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Father there is only one

Father there is only one

Can you imagine accepting a juicy job offer in another country, located at least 6 or 7 hours away by plane, while your partner is 'delighted' at home with the children because he decides to accept another job offer that he cannot refuse? What for many women and men in our country is a dream or, rather, a utopia to reconcile work and family life in these terms, a Swedish couple is experiencing at this time.

Once again Sweden gave us a lesson in reconciling work and family life. This has been the case of politician Erik Ullenhag, a 38-year-old father, who combines the care of his six and two-year-old children with his job as a minister, while his wife has moved to Jerusalem to develop her professional career.

When he talks about his situation, I find it irresistible to drool a little because it is difficult to find a man who is so supportive of us, the women who bear as much as we can the nightmare of combining work and family. He recognizes that it is easier for him to take care of his children than for other people because, although he works a lot, he can organize his routine to spend more time with them and thanks to his flexible hours he can drop the children off at school in the morning and pick them up. in the afternoon, and if you have to go on a trip, your in-laws and parents help you out.

So far, his words do not surprise me, they are even familiar to me, because I know of some similar cases, of women who work a lot, but have people or relatives who help them with the children or at home when they need it. But, the best thing is when he says that, honestly, it is a lot of work, that for a couple of years it is fine, but that you can't be like this for 15 years. Luckily, children grow up, if not, what would become of us!

But there is still more: another of the pearls that he has released is that everything is easier if you are a man. People see you as a good guy and help you more. She recognizes that when she forgets to bring an extra piece of clothing in winter for her children, at school they help her to solve it, without further ado, in a positive way, while women would be reminded of neglect. And U.S? We are supposed to be good mothers and it is surprising when we fail, go through a bad streak or have distractions from not being able to get to everything. If this is still happening in Sweden, a country that is currently a model for work-life balance, on which rung of the ladder are we? Fortunately, we are getting closer and closer to equality between men and women, and this represents a great advance for society in general. I love discovering that there are fathers in the world who strive every day to show that there is only one father.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy


The birthing method from the 1930s does not cause as much stress to the baby and causes fewer births. Isn't there a new day under the sun?

Although the duration of pregnancy is not exactly 40 weeks, nowadays they do not like to have too many babies. This is because the term is more frequent in the post-term period. Therefore, more frequent medical check-ups are warranted, and it is not uncommon for a parent to decide on a referral. Gels containing prostaglandin hormone are most often used for this purpose. It is conceivable that an older process would undergo renaissance: in the 1930s, a mechanical method called the Foley catheter was used for the same purpose. At the end of the catheter, a balloon was placed, which was placed in the slightly open cavity while it was filled with saline. Subsequently, they began to pump gently and slowly, which caused a sensation similar to that of concussions, and as a result, birth began.
Dutch researchers have recently compared the effectiveness of two methods. Interestingly, both procedures reduced the number of cesarean sections, but the old-fashioned mechanical catheter solution caused less stress on the baby and less on the mother. A total of 824 pregnant women from 12 Dutch cities were enrolled in the study. One group of women used the balloon catheter, while the other used gel. In the case of catheters, only 12 percent of the patients had to have surgical intervention, as opposed to the gel group, which had a higher rate of 20 percent. Of those who are affected by the old method of delivery, only 5 cases of inflammatory events have occurred, whereas in the other group 14 times.
"With less pain and side effects, the catheter method is a better choice for women who need to start a baby artificially," said Kitty Bloemenkamp of Leiden University. However, it is no good for many tongues, women in the Netherlands, if they are brave, tend to prefer hormonal gel because they do not believe that old technology can be better than modern technology.
Baby Room: This method is also unknown in Hungary, for example, balloon firing is used at the St. Stephen's Courthouse in Budapest, and at the same time the rate of dressing is the lowest.
Order and a small child? See several patents When a child is born, the ordered reality often changes beyond recognition. Can this be remedied?

Closet organizers

Before the baby is born, future parents often buy clothes in many sizes, thus preparing for dynamic changes. In such moments, organizers made of flexible material may come in handy, on both sides with an inscription suggesting what can be found in a given place: e.g. dresses, pants, body or information about the child's age.

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When the hanger is missing

On the one hand, very functional, on the other, it looks really interesting, and you can prepare the hanger below yourself.

What do you think?

Place for a pacifier

Have you ever looked for a pacifier in the evening or at night?

Once the pacifier has its place, it will be easier to find. Theoretically obvious ... But how to do it? You can prepare a special container, attach spare teats to the holder used on the walk or use the patent as below.


Purse organizer

The prices of mothers' bags are around PLN 100-500. It is quite a few ...

Meanwhile, each bag can be customized for use by young parents, especially when the children are small. Just such an organizer.


Place for small cars

What if the toys were moved from immortal baskets and a chest to the wall? All you need is a magnetic strip for knives (for example from Ikea) to arrange the resoraks.

Read how to store toys.

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