Baby's first bath

Baby's first bath

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Three divine chiefs to the festive menu

Don't have an idea for the holiday menu yet? We offer three divine reverence for the little ones to snack on.

Crispy duck leg with apple cabbage

We met 4 people:
- 4 pulled duck legs
-1 cloves garlic
-sу, majorбnna
For decoration:
-1 head white headed cabbage
-2 apples
to about. 2 tbsp sugar
-fél rъd fahay
-2 dl fehйrbor
-Vinegar, according to Nelsley
If necessary, duck legs should be rubbed with leather. Sauté, strain with marjoram, rub with garlic. Leave it in the refrigerator for at least one day. After removing the refrigerator, place it on a high wall baking tray, and then place it in a pan for approx. We pour 1.5 dl of water and at a temperature of 120-130 ° C 2-2.5 ounces of water are added. After 2 hours we filter it with a fork, and if it runs lightly, remove it, shed the fat and put it back Oven heated to 190 ° Cto make your skin crunchy. In the meantime, cut the cabbage over the dressing, cut out the stems and slice it. Heat a little oil in the foot, then caramelize the sugar. Add the sprouted cabbage, light roast and cinnamon sticks. Pour over the white wine and then stir fry. We cut out the seeded apple kernel, and Cut the fruit into cubes 1 to 1 cm. When you're almost done, add the remaining cabbage to the cabbage, so finish the roasting. The cinnamon sticks are removed, and if necessary, the cabbage is tasted with some sugar and vinegar. We pass it by the duck leg.

Swollen stuffed with dried fruits and chestnuts

We met 4 people:
-60 dkg swollen
-15 dkg chestnuts
-10 dkg of prunes
-10 dkg dried apricots
-1 evkankanl méz
-50 dkg of dried bread
-1 eggs
-sу, majorбnna
bouquet of parsley
The swell is sprinkled with the butcher. If we do it at home, one thin blade, sharp knife: Carefully insert it into the middle of the flesh on the wider side, longitudinally. Cut it to the right and then to the left, taking care not to cut it completely or filter out the meat. We fill the pockets in this way. For the charges a Chestnuts are placed in waterthat comes up to the top, we throw it out. The other shells are cut and roasted at temperatures of 170 ° C for approx. In 25 minutes. We remove the shell, put the inside aside. Dried fruits are slightly mixed. The honey is caramelized in a little broth, and the dried fruits and 1 dl of water are added. Take it, a most of the water evaporates.Festive menu at Christmas We soak the bread, unscrew it, then add the chestnuts, dried fruits, eggs, marjoram, sprinkle and sprinkle with the cut parsley. We process it and then (not too tightly) fill it into the swelling. The ends are assembled with frost or loops. Place on high wall baking pan, light oil and approx. We pour 1.5 dl of water on it, then bake at 170 ° C for 50 minutes. Serve with parsley potatoes.

Chicken breast baked in breadcrumbs

We met 4 people:
-80 dkg chicken breast fillet
-sу, pepper
-head head red onion
-8 mushrooms
-8 slices of bacon
To make bread:
-50 dkg of flour
-3 dl milk
-1 pack of instant yeast (5 g)
-1 evkankanl méz
-1 tbsp oil
-1 cloves garlic
-1 egg for lubrication
To make the bread flour, we combine the flour with milk, yeast, honey, oil, garlic and a little salt, knead it, place it in a warm place and raise it to 1 liter. When awake, take it in 4 equal parts and set it aside. We cut eight slices of chicken breast, fry it, pepper it, and lightly oil in frying pan. Take it for a side dish, set it aside. Cut the cleaned onion finely, fry it in a little oil, and add the diced mushrooms to fry. When done, fry and then blend. Spread two chicken breast with medium mushroom mushrooms and roll in sliced ​​bacon. One spread out on a floured board, put in the meat quarter and then wrap it in the cup. We do the same for each pair of shoes, finally lubricate them with whipped egg and bake for 20 minutes in a oven at 160 ° C.
Other useful articles for Christmas:The recipe is a The Top 100 Cool Foods of Nkk Lapja Kitchen cнmы appeared in the book.
"In the latest edition of the Women's Journal Kitchen Series, we have compiled the top 100 cooler french fries. favorites as well. toba Rуbert elsajбtнthatjuk the pros trьkkjeit sйf ъtmutatбsбval, нgy home can kйszнteni same fine йs kьlцnleges hъsйteleket as йttermi szakбcsok. the kцnyv kezdхk йs haladуk szбmбra egyarбnt kнnбl recipes sхt, 100 hъsйtelen kнvьl szбmos kцret leнrбsбt also megtalбljuk it . "
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Save on shopping for children

Save on shopping for children What to save when you have children? Certainly not for love ... We suggest where to save a few zlotys. See the current list.


