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Week Season - Overtime Tips

Many times during the autumn-winter period, we still do not recover from one, since we have a new illness, we are hard to sleep, because of a new condition, nasal congestion, nasal congestion, cough.

Week Season - Overtime Tips

Dr. Holpert Valeria Ear, Nose, Phonograph, Doctor of the Center Nile gives advice on treatment and prevention of Nettle.

The asymptomatic view is the most infectious

If someone is going to see us near, we try to stay as far away as possible to prevent us from being caught. The bad thing is that the nbtha the most infectious before the onset of symptoms, so chances are we've caught our colleague red-nosed and sipping hot tea in the morning. However, it is not unnecessary to encourage him to stay away relax at home because the first two to four days of the disease are also very high in terms of risk of infection, in the immediate world.

Antibiotics will not be better if we are hungry

The nth caused by viruses, about 200 types of catarrh are known, the best known and the most common is rhinovarius. Antibiotics are effective in treating infections caused by bacteria and can be effective against nettle-rash. Not only that unnecessary, but their unjustified use also contributes to the development and spread of bacterial strains resistant to antibiotic resistance.

Nátha: Home practices are also effective

Most will self-heal in most of the seven days, but if you leave this period, you can easily apply for szцvхdmйnyekwhich he goes on to rule out, and what he may need for antibiotics as well - warns dr. Holpert Valeria. The most common cause is facial inflammation, sore throat, or mild inflammation. To avoid this, it is important to relax at least during the first few days and drink lots of fluids. Warm tea or broth can be really effective in this way, as it can make your nasal passages easier.

You can get infected by a handle or a handle

Nbtha primarily drip infection, so it is important to use handkerchiefs and to wash your hands regularly at Christmas. In addition, occasional disinfection of utility items can help prevent us from catching the disease. Pathogens remain viable and infectious through 3 arenas, so there is no need to be strictly shy about the person. The use of public washbasins, cellular phones, keyboards, and handholds for public transport can spread the disease.

Frequent viewing is normal in childhood

Hardly any school, wandering, kindergarten children begin to fall from one disease to another. The immune system has not fully developed by early school years, so you don't have to be scared if your 6-7 year old He is sick about 6-10 times a year Doctor Holpert explains. Nettle is especially fast spreading in confined spaces, with children being forgotten about frequent washbasins or handkerchiefs, and they are not always immediately handed over.

Those who are stressed are less likely to get sick

Research has also proven that it lasted longer stress because of which we are more easily ill. If stress is present in our lives for more than a month, whether in the workplace or in the family environment, we are more likely to become infected.

The color of the nasal passages makes you sick

In the initial stages of the nose, the nasal passages are colorless, translucent. When the color of the rhinoceros changes from a deep green to a green color, the process is more advanced, and this type of rhinoceros indicates that bacterial infection takes place in the body - says dr. Holpert Valeria. It may also indicate inflammation of the face or sinuses. Because of the infection, more sensitive nasal passages may also appear, and bloody blood may develop over time.Related articles in this article:

Photographs to recognize the hand-foot-mouth virus in babies

Photographs to recognize the hand-foot-mouth virus in babies

One of the viruses that proliferates the most in daycare centers is the so-called hand-foot-mouth virus. And although at first it is more typical of preschool children, it can also affect older children. Even in adults. But ... could you recognize it? How to differentiate it from similar diseases like chickenpox?

(Photos from Wikimedia Commons)

Undoubtedly, hand-foot-mouth disease is very common among children under 5 years old. And tremendously contagious. That is why, at the first symptom, pediatricians recommend parents not to take their child to kindergarten or school. In fact, such is the spread of this virus that experts insist on disseminating photographs that help parents to recognize it.

The disease, called in the medical field as Coxsackie disease, It is transmitted by a virus, which means that it first incubates until the first signs appear: small ulcers and rashes around the mouth, on the hands and feet. To catch it, a kiss or a sneeze is enough ...

Hand-foot-mouth virus It usually begins by attacking the throat. The child complains of a severe sore throat. However, these symptoms may suggest that it is angina or pharyngitis. The next symptom is fever. Shortly after, the appearance of small ulcers, the most conclusive data to diagnose the virus.

Like any other virus, there is no drug treatment. Only paracetamol or ibuprofen (never aspirin). It is important to insist that the child drink a lot and eat cold food (which calms the pain of ulcers), since babies with this disease tend to stop eating and drinking, due to sore throat and ulcers. around the mouth. The greatest danger, therefore, is that of dehydration.

The disease, although at first it seems alarming, is not dangerous. After three days the fever tends to disappear, although the rest of the symptoms do not disappear until 7-10 days. Of course, to avoid contagion to fillies to people (including parents), experts recommend extreme hygiene:

- Wash your hands very well

- Do not kiss the baby affected by the disease

- Change the diaper with disposable gloves

One of the sequelae of this disease is the loss of any toenail. And in extreme cases (they occur very rarely), it can lead to encephalitis.

