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Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Family.

It owes its diffusion to Saint Mamilius, bishop and martyr in Africa.

It comes from the Latin proper name Mammilius, from mamilia, "breast, breast, udder".

March 8.


  • Malika Ayane, Italian singer (1984-); Malika Ménard, Miss France 2010 (1987-); Malika Oufkir, Moroccan writer (1953-).

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Mushroom rice is a very tasty preparation, which you can prepare during the fasting days, but not only.


Preparation time

50 minutes




2 carrots

1 white onion

300 g mushrooms

300 g of rice

2-3 tablespoons sunflower oil



verdeata (parsley)

Method of preparation

Wash the rice in cold water, then let it drain.

Clean the vegetables and cut them into cubes, then place them in the hot oil. Add the rice and heat everything for another 3-4 minutes.

Extinguish the rice with water, calculating to have one part of rice to three of water.

Add the mushrooms and leave the rice to boil, about 20 minutes.

It suits the taste, adding salt and pepper.


Optionally, you can add more vegetables, such as bell pepper and diced pumpkin, and for a pleasant color, add a teaspoonful of saffron.

The type of kitchen


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If your child is allergic, look out for the outdoors during the spring, and look forward to playing outdoors all winter. Especially in this season, increasing pollen in parks, green areas can bring many hazards for your child playing games. Dr. Hüseyin Cem Öcal from the Department of Child Health and Diseases at Memorial Hizmet Hospital, He gave information about the allergies that increased in spring and the precautions to be taken for the protection of children.

Pollen danger increases in windy weather

With the arrival of spring and warm weather, the time we spend outside with our children will increase. In spring, with the blossoming of grass, grass, flowers and trees, pollen spreads to the atmosphere and causes an increase in allergic reactions. This effect is more pronounced in windy weather. The most typical spring allergy is allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa of allergic origin. It occurs in people with allergic predisposition. There are two types of allergic rhinitis. These;

1) Seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever): It is the type of allergic rhinitis that occurs due to pollen allergy during certain seasons. The source of pollen is trees, grass and grass. While tree pollen causes complaints in early spring; In late spring, early summer grass, midsummer and autumn grass pollens cause complaints. Unfortunately, these periods have been prolonged with global warming.

2) Perennial allergic rhinitis (year-round): The most important allergen persists throughout the year are house dust mites.

Your child may have allergic rhinitis if he often brings his hand to his nose

Nasal congestion, runny nose, nasal itching, sneezing and eye watering, flushing, bruising is seen in detention. As symptoms of allergic flu in children; nasal congestion. In this case, he may show himself as restless sleep at night, breathing in mouth and snoring. Children with allergic rhinitis may also have frequent upper respiratory tract infections and middle ear infections, and some may have allergic eye fever. Children often do scratching by rubbing their hands on their noses, which is called “allergic salute”. Although it is not a very serious illness, these complaints can make children extremely uncomfortable.

Children with allergic illnesses in their parents are more affected

Allergic rhinitis is usually found in individuals with an allergy tendency, which we call atopic. These individuals have a higher incidence of allergic diseases such as eczema and asthma than non-allergic patients. Allergic rhinitis and other allergic diseases are more common in individuals with a family history of allergic diseases. If the mother and father have an allergic disease, their children are also likely to have. Allergic rhinitis can also trigger asthma exacerbations.

Protect your child from allergens

In the treatment of allergic flu, the main thing, as with all allergies, is to avoid the substance where the allergy is detected. Tests may be required to detect this allergen. If this is not possible or cannot be controlled by measures, medication may be administered. Allergy syrups and nasal sprays can be used.

Recommendations to parents for children with allergic rhinitis;

• Keep your house windows closed during the pollen season.
• Be careful not to let your child out during pollen hours, especially in the morning. Wear a protective mask if you need to go outside. Avoid actions such as playing games outside and spending time in the park.
• Use ventilation systems and air filters inside the house. Change the filters used in air conditioners frequently. Prefer special air conditioners that clean the air exchange using the air inside and do not use the outside air.
• When entering the house, take care of your child to take a bath or take off his clothes.
• Do not dry your clothes outdoors during the pollen season.
• Keep the windows closed while driving in the pollen season.
• Do not stay in a smoking environment.

We started the diversification. What do I prepare for my baby?

Does your little one take the first steps in the great adventure of taste? Discover new textures and what exactly does learning to chew or drink like an adult? In the first five years of life, your child will grow faster than at any other stage of life. That is why it is important to provide all the nutrients it needs to grow and grow healthy.

