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How do we measure the basal temperature?

Find out how to measure her body temperature to get pregnant faster! Correct measurement of this temperature is one of the best ways to identify the fertile period and successfully obtain a pregnancy.

Basal temperature and fertility

Your body temperature begins to drop slightly before ovulation. This is not a significant drop, but it is important if you want to get pregnant as soon as possible.

After ovulation, the body temperature starts to rise above the normal average. About 2 days after ovulation, it grows about 0.3-0.4 degrees Celsius.

Both at ovulation, but also in these days after the temperature rises it is the right time to conceive a baby.

How do you correctly measure basal body temperature?

Be consistent in measurements

For maximum results and to know precisely how this temperature works it is absolutely necessary to measure it every day, without exception.

It does not matter much where the temperature is taken, it is important to take it every morning, before getting out of bed, at about the same time: either oral, vaginal or axillary.

Always measure the temperature at the same time of day

Experts argue that it is essential to always measure basal temperature at exactly the same time of day. The best time to do this is in the morning when you wake up.

Also, it is important that during its measurement you do not do any other activity: do not drink, eat or go through the house. You need to stay as relaxed for accuracy as possible!

Use a high performance thermometer

Because the temperature rise during ovulation is almost undetectable, you need a high-performance thermometer that accurately reads the values. The temperature increases about 0.5 - maximum 1 degree Celsius, and this increase is not very noticeable only with digital thermometers.

Keep track of the basal temperature

Write down the temperature of each day in a notebook! This way you will better monitor the ovulation period of each month and you will know about the period in which to appear to conceive a baby.

Situations that interfere with the accuracy of the temperature

There are certain times when you will face real challenges that may be over your head.

• if you are cold and you have a fever;
• if you had a "white" night and you didn't get enough rest;
• if you drank alcohol the night before.

These things can cause temperature variations. Monitor them, but note the reason why the temperature may have risen. In addition, to find out if the growth is from ovulation or not, look at the previous month and see if you are in about the same period as when you were ovulating then.

Use other techniques for better results

Don't just rely on basal temperature measurement to identify the most fertile time of the month. To increase fertility, it also uses other methods at the same time as its monitoring:

check the position of the cervix;
check the volume and consistency of the cervical mucus;
uses the ovulation calculator.

Ask the doctor for help when you are confused

If you fail to understand how the baseline fertility temperature really works or you have a lot of questions in mind about this topic then call your family doctor to get proper answers.

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Meaning of the name Flaminio. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Flaminio. Name for boys

Rome, Italy 8K HDR 60FPS DEMO

Romania, family planning model

Over 80% of the population of Romania from the rural area access the basic services of reproductive health and family planning, including free contraceptives, as a result of the partnership contribution of the Initiative for Family Health in Romania (ISFR), carried out by the Ministry of Public Health and the Research Institute and JSI training, with funding from the US Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), since 2001.
The success of the partnership was due to the use of an implementation strategy based on three components called the "three pillar strategy" - the existence at the same time and at the same time of the trained medical service providers that respond to the needs of the clients, the existence of contraceptives that are distributed free of charge and, the last component, the population informed about the right to counseling and contraception knows where these services are offered.
This strategy was used at the level of primary health care in rural areas. Later, this model of success was extended to urban areas with underprivileged population and to maternities.
Thus, a true "support network" of services in the field has been established: wherever a woman accesses the health system - family doctor, family planning clinic or obstetrics-gynecology sections - she receives specialized information as well as contraceptives.
This strategy highlights Romania as a model in this region of Europe, so specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Albania, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan have come to study the approach used in our country.
The impact of this program, meant to increase access to reproductive health services at national level, especially in rural areas, as well as in hard-to-reach urban areas, was significant, contributing significantly to increasing the use of modern methods of contraception, which tripled between 1993 and 2004.
In about 15 years, Romania has managed to dramatically reduce the very large number of abortions since the early 1990s (from 3.4 abortions per woman in 1993 to 0.84 abortions per woman in 2004 - according to the Reproductive Health Studies conducted in years 1993 and 2004), increasing at the same time significantly the rate of use of modern contraceptives (from 10% in 1993 to 34% in 2004 - according to the same source).
The maternal mortality rate is also steadily declining over the years, with 0.17 maternal deaths per 1,000 newborns, compared with 0.83 deaths per 1,000 newborns registered in the early 1990s. in Romania at present, over 9,000 primary health care professionals from rural and urban areas offer free counseling, consultations and contraceptives.
The program includes 52 maternity wards with most beds, so that in 2007 only about 90,000 patients also benefited from family planning services.
Through the national and local campaigns for information, education and communication, we aimed to change the mentality of women regarding contraception and to inform them about the distribution of free contraceptives. The campaigns included a series of activities, such as: press conferences, creation and distribution of informative materials in the community, including in factories, parks, supermarkets, fairs, blocks in poor neighborhoods, actions for informing local decision makers and competitions for journalists. .
In the educational sessions were used innovative tools: "magnetic board", the mini-series "True women", broadcast by TVR and local television stations.
Ministry of Health