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Criptana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Criptana

Criptana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Criptana

New cartoon children's movies

Special milestones worth mentioning

Rotation, machining, the first tooth, the first blades, the first flush - these important landmarks are noted by all parents. But what about those special moments that professionals are less keen on?

Of course, gemstones, for example, hunting, walking, the beginning of a speech, are so important because they can help you determine if your little one is developing properly. But there are moments that are just as important and special, overflowing with love for the parents' heart, and after years we are happy to remember them. Alesandra Dubin among them, collected some.

The first sentence

At the same time, my twelve-month-old twins mostly cook the words they learned in a true sentence: "happy day". Probably this was the first optimistic sentence for them because they heard a lot in those days that they wish their dad a happy birthday. It's hard to forget the first real kiss

The first sign of brotherly love

I always knew, at least, I hoped that the relationship between my twins would be truly special. They may not be there to walk or hold each other's hands, but I will never forget the moment I first heard them speak in their own little baby tongue.

The first dance

It might not even be true to call it rhythmic rocking, which my son introduced to a popular song in the feeder, but I completely melted it.

The first dining room in the restaurant

You have a completely different mood when you really order something delicious for your kid in the restaurant (like the kid's menu) than if you just catch something from the diaper. Fortunately, the twins are eating too little, so we cut down on dining in the restaurant, but it's good to eat together.

The first walk is without a stroller

I loved the long strolls with the stroller, ”Alesandra says,“ but I knew the moment would come that they wouldn't want to sit in the stroller anymore, but they really wanted to walk. They recently invited us to dinner at a neighbor's house. It was just so far away that we could comfortably walk. At that moment, I felt that the baby era was over.

First signs of personality

It is very interesting to see how the personality of my children unfolds: what tiny signs suggest that my body is more like me (that is, it loves adventures) and my son who is at home.

The first (small) killing

Of course, you can't really call this a genius, but it is certainly important for the husband when it comes to hurting your baby first. My twins are already old and agile enough to start exploring the world, and they are also getting into trouble: scratching their heads and stuffing their heads. It's not okay for a mother to see this, but I am reassured that a kiss will be better.

The first one really believes

Nor can it be called a cute moment, but an important part of development is when our child first thinks about something. This also reminds you that you are not a small baby!

The first creation

He is extremely proud that I see that he is not only trying to play games, but also trying to create something - read Alesandra's article. There was a special moment when they first "drew" something or when they first built a tower from the cube.

The first kiss

It may be just too long to press their lips to my face, but we're getting closer to giving my kids a real kiss! One of the sweetest things was to first see them kissing - or at least do something like that. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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What support for motherhood?

During your pregnancy and your delivery, have you been given all the answers you've been waiting for for episiotomy, caesarean section, forceps ...?

Caesarean section, episio, forceps ... have these gestures been accompanied by explanations from the medical profession?

Very satisfactorySatisfactorySatisfactorySatisfactoryNo satisfactory at allNo, no explanation given to meI was not concerned with any of these actions



At no point in the diet should you be hungry because when the food ratios are balanced, the sensation does not appear at all. In addition, it is abnormal for a person following a weight loss regime to suffer from hunger, given that modern medicine has various means and treatment techniques. The extra kilos are a pretty important frustration, to add another one caused by the feeling of hunger.
If, for one reason or another, we feel an irresistible lust, we must use some tricks to deceive her. When you are very hungry between meals, you should not take snacks such as: biscuits, ice cream, cakes, etc.
For several years it has been known that powders of plant or animal origin completely remove hunger during a protein regime. But for those who want to lose weight slowly, are there any solutions that can dampen the feeling of hunger? Yes, thankfully. Here it is:
1. It is, at the beginning of the main meals, the consumption of a huge salad of many low-calorie vegetables (green salad, cucumber, cabbage, radish, celery). They contain a lot of cellulose that causes the sensation of satiety.
2. Proteins remove hunger. We must therefore consume them at all three tables. So, in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, we should never forget to eat either meat, fish, eggs, cheese or dairy.
3. To avoid the feeling of hunger, we should not skip meals. In fact, a low meal causes hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) during the day, which leads to the need for sweets.
4. In order not to feel the need to eat, we must avoid sweets, which stimulate the pancreas to produce an insulin surplus, thus causing hypoglycaemia.
5. Water, as is well known, has a purifying effect, but when it diminishes the contractions of the stomach it is the enemy of the feeling of hunger.
6. If you are hungry between meals, here is a list of foods that you can count on throughout the day. They will saturate you without fattening you. Always have two or three of them handy:
- walled cucumbers;
- pepper;
- lettuce with vegetables and lemon juice;
- slices of celery;
- tomatoes;
- raise;
- cucumber pieces;
- carrot race;
- weak cheese;
- yogurt;
- boiled or boiled;
- a piece of cold meat.
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