  • Pampers Sleep & Play nappies when buying two packages, one package for 24.98 in Real. At Tesco, however, we buy these nappies for 26.99 plus wet wipes 64 pieces for free. The same diapers at Polo Market for 25.99.
  • Pampers Mini diapers in Real for 39.95, and the mega pack of Active Baby at Super-Pharm for 72 zlotys instead of 82.99.
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at the Drogeria Natura for 44.99.
  • Huggies diapers in Real for 56.95, and in Super-Pharm a smaller package reduced from 39.99 to 32.99 PLN.
  • Newborn baby diapers Pampers cost 19.95 in Real Madrid.
  • Wet baby wipes Pampers 6 packages in Real for 25.95
  • Cleanic baby wipes in Real at 25.95 for 6 packages.
  • A whole series of products Nivea Baby for body care in Super-pharm cheaper by 20%


  • Bebiko milk 3 and 4 at Tesco for 24.99
  • Hipp modified milk 800 grams for 36.99 instead of 42.99 at Super-Pharm.
  • Modified milk Nan 2, 2R or 3 in Polo-Market for 11.99 instead of 16.79.
  • Hipp desserts two plus 1 free (125 g) at Super-Pharm for the price of 6.99
  • Nestle milk-rice porridges 230 grams for the price of 7.49 at Super-Pharm.
  • Bobovit porridges at Polo-Market at 6.99 instead of 7.49.

Toys and accessories

  • in Biedronka nice stuffed animals for 6.99.
  • all soothers I have 25% off at Super-Pharm
  • in Carrefour for latecomers children's backpacks at the price of 19.99


  • baby long-sleeved body for only 7.99 and baby fleece for 20.99 in Auchan
  • colorful shirts at Pepco for 7.99.
  • Children's leggings at Pepco for 14.99.
  • In Biedronka children's rain boots 34.99 per pair.

Promotion time
Auchan from 6.09 to 11.09
Real 06 to 19/09
Tesco from 6.09 to 12.09
Super-Pharm from 6-19.09
Natura drugstore from September 6 - September 19
Pepco from 7.09
Carrefour from 5-10 September
Polo Market from 5 to 11/09
Biedronka from 3.09 - 12.09

Personalized jewelry on the Notrefamille Boutique

Engraved and personalized with prnoms (or soft words) ... jewels that will go straight to the heart of mom! From 35 euros.

Where to find them?

The first years of a child's life are essential for his development, for building his personality, for his beautiful and harmonious growth. That is why the environment in which these years take place is very important. The care and attention of the parents, the safety that they provide and with the help of which they manage to overcome the fear of abandoning the little ones, but also the presence of the other trainers that appear throughout their life must be constant to give results.

Of course, besides the responsibilities that you have as a parent, there are those that define you as a spouse or those that characterize your work, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. And at that moment, you realize that you have to be replaced by a person as calm and gentle, as or even more patient, that will resonate with your educational desires regarding your child.

From this need appeared the babysitting agencies, through which recruited trained, medically and psychologically tested bones, on which you can rely in such situations. Whether you opt for a full-time 8-hour program or a part-time program, if you are willing to bear other expenses other than your salary or to offer other benefits or not, through these recruitment agencies you will find easier on someone who can fit your needs and resonate, in terms of education, with the wishes you have for your children.

So, here are the most complete and serious babysitting agencies in the country and what are the reasons why you should call for their services when you are looking for a bone for your little one, whether you choose a person of Romanian nationality or you will follow the trend of employing Filipino vouchers, both praised and appreciated for their patience and for their obedience to respecting the wishes of their parents:

1. Profiles Recruitment Center

Profiles Recruitment Center selects and places staff in the Capital area. This agency recruits, tests and verifies the prospective employees from the point of view, but also assumes their subsequent monitoring, thus ensuring that all the clauses of the contract signed with the employer will be respected exactly.

2. Cleaning & Babysitting RO

Cleaning & Babysitting RO recruits staff for babysitting, housekeeping and corporate services as well as sick or elderly care. Regarding the recruitment of vouchers, they are carefully recruited and subjected to rigorous testing before being recommended. The agency also offers counseling, respectively professional reorientation, with the help of well-trained specialists.

