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Ballet, the perfect solution for your little girl

Ballet is more than just a dance or a physical form of movement for girls. Besides the physical development it promotes, the grace and elegance of the outfit, the ballet helps the girls to be safer on them, to balance their movements, to focus better and to be more energetic. Here are some of the most important benefits of ballet for girls and why it deserves to be an option among the courses you enroll your child in as a child!

Physical benefits of ballet for girls

First of all, ballet is a form of physical movement, so it attracts all the benefits that a sport has to the body.

It contributes fully to the development of the muscles of the hands, legs and torso, but also to the improvement of body posture and posture. This type of dance has been used, over time, as a method of remedying and correcting the wrong body positions.

The ballet also contributes to the flexibility and coordination of the movements.

The emotional or mental benefits of ballet for girls

Ballet is not just a simple dance that helps to maintain the healthy shape and growth of the child. Ballet lessons have been shown to help girls relax and thus combat stress or anxiety, so present in toddlers' lives.

Ballet also has the merit of helping girls develop a positive self-image, especially in terms of body aspect. They are thus protected from the risk of falling into the trap of eating disorders and other mental problems, such as depression, arising from the distorted perception of one's own body image.

The little girls also have to gain in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem, each movement or technique learned or learned or a show in which they participate, giving them a sense of self-fulfillment.

Social benefits of ballet for girls

Ballet is a social activity by nature and also contributes to the development of the child's social skills. Classes often take place in groups, where children get to know each other and bond with friends. In addition, ballet is one of the activities that encourages the development of team spirit, cooperation and promotes communication between children.

Ballet courses can be of great help to shy children, helping them overcome this negative trait, which defines their personality. In addition, ballet shows in which girls can be distributed help them overcome another common problem in children: the fear or the fear of playing or dancing in front of the audience.

Beyond the benefits of this art for girls, ballet has attracted time and a stigma or reputation is not exactly "healthy." Ballerinas have always been considered more vulnerable to eating disorders, due to the strictness of the weight required in this sport.

Did you sign up for the ballet girl? If so, why did you choose these courses for her? Do you think ballet predisposes girls to anorexia, bulimia and other forms of eating disorders? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

Arethusa: origin and meaning of the name for girl Aretusa

The cool of the country of Halacer is a series of short stories for children written by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that are full of magic and learning.

Through the cool, fantastic little pixies that live in this peculiar universe, children will learn great values ​​and very useful lessons for their personal development. Is a series of short stories for children that you can read little by little, and that is ... the series will grow!

Enjoy this series of short stories for children. Tales that take place in the magical country of Halacer, do you want to know the stories of the cool, the little pixies that live there?

The star Ara and the planet of Halacer. Read with your children this beautiful children's story: The star Ara and the planet Halacer. A children's story full of magic for children to dream and imagine while you read it to them. It is a fantasy tale for children.

A cool guy with a red nose. Once upon a time there was a cool red-nosed guy. And what is a cool? You will ask. Read this fantasy children's story and find out. A children's story about happiness that you can read as a family.

The cool guy visits Anabel. The red-nosed cool is a little goblin that lives in the country of Halacer, a goblin who can achieve incredible things, above all, make others happy. Read with your children this children's story about the happiness of the arrival of a new brother in Anabel's life.

The cool in Mali. El Guay en Mali is a children's story about creativity, which shows children the reality of many other little ones who do not have money, and yet use their imagination to play.

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Benefits and drawbacks of the pacifier according to speech therapists

When our children are born, the use of the pacifier is very common and recommended, and the reasons are clear, the pacifier causes a great feeling of relief and pleasure that helps them relax quickly. And even, as speech therapists, we appreciate that initially the pacifier is a good lip and tongue trainer, which can collaborate in a breastfeeding and adequate sucking. But it also has contraindications.

We tell you what the benefits and drawbacks of the pacifier according to speech therapists.

Despite the benefits, there are also reasons for children to abandon the pacifier and avoid possible problems.

When children should stop using pacifiers

It is frequent and totally normal that our children during the first years of life want to continue with the pleasant habit to have the pacifier in the mouth. And, in most cases, it is normal that it is difficult to abandon it completely, both day and night, when it gives them such pleasure. But it is important to ask ourselves: how long should we maintain the habit? And what problems can it cause if it is prolonged?

It is important to analyze two main aspects:

  • When our children start with tooth eruption, it means that soon they will start the process of chewing of first textures, leaving behind suction as the only type of infant feeding. Keeping the pacifier, in many cases, can encourage suction making the gradual transition to chewing difficult. In addition, it is important to remember that dentists insist on saying that the pacifier is a bad habit that can lead to tooth malformations.
  • When our children begin to perform their first babbling, means that they begin to move their tongue to articulate their first sounds, leaving behind the usual low tongue position of the pacifier and the first months. Maintaining the pacifier in many cases can encourage the lower position of the tongue for a longer time, making it difficult to correct acquisition of speech. In addition, it is important to remember that speech therapists insist on saying that the prolonged pacifier can cause alternations of speech.

In summary, our children when they get older, when their first teething appears and make their first sounds, they should give up pacifiers to prevent possible problems at the level of dentists or speech therapists.

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Δίδυμα μωρά σε ξεκαρδιστική

Belly pain after orgasm

Belly pain after orgasm

The orgasm It is the most pleasant moment of a sexual relationship, where the climax is reached during sex. However, for many women intercourse can cause certain discomfort, either due to vaginal dryness or due to abdominal pain during or after sexual intercourse.

Although climax is beneficial for the conception of a baby, for the skin and even for the mood, some women suffer certain pains in the belly right after reaching orgasm.

When an orgasm occurs, a wave of pleasure invades the body. The body experiences a jolt that causes a hormone called oxytocin to be released as well as endorphins. It is thanks to this liberation that the body suffers certain involuntary pelvic spasms and in the vaginal area in the case of women, which makes the lopenings of the vagina contract due to muscle contractions.

The sensation of climax is total, and can be more or less intense depending on the sexual relationship. But if it is something pleasant, why can it feel belly pain after orgasm? It is precisely due to the contractions that occur in the part of the pelvic floor and that are uncontrollable by pleasure, since this can cause a distention in the lower abdomen and pain just after the wave of pleasure.

When the lower part of the belly hurts after an orgasm, and it occurs at a specific time of the month, it is advisable to look at which day of the menstrual cycle we are on. Reaching the climax can reduce the tension or discomfort of menstruation, but it can accentuate a pain if we are at the time of the ovulation.

However, when the pain is persistent and has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle or the contractions of the orgasm itself, it is advisable to look further in case it could be a medical problem. The cause that can produce the discomfort of the belly after satisfactory sexual intercourse may underlie the so-called polycystic ovaries. At the time of orgasm, these contractions of pleasure reach the ovaries, and when pain appears for no reason, it may have to do with an internal problem, such as ovarian cysts, or even an infection, which it is always advisable to consult and contrast with a medical specialist.

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Benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn

Benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn

Advocating for Skin-to-Skin after C-section

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