21 Baby Names Meaning HOPE or MIRACLE. SJ STRUM

21 Baby Names Meaning HOPE or MIRACLE. SJ STRUM

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Clafoutis cherries-pistachios

Help, here's the histories! 5 Outside Tips & Lifesaving Tips & Tricks

The overwhelming majority of two-to-three-year-olds regularly shock their parents with defiant behavior, which sometimes gets hysterical. I want to - I don't want our life to spin around. But why and for how long?

He believes - the worst in a public place

An important, indispensable condition of human development is the racket, which at some point soon reaches our seedling. Good news that the large majority will be closed by the age of three.
Little babies are afraid of being able to influence the world: when they smile, they smile back, when they smile, they hurry to help. As the months go by, the slacker in motion becomes freely laughing, tossing the spoon over the ground, and blood. If someone picks it up and gives it back, a happy smile will throw it away again, and it will go all the way until the adult gets bored with the game.
The little one then tries what he is capable of: researching the consequences of his actions. Again and again you want to experience how it affects your environment. He does not joke, does not want to annoy his parents, but learns, watches intently, and takes the first steps towards shyness.

I border freely

The little ones love to look closely and get to know the things of life. When they start to sneak, the world expands, the moment of discovery can begin, and here is the moment of freedom. Then comes a lot of "not free", "not free", "not free". What's the world? Let us not be remorseful, for the limits we set are indispensable for a little healthy development. A completely liberated child does not feel safe and tries his best to find the boundaries that are so important to him. With huge hysterics, if need be. Do not misunderstand, it is not necessary to introduce a dictatorship on the first birthday in the family. The little ones may have the right to vote, but only on requests that they count as "experts".
Choosing the time for your dinner or the amount of chocolate you have each day is by no means a matter of your own. Of course, the other side of lou is also unlucky: children with a disability are just as likely to find their place in life as their feeble-eyed counterparts, and their self-confidence is diminished at a very young age.

Believe: Is there a solution?

The situation of a defiant child is very difficult: it is contradictory to control the will. On the one hand, he works with all his power to express his personal "opinion" - which is often against his own will, but if he is to fight, then to fight - he is also willing to accept .
Full acceptance and emotional security are the best ways to help develop your personality. Affectionate consistency works in the most exciting situations.
The small child should know that he can count on his parents in every situation and that he can love himself. His self-righteousness should be punished rather than suppressed.
You just have to ban what you have to do. For example, we are required to take resolute action when it comes to your safety. It is best to adjust the limits to the needs of the child, this does not lead to relief, but rather helps the child in this difficult time.
If you force the child into something with respect, force it to become more resilient, and can significantly prolong this era. It's not really a good idea to do it as if you don't get the kid together, because it just bothers them. You may feel that your parents are not interested in what you are doing. Long explanations and mountain speeches do not improve either.
Remember that our own behavior gives the child a pattern: if you see your mother or father regularly believing, what would prevent you from choosing this "coping method" in the future?

She doesn't even breathe

Fiercely weighted toddlers with intense anxiety sometimes scare their parents to death: they lose sleep, lose their lives for up to a few seconds. Occasionally, involuntary epilepsy-like muscle spasms can be observed and, in general, it is very scary for the baby to have this condition.
The phenomenon known as scientifically affective apnea is nowhere near any serious nervous system disorder; it is most effective in causing distress, fear or pain and disappears in a short period of time. Because the child does not breathe, he is in an oxygen deficient state, which causes the above symptoms, but fortunately his body handles the situation well, and when the droop finally relaxes in his arms, the onset of reflex breathing resets.
You can help with your exfoliation by painting your face with a little one or wiping your face with a damp cloth, but a lot of experienced parents can anticipate the shortness of breath and a certain amount of "air". in many cases they can be prevented by spraying.
Affected children generally develop affective apnea by the time they reach adulthood, but they may be advised to have a specialist examination because of the condition that they return to regularly.

5 Transition Tips If Your Neck is Hist

1. Because some children are very sensitive to hunger, there should always be some help that can be offered to a child in a "hysterical" position.
2. The tiny rattlesnake can work as a diverting operation (Nah, a grab!), But we can't eliminate big cats with such simple tricks.
3. If we are indoors, let's get out into the fresh air, this change can tip the dehydrator a little.
4. Don't worry about the comments of our guest! Instead, we try to stay calm with all our strength. Do not teach that you can keep us chess with your behavior.
5. It is often enough to feel good about you, to feel how much you love you anyway.

Unless we wear leather

Occasionally you may not be able to handle any annoyance well, for example, we ourselves get raised like a small, occasionally slap, cold shower at the end of the scene. Or you are just reaching your goal and letting go of your demands. In this case, the children are repeating the situation more and more, making them relentless in their end. Long-distance hysterics can become a habit, which is much harder to get rid of than a crappy scene. In such cases, you may also need the help of a professional to regain the lost balance between the parent and the child.
This is something to keep in mind, even if hysterical outbursts are not lost at the end of high school, or they may become more intense.

The little weasel

As the child awakens consciousness, he begins to resist. His will is repeatedly met with resistance. Many children are prone to dehydration. This means that sometimes you get upset that you lose your breath when you scream and lose your mind for a while. It is similar to an epileptic seizure, but you have no sickness. Unlike an epileptic seizure, there are always some direct external causes of dehydration. The baby grows louder and louder, then suddenly falls silent, breathless, pale or faint, with tears on his limbs.
With dehydration, it feels tired, exhausted, and often falls asleep. It is unresponsive to birth, or may fall unconsciously on the ground. No need to worry, after a period of twenty seconds and two minutes of dehydration, the baby will calm down without any intervention. There is no need for most, at least three seizures by the age of three.
If you put it firmly in the face of a toddler, it will breathe more quickly, but you can also wipe the face with cold wet cloths. Let's try to prevent dehydration. We try to distract your attention in a timely manner. Although a harmless person is concerned, let the barbershop or carer let you know that something like this has happened.

