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The role of the game in the intellectual development of the child

The role of the game in the intellectual development of the child

Holidays with telem

Holidays with telem

Spring coloring pages: butterflies fly

Spring coloring pages: butterflies fly

Download coloring

Playing in the room, outdoors

It's a good idea to drop in on the good old-fashioned games when you don't have to scroll around the room.

Playing in the room, outdoors

Outdoors, group games generally do not require tools: just think about the tooth or the badger. In contrast, small developmental custom games do. Accordingly, the game is rich in customized games.

Wheeled Wheels

Children's big favorites are two-, three- and four-wheeled bikes: bikes, tricycles, motorcycles and minivans. From the myriad models, parents and children alike can enjoy themselves. Most importantly, the kid Find fun in selected games. What's important is that the toy always has to match the features of the age and the individual developmental level of the child. To be sure, both outdoor and indoor play an important role in child development. It improves the child's coordination of movement and knowledge, which he can successfully use later on in "currency" transport. Motors, bikes and small cars introduce the child to the basic rules of transport, you can help your little one imitate his parents and his surroundings.

Pedal and battery packs

There are two large groups of pedal cars and small battery-powered cars, motors, bicycles and tricycles.
The first group includes "ancient" pieces that can be driven by foot and foot. They are perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor play and for learning the basics of transport. The peduncles are recommended for 2-6 year old ducks.
The second group includes new types of electric vehicles, which are of a more technically advanced category. These "miracles" are the miniature variants of the currencies on which the basic elements of the driver can be properly used: throttle, gear, reverse. They are only recommended for ages 3-4.
These games are a outdoors It is worth using because they require more space due to the "high" speed. The offer goes from simple car to more serious terrain. Parents are very easy to select the appropriate match for the child's interest.
There is also a two-person version among the four-wheeled vehicles. If your siblings are small or have similar children in a circle of friends, it is worthwhile to choose a two person model. Together, the games are more exciting. Small cars can be adjusted to fit the child's growth.
The electric variants are robust and reliable, capable of serving more children. If the wheels wear out due to heavy duty, it is possible to replace them.

Bike taxi, tricycle and bicycle

Wheelchairs are designed not only for the larger but also for the smaller ones. That way, bigger brothers don't have to worry about playing with smaller brothers. The baby taxi performs an exceptional service before 1 year of age, before the baby starts to come. The essence of this toy is to support the child in movement development. Do good service both indoors and outdoors.
More modern variants are already equipped with a shopping cart, horn and all sorts of eye-catching extras. Parents can choose between types and colors, depending on whether they want to buy the game for a little boy or girl.
  • Real pleasure is movement
  • Learn how to ride a bike!
  • Rolling Towers
  • Law and money services

    New exercise guidelines urge all, even pregnant women and toddlers, to get moving

    These questions and many more are answered in the newly revised Physical Activity Guidelines, released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It's the first update to the guidelines since 2008, and the new version expands exercise recommendations to cover preschool-age children. It also carries specific advice for pregnant and postpartum women.

    Good news for busy moms, the new guidelines don’t increase the amount of exercise recommended. They also say small doses of activity can be just as beneficial as longer sessions. The primary goal is to move more and sit less. And all movement counts, even on days when your only exercise is tidying up the house or walking your kids to the park.

    Taking time here and there to exercise is worth it for everyone. It can help prevent chronic disease, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety, among many other benefits.

    Exercising while pregnant can reduce your risk of experiencing complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. And for children, being physically active helps with brain development, building strong bones and muscles, and controlling weight. Moving our bodies more and sitting less is a lifelong good habit.

    If you are wondering if you and your children move enough, here's the breakdown on how much physical activity to aim for:

    • Preschool-aged children (ages 3 to 5) should be physically active throughout the day. Obviously, your toddler's not going to join an aerobics class, but make sure your child has lots of opportunities for active play such as running and jumping.
    • Kids and teens (ages 6 through 17): At least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity a day: including regular aerobic, muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities. For some ideas, check out these five ways to get your kids active.
    • Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate (or 75 minutes of vigorous) aerobic activity each week. Additionally, aim to do muscle strengthening activities such as weight lifting or yoga twice a week.
    • Pregnant and postpartum women: Again, your goal should be at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week. You can do vigorous exercise if you were doing it before you got pregnant. Check with your doctor before getting started on any exercise program, and review these 13 rules of safe pregnancy exercise. If you're new to exercising, take a look at these pregnancy exercises for beginners. If you are interested in strength training, here are some pregnancy weight training tips.

    There are many forms of exercise to choose from. It’s best to choose a form of physical activity that’s not only fun, but appropriate to your current condition, level of coordination, and fitness. If you can’t meet the minimum thresholds, don’t be discouraged. Any amount of physical activity is better than none at all.

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    Name Fiacre - Meaning and origin

    Name Fiacre - Meaning and origin
    If it breaks, if it crunches

    Her mother announced on Facebook that Zente had received the Zolgensma gene therapy therapist at MRE Bethesda Children's Hospital in Budapest today, Tuesday.

    Zente received the handler on Tuesday (Photo: Facebook) Zente is fine right now, but strict quarantine, surveillance, and follow-up - as the mother said, a terrible hard period is over, and now a very important chapter is about to begin.Zent was diagnosed with a very rare disease called SMA (Spinal Cord Dystrophy), the cost of managing it is terribly expensive at 700 million forints. The little boy's family had launched a campaign in the community where a record amount of money was donated in a week, so the boy could now get the deal. In the post about treatment the mother said thanks again to all who helped, prayed, thought, and sent energy by sharing, referencing, organizing, bidding, brainstorming, organizing, bidding, thinking.He also thanked that so many people had taken part in the hard work on the Hungarian filing, which meant that a Hungarian son-in-law, funded by donations collected from Hungarians, could buy it at home. As we've told you, In the meantime, another SMA baby boy, Levente, also started collecting,so that they too can participate in costly gene therapy. Our previous articles in this topic:
    • Zente therapy is about to begin
    • He managed to raise 700 million for Zente
    • Zente therapy is about to begin

    The charming Chupacabra from Planes (Airplanes)

    The charming Chupacabra from Planes (Airplanes)

    "Planes" ("Airplanes"), a Pixar brand film that rises to its own height, the story started in the beloved animation Cars 1 and 2, has its premiere in Romania on September 6, 2013. This time the characters are some very funny airplanes, starting in a thrilling race through the clouds.

    The story of the film in a few words

    The main character of the film, Dusty is a small plane with big dreams: he wants to compete in a famous air race, only because his fear of heights stands in his way. We let you find out from the movie who helps him turn his dream into reality, but until then, we invite you exclusively to the Planes universe.

    We encourage you to get to know your children from now on with the nice airplanes, with the weekly descriptions of the characters you find here. Today we tell you about El Chupacabra, a Casanova very confident in his powers.

    The CHU (El Chupacabra)

    In the original animation, the voice of Carlos Alazraqui

    The charming Chupacabra is a legend of Mexico (it is enough to ask him to convince you). Trained by his passion for racing (but also for Rochelle), this Casanova has anything but modesty - his charismatic voice and presence are as deafening as his engine.

    Legion colleagues are not sure how true and illusive he is when it comes to El Chu, but for one thing I think he is safe: he competes with all his passion and talent, sometimes he involves himself more than he would need to. such altitudes.

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