.

Also, the hospital will be able to support complex surgical interventions on the specializations:

  • general pediatric surgery;

  • ENT;

  • ophthalmology;

  • orthopedics;

  • urology;

  • neurosurgery;

  • oral-maxillofacial surgery and others.

The company will soon open another 2 hospitals, following which from July 2011 it will operate 5 medium and large hospitals, which will total 450 beds.

MedLife is carrying out the latest works for two other hospitals, in Brasov and Bucharest (Obor area), these projects being part of a large investment program worth 45 million, planned for the period 2011-2013.

Tags Hospital child hospital

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