What can you decide for yourself?

Often, it is the defiance and willfulness that the little child is opposed to the self. He rejects his parents' help, suggestion, but is uncertain. Not only is it rewarding when it comes to resisting your will, but also when you have to deal with difficult situations yourself. Allow yourself to practice self-discipline in an area where failure is not a problem.
A good time to do this is to choose your outfit and clothing. Kata Makrancos starts the opposite in the morning: we put anything in front of her, she doesn't want to pick it up. In this case, it is better for you to choose your clothes yourself. It will take a lot of care and sometimes it will move many times because it cannot make a decision. In the meantime, it also makes the choice of freedom and the burden: whatever you choose, you want the other. It is important that you have a lot of such experiences at a young age so that you can make your real decisions sooner. Set limits when necessary: ​​you can shop for weather-friendly garments and get only a quarter-half price.
We can ask him what he wants to have for dinner, but let's list a few options that we can make for him. Just give her a small dose because she's actually asking for some food before she gets it. Do not accept what you have chosen, eat it, and then ask for another.
What do I do if my mom is sitting next to me? - big trouble again. Don't let it snap for a second. After a long period of play, let's create a game that we deal with at the same time for at least a short time.
Take a bath or shower, go to the playground, take a croissant or roll in the middle - it changes from family to family to the practice of arbitrary decision-making.

No and no!

An important developmental condition in the life of a small child is the rack age. A baby who is fully served by the environment is becoming more and more like a little man. It is not easy for him either: his will and his abilities, his already existing and lacking knowledge, his curiosity and his fear are drifted back and forth. The drumming period is the responsibility of every child, but also depends on their bloodline and parents' behavior.
We can make it easier for each other:
Quite frankly, if you start to yell in the midst of redemption, but once you have said no, keep up with it, don't make embarrassing comments, and don't be angry with your child, you can't help but be captivated by anger. let go of will, unnecessarily permanently wrapping up. Let me push your stroller in one piece, if you want to stretch it out, let's just try for a while what we see, it won't work, let's put on the same favorite pullover every day (wash in the evening, dry in the morning)
- Let's prevent the connections. How many times does your child hear that you shouldn't? If you get banned everywhere, it's no wonder you are duh. Arrange your apartment so that we need to be involved less often. Let the fearful or dangerous things be out of your reach.
- Observe what brings it out of the wind. Usually there are some factors that make you very sensitive, like when you're hungry, thirsty, tired. For this time, do not plan something that will challenge your patience.
- We justify our ban. It may not be worth it yet, but it is important to feel that we do not simply own it on our own.
- Let's stay consistent. What we once forbidden should not be allowed at other times.
- Maybe we can prevent volcanic eruption by diverting it or pointing out something interesting. Poems, sayings, songs always work.
Let's move more outdoors and lay it down in the sun, because the tired child has less capacity.

First aid for a college student

Feelings are usually characterized by a few characteristic situations: at check-in, at departure, at the time of departure. Younger children are more likely to have physical needs: tired, hungry, thirsty. Avoid unnecessary clutter: engross what is not in your hands. Well, let's start shopping relaxed, if we can, at critical times without a child. We carry water in a small glass, lightly clove apples. Take plenty of time to get started and playfully guide your baby through the door.
Predictable agendas, consistent parenting, help you comply with the rules. If the storm breaks out, do not be overwhelmed with our own fervor. If we're home, let me chill out on the little dinghy. You can yell, throw yourself to the ground, flutter, but be careful if you want to fight or kick. Let's stick to it, but for now, it would be superfluous to talk to us, but rather hang out with some homework or reading. We try to use the silent face to blame the big scene, as your little child notices how effective he or she is, he or she will apply new science more and more often.
Your reading believes it
Jan-Uwe Rogge: Child Needs Restriction (Park Edition)
Selma H. ​​Fraiberg: Maggots (Park Edition)
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Reinette, granny, golden ... the varieties of apples, and the way of cooking, are not lacking. Take the opportunity to vary the pleasures.

The apple: a boost for your body

  • The English say it well: "An apple every morning keeps the doctor away." Nothing like that, it's true, that this fruit, rich in magnesium and vitamin C (especially the pippin), to guard against small daily aggressions.
  • From 5-6 mes, babies can take advantage of its anti-infectious, anti-anemia and good digestibility qualities. In the form of stewed dessert, or in a puree to soften a vegetable a little strong (spinach, for example).


  • A chance: the apple is also not very energetic: 54 kcal per 100 g. The apple is the best appetite suppressant moms.

Choice and consumption

Opt for the variety that best fits your recipes:

  • Boskoop and Canada are perfect for pies, to which they bring mellowness and a hint of acidity.
  • The granny very tart or the golden delicately scented stick to cooking and are ideal for accompany a poultry.
  • The Pippinette is delicious in baked apple.
  • In fruit salad, on the other hand, privilege Melrosesweet and slightly tart.
  • Choose them with smooth skin and not showing bruising.
  • Keep them cool or in the bottom of the refrigerator.

Véronique Chabrol

To learn more about the apple, Watch the video.

Want to share your recipes and cooking tips? See you on our Cooking Forum.

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Derived from Alexandra, feminine of Alexander, who comes from the Greek alexein, "defend", and andros, "the man, the warrior". Many queens and empresses bore the name Alexandra. The last Alexandra of royal blood was the Empress of Russia, victim of the Bolshevik revolution. His birthday: March 20th.

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