The role of the father in raising the child

The role of the father is, if not defining, particularly important in raising and educating the child. Although many might say that the woman is often the mother and the father, the role of the father cannot be denied and neglected. The child needs a father, he needs both parents to consult later in the decisions he makes and the concerns he has.

Mission for 2!

The conception of the child, the pregnancy, bringing it into the world, raising and caring, all require the presence of both parents in order to raise a healthy child from all points of view and to give them the best start in life.

The relationship of the couple is especially important in raising the child.

Learn to share your responsibilities with your little one and prove at all times that your family is a well-defined whole.

Although the mother-baby relationship is the first thing to be created and things go by themselves, the father has to take a few more steps to establish a close relationship with the newborn. But even during pregnancy, the daddy can start the relationship with the baby by eating belly and talking to him.

Once the baby comes into the world, it is important for both parents to play equally important roles. If the baby is breastfed, the father will certainly not be able to participate in his feeding, but the moment of the bath, the massage afterwards, reading the stories before bed or the family walks will make the child understand that in his life the role of the father is just as important as the mother's.

Even the change of diapers, which most dads avoid, is a good opportunity to strengthen the father-baby relationship.

Especially in the first 2 years, if the mother chooses to stay on the child-rearing leave, the presence of the father is significantly less, being largely at work. Therefore, once home, the father must pay attention to the baby and be involved in the activities that concern the baby.

Take advantage of weekends and the time you can spend with your family, play, walk and create a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Your little interlocutor

If you already have a child, you know what this is about! How many times have you not talked to the baby, exposing different situations to him, as if he understood what you were saying and could even answer you? It is normal for a dedicated parent and it is great to talk to your baby whenever you have the opportunity.

Even if you do not understand what you are saying, the baby listens to the tone of your voice, is attentive to your mimicry and gestures and can perceive your enthusiasm or upset. This will be the first smile, maybe even at 2 months.

The communication between you will also be due to the first gangs.

The stories read in the evening at bedtime will strengthen the relationship with the little one and bring the peaceful atmosphere before bedtime. You will help your child develop their vocabulary and understand the warm tone you use during reading and even later, role-playing games - for that, don't forget to change your voice when reading the replies of different characters.

The first rules and limits

After the age of 1 year, the first limits to be set for the little one begin to appear. The role of father must be taken seriously and the rules must be respected, so it is up to your partner to explain, with your support, what is good and what is not, what is allowed and what is not.

It is important that, when the child is able to communicate, you should ask his or her opinion when making decisions regarding him or her. And in order to avoid unfavorable answers, offer them alternatives: from 2 options, it is possible to choose the one that suits them best.

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Dad top chef

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A personalized apron ... it will please him! € 24.90.

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First names: 30 ideas of genius

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