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Patient web-iquette: How to use your web knowledge to partner with your child's doctor

Patient web-iquette: How to use your web knowledge to partner with your child's doctor

School selection: practical steps

Christmas tree. Christmas carols for children

Christmas tree. Christmas carols for children

What should we consider when traveling with children?

Families with babies who want to go on vacation are afraid to make air travel.Acıbadem Hospital Bakırköy Neonatal Diseases Specialist Murat Palabıyık, “With some practical applications, children air travel you can make it more comfortable and safer. ”

How many months can babies fly?

Sometimes, even after birth, the baby may need to be transported to an intensive care unit by airway. So in compulsory situations, babies can even fly as soon as they are born. However, a healthy baby is recommended to fly after completing the first month in order to minimize flight comfort and risks. ”

What health problems can air travel cause and how can we prevent them?

The most important problem is in the ears. In particular, due to changes in the cabin pressure during take-off and landing, infants may cry severely due to the feeling of fullness and pain in their ears. In order to prevent this, it is appropriate to give a painkiller syrup, usually used for colds, before consultation with the baby's doctor. In this way, the eustachian tube, which provides ventilation of the middle ear, can be opened more easily and the feeling of fullness can be prevented. Another measure to relax the ear is to swallow. Since babies also swallow by sucking, breastfeeding during take-off can prevent ear pain. Drinking or chewing bubble gum for older children also has the same effect. Long air travel children who are constantly restless refuse food and drink on board. Therefore, dehydration, which means dehydration of the body, may develop. Frequent breastfeeding of infants and the fact that older children are always happy to drink with them help to prevent this.

Where should I sit on the plane? Do I need to buy a separate seat for babies?

Children often become uneasy in a short time in confined and limited spaces. Therefore, sitting in the front of the aircraft and entering the cabin last as soon as possible to leave the cabin minimizes the duration of the stay. Especially at airport As soon as the admission to the airplane begins, the majority of the passengers are attacked at the exit gate and wait for the standing. Children don't like it. Therefore, it is necessary to wait calmly and allow the child to play, to be one of the last passengers passing through the door. Taking only the bags required during the flight and handing all other bags to the baggage increases our ability to move in the airport and cabin. Some aircraft models have special seats for young children between two adult seats. Children over 2 years old are recommended to sit in these seats.

Selecting these seats during check-in makes the journey more comfortable. We can carry babies under the age of 2 in our lap on short-haul flights, but special cabinets should be requested from the cabin crew. Long-term flights seats with walls in front should be selected. Many aircraft models have baby cribs mounted on these walls. These seats can be requested from the staff when buying tickets and at check-in. With the on-line check-in, which is frequently used, seats can be selected online 24 hours before the flight. If an airplane model with 3 rows of seats on the right and left shows two seats on each side in a row in front, there is a baby seat between them. Choosing these seats provides great comfort when traveling with children over 2 years of age. In some aircraft, the seat clearances at the level of the emergency exit doors are very wide. These seats can also be requested at check-in.

What are the things we should take with us?

• First of all comfortable clothes and spares. Wearing clothes at home prevents children from getting restless. If you have a naughty child, it is advisable to dress in vivid colors that are easily noticeable to avoid getting lost in the crowd at the airport.
• A few favorite toys, coloring books and pencils, fairy tale books on long journeys
• Children need to take as much as they need from their favorite drinks and foods, ignoring food and beverages provided on board. Kids may not always like them, although children's menus are provided on long journeys.
• We should have at least 2 clean bottles for short-term flights and 3 clean bottles for long-term flights. It is usually not possible to find a bottle sterilizer on board.
• Enough diapers and wet wipes. If assistance is requested from cabin officials, the toilets of the aircraft are made suitable for diaper changing. It is not recommended to change the bottom of the cabinet for odor and hygiene. Toilets should be used.
• On long-term flights, the use of a cold syrup to give before and every 4-6 hours of sleep allows children to relax and calm down.

Which children should not board?

Children with active infections should not fly until they are healed, unless it is absolutely necessary, both for themselves and for other passengers who may infect the infection. If an ear infection is present, changes in the chamber pressure can cause severe ear pain. Children with sinusitis also develop severe headaches. Children with diarrhea may lose excess fluid on long-term air travel, so it is not recommended to fly until the diarrhea recovers. Children with chronic heart and lung disease are also required to undergo a medical examination before flight.

At what time of day should you fly, which aircraft are more comfortable for children?

The flight time coincides with the child's daily sleep times, making the journey easier. However, to minimize restlessness before sleep and to avoid feeling pressure in the ears during sleep, it is very useful to give the appropriate doses of the syrups used for the common cold. It is more comfortable to fly on large planes if possible. Because they feel less pressure changes in the cabin and become less restless.

What should be considered after the flight?

During the baggage delivery at the airport, everyone rushes to get their stuff and get out. Assistance should be sought from load carriers in this hectic environment. After the flight As usual, consuming plenty of fluids makes it easier for children to adapt. Fluid consumption becomes very important, especially if there is excessive hot air at the destination. Clothes should be changed as soon as possible according to the weather in the destination.

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