The specialists recommend preparing three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for your chicken, as well as a few small nutritious snacks between the main tables. The child's meals should contain preparations from all major food groups.

  • Fruits and vegetables, preferably 5 servings per day. Because at first it will not be extremely attracted to the vegetables placed on the plate, it starts with small portions that you can increase as the child grows older;
  • dairy, essential for healthy growth of the bones and teeth of your chicken, should be found 3 times a day in its tables;
  • Meat, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes. Children who eat meat need about two servings a day, while vegetarians need 2-3 servings of legumes. You can try to include more than twice a week in your diet, of which a portion should be a fish rich in oils such as salmon;
  • At the main tables, you can include foods as well rice, Easter and potatoes.

Solid foods can be introduced into the baby's diet around the age of six months, without giving up breastfeeding. After the age of nine months, your little one has definitely learned new tastes and already has favorite foods. Encourage him to try new foods and put food in different colors on the plate. Besides the fact that they will be more attractive to the little one, you will also offer them a variety of nutrients.

The meal can become your baby's favorite moment with Philips AVENT SCF716 feeding kit, suitable for children over 6 months. The little one will not so easily spill the food in front of him because the divided plate and the bowls in the set have an anti-slip base. It won't take long until he starts feeding himself.

Your child will be able to easily hold the spoon and fork with ergonomic handles, created especially for his small handles. In addition, he will be able to take the food from the plate without hurting or escaping on foot due to deep cutlery. The rabbit, wolf and kitten drawn on each element of the Philips AVENT SCF716 set will be your little boy's friends during the meal and will encourage him to learn the numbers and colors.

After you have started diversification, get some help in the kitchen so you can prepare the most delicious mashed potatoes for your child, quickly and easily. With the Philips AVENT SCF870 steam and blender cooker, prepare for steam, turn the container, mix and your child's meal is ready!

Thus, you can always prepare fast and extremely easy healthy food for your baby. You can prepare fruits, vegetables, fish or meat for steaming. It is not necessary to transfer the food from one container to another, but it is enough to turn the bowl to mix.

Once you have started diversification, you can start teaching the little one to drink water from the can. Philips AVENT has created a series of cups that will help the baby to easily transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to cup drinking, depending on the stage of development. Your baby will definitely be attracted by the colorful design of these mugs and the figurines drawn on them.

Suitable for ages over 6 months, Philips AVENT training nipples they have a soft and flexible mouth to drain so that the baby can easily suck the liquids from them. After an anisle, the chick can try Philips AVENT mug with soft straw, of silicone, or canute "I'm big" with the valve activated by the lips so that the baby can drink from all the edge.

How is your diversification stage or how was it for your baby? What is his favorite food?

at the beginning of the proposed aesthetic surgery to get rid of lubrication
liposuction is coming. The main purpose of this surgery is not to lose weight; in the body
Taking regional fats and the body
It is shaped.

A lot of women
choose to have this surgery before birth but not after birth
It is. In fact, this operation is performed before pregnancy, fat in the region
cells in the region, together with the weight taken during pregnancy,
There will not be excessive lubrication. On the contrary, the protruding areas are too much
In these areas will be more cracks for gaining weight. Crack Treatment
is quite difficult compared to other treatments.

aser Vaser Liposuciton ”device is used in surgeries. This device uses ultrasound
with selective behavior when breaking the fat tissue with waves, nerves and
it does not harm blood tissues in any way. In this way, more oil
texture splitting into pieces. According to old liposuction surgery with this device
Although bruising, bleeding and pain are seen less in the operations performed,
The healing process of the patient is progressing faster. The person who has this surgery, 5.
From day one can start doing normal business.

They want to go back to their old appearance, right from the bee at birth. Post-natal
occurring, redundancy, changes and sagging may not allow it.
Because some situations will not improve with weight loss or exercise, the modern laser
Abdominal stretching can be performed with assisted methods.

Abdominal Stretching with Classical Method

In this method, operations are started with an incision. This incision has ripped muscles
until opened and sewn. Waist and abdominal fat surgery or
classically taken with liposuction. After this treatment, the person will be
and after a few months she can continue her social life.

Modern Method: Laser Assisted Endoscopic Abdominal Stretching Method

In the method, the fat in the abdomen and waist laser lipolysis to remove
and then endoscopy support to repair the muscles and
cover. This method, shorter than classical treatment,
more painless and also more comfortable. The person who has surgery has never been in the form of V
you don't have to go to bed. One day after the operation, they can go home.
The patient's bandages are removed after three days and the patient can take a bath.

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