3. Abc Baby Help Agency

Abc Baby Help Agency recruits with personal professionalism for babysitting, housekeeping and caring for the elderly and the sick. The agency always adapts to the needs of its clients and shows its malleability, even when it comes to more specific wants or standards.

4. Perfect Nanny

The Perfect Nanny agency executes the recruitment process, from testing to hiring itself. Recommended staff is always tested and approved, but also experienced in raising children. Perfect Nanny will definitely help you find a babysitter to your liking and your baby, in the shortest time.

5. Little Red Riding Hood

Scufita Rosie is a company coordinated by the Romanian Red Cross, which recruits and trains personnel so that it can help you find a good one who knows how to communicate with your child, to provide the necessary care, to ensure all the conditions of hygiene and to supervise and care for him when he is sick and, in addition to other agencies, offers services that are charged at the time, so it is the perfect solution for unforeseen situations where you have no one to leave your children with.

6. Expert Agency Good and Household

Experience in the field is paramount for the Expert Bone and Menaj agency, which offers its clients personal babysitting, housekeeping and care of patients or elderly. We offer clients internal, full-time, part-time, occasional, weekend or even holidays packages. Medical, judicial and psychological testing is the first step in the recruitment process, so the quality of services is superior.

7. Eloise Agency

Eloise Agency recruits and places domestic staff, from bones and housekeepers to nurses and qualified people to care for the elderly. The agency successfully responds to the wishes of its clients, respecting the ethics of the recruitment and testing process for each qualification.

8. Family Help Agency

The Family Help Agency specializes in the recruitment and placement of qualified personnel for child and elderly care activities, but also for household related activities. The selection process begins by checking the record and medical and psychological testing of the staff, so the recruitment itself is very safe.

9. Casanda Baby Agency

Casanda Baby Agency recruits and places specialized workforce on babysitting, housekeeping and care for the sick, the disabled and the elderly. The recruitment process will take less if you call on the agency's services, and the security it confers cannot be called into question.

10. Eurolife Consulting

Eurolife Consulting recruits the workforce at national and international level, offering future employers consulting, selection, psychological and cognitive evaluation, medical testing and recruitment services.

11. Geca Family

The Geca Family Agency deals with the selection, testing, recruitment and placement of staff in household fields such as housekeeping and babysitting, but also recruits qualified staff to assist and care for the elderly and those suffering from different health conditions.

12. Anabaiana Agency

Anabaiana Agency offers its clients a database of 300 people who have been tested and qualified to opt for the babysitter profession. In addition, for the entire duration of the employment contract with the staff recruited by the agency, you will receive free assistance and advice.

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How to fight effectively against amblyopia?

The most common cause of poor vision in children, amblyopia can lead when not treated early enough to loss of vision in one eye. This is why it is very important to have the screening done between the 9th and the 24th months.

The explanations of Professor Alain Pechereau member of the French Society of Ophthalmology.

What is amblyopia?

  • Amblyopia is a disease characterized by a decrease in the visual acuity of one of the eyes (more rarely both), due to a bad treatment of information by the brain. Visual acuity depends on the quality of images sent to the brain. For the vision of each eye to be good, the visual cortex - part of the brain - must receive a clear and equal image of each eye.

How to identify amblyopia?

  • Some signs should lead parents to consult an ophthalmologist without delay:
  • If when your child looks, his eyes are not parallel, or if one of his eyes tends to go outward, indicating that this eye is not working and the other is working too much. Your child may be suffering from a divergent strabismus that could be the cause of amblyopia.
  • If it is not detected in time, the vision of the "lazy" eye may be reduced. The amblyopic eye does not work at all, and can even become blind in the long term.

How is it treated?

  • To correct the amblyopia, the ophthalmologist will prescribe glasses and the occlusion of the "good" eye, which will be put to "forced" rest with the help of a cover. This will have the effect of forcing the lazy eye to work and get back on track.
  • Amblyopia when screened and re-educated before age 7 is not irreversible. This is why the screenings provided in the health record must be carried out in children, especially in the 9th and 24th months.

Up to 4 years, effective rehabilitation in 95% of cases

  • The earlier the screening, the more effective, simple and fast the reeducation is. Before 4 years, the recovery is almost total (95% of the cases), but after 8 to 10 years, it is null.
  • This is why the French Society of Ophthalomology (SFO) and Asnav (National Association for the Improvement of Sight) recall the importance of early detection of amblyopia. "By simple examinations, which can be performed by the child's doctor, abnormalities that are mostly reversible under treatment in the very first years of life, can reduce the prevalence of amblyopia from 3% to 1%" recalls a statement Professor Alain Pechereau member of the SFO.

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