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Birth in a private hospital becomes accessible

On the anniversary of the 3 years since he gives happiness, the Isis Private Hospital in Constanta has proposed to exceed the expectations of those who choose his services.
Starting with February 1, 2012 Maternity Isis offers future mothers the possibility of phased payment of the birth package worth 1000 euros, without interest. The new system involves the payment of 500 euros upon discharge, the difference to be paid in 5 equal installments of 100 euros per month.

The birth package includes all the facilities that pregnant women need to bring their babies to the world in safe and comfortable conditions: the possibility of giving birth naturally, in water or by caesarean section based on a birth plan agreed with the doctor current, stem cell harvesting, anesthesia, the possibility of assistance at birth and during the hospitalization by the new father, hospitalization for the mother and baby, all the necessary supplies, rooming-in own reserves with bathroom, TV, wireless internet, first consultation of the baby in the first 7 days after discharge.
The campaign was launched a month ago and many future parents were excited about the benefits of the new birth package. According to the doctors of the first private hospital in Dobrogea, numerous requests were received in this regard.
The payment commitment that the future parents assume is a contract between the hospital and the ones made on the basis of the identity document, thus avoiding all the extra steps necessary to access a bank loan.

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An amazing accord of vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood. Eau de Parfum Pleats PleaseElixir: 60 € 30ml (Issey Miyake).

An amazing accord of vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood. Eau de Parfum Pleats Please
The Elixir: 60 € the 30 ml (Issey Miyake).

Mr Rinho plays with the numbers. Cartoon Zumbers. Chapter 5

More care for your little one with the new extra-delicate shampoo from NIVEA Baby

More care for your little one with the new extra-delicate shampoo from NIVEA Baby

Gnomeo & Juliet, movie trailer

Gnomeo & Juliet, movie trailer

The greatest love story ever told, starring garden gnomes. Shakespeare's classic tale undergoes a wild and hilarious transformation. Can this couple live happily ever after? Directed by Kelly Asbury (Shrek 2) and featuring classic and original songs by Elton John, the film features the voices of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt, in the roles of Gnomeo and Juliet.

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Baby's second year of life, what to expect?

6 steps to help your child regain confidence Small children need it encouragement, support, additional motivation. They must know that what they do is right and will not be criticized for their attempts.

Why is this so important?

Because every day they face new challenges, tasks that often overwhelm them. Sometimes they have enough, they are bitter, and their faith in their own skills decreases. There are times when they put the crayons aside, because the drawing is far from ideal, they throw shoes in the corner with a shout that they will never be able to tie their shoelaces, they cry loudly, because the task exceeds them and they are confused whether it is worth trying.

What should the parent do then? Hug? Comfort? Do not react, leaving matters to your course?

What to do to motivate a child, but not to overdo it, depriving the child of the possibility of experiencing failure and learning based on an important life lesson?

Be an optimist

The child is watching how the parent perceives the world and often sees reality in a similar way. Therefore, instead of catching shortcomings and minuses at once, try to pay attention to the positive aspects of the situation. Emphasize that everyone learns at their own pace, that there is no person who would not encounter problems. You can also tell about your problems from the past, ending the story with a positive accent. In addition, try to direct your child's thinking to look for a solution and offer help on the way to achieving the goal.

Do not protect against pain

Naturally, as parents we want to protect children from the evil of the whole world - pain, anger, disappointment. Subconsciously, we want the toddler to be happy and we strongly experience each of his failures. Sometimes much more than the child himself, so paradoxically, instead of helping the toddler deal with the problem, we make him relive it, ponder and stress our stress.

The parent's role is not to remove any obstacles. The child should meet obstacles on his own path and learn to overcome them. A toddler must have the opportunity to take risks ... and lose. He must know that the parent accepts the rehearsals and accepts that his daughter or son are not always the best. Anxiety, anger, disappointment, and depression are natural when facing challenges. Escaping from them by force, at all costs, makes them gain strength, swell to the limit and it is difficult to deal with them during the confrontation.

Encourage self-resolution of problems

Even the youngest children can solve problems by themselves. It is worth that the parent encouraged them to do so. How? In many situations, it is enough to simply not give instant solutions, answer any questions, i.e. let the toddler look for a way out of the situation. Whenever possible, ask how they think they can handle the situation, what they can do to succeed.

Let me make a decision

When a child has the opportunity to make decisions from an early age, he or she feels more confident. Has a direct impact on what happens. The decision areas should, however, be adapted to the child's age. In addition, do not overwhelm your toddler with too much responsibility, preferably give 2-4 options to choose from. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the child is aware that some decisions remain with the parent and that he or she has no influence on them.

Let me develop my passions

Children who can find joy in spending time on passion and interests are more confident. When a toddler pays attention to what he really loves, enriches his interior, and at the same time in his eyes and other people's becomes more interesting, has more to say, has a certain area in which he knows best. A child with interests has the opportunity to take up subjects with peers in which he becomes an expert in a given field, he can talk with passion about the things that make him different.

Enable helping others

A child who is able to help others and can do it is more confident. Whether it helps parents, peers at school, kindergarten or anywhere. Therefore, whenever possible, let your child demonstrate. Make sure your toddler has chores. There is another benefit that comes from it. A child helping the elderly can experience the hard way that adults put effort and commitment into certain activities that may look "light" from the side, and really require a lot of sacrifice.

The advantages of recycling for children

Recycling is the best way to take advantage of used materials because they create new materials.

Recycling is a process that depends on the contribution of raw materials from millions of people and, for this reason, it continues to be and will be the best help for the conservation of the planet both for man and for the environment.

We explain why it is so important recycle for children.

Recycle waste it is a responsibility that we all have with our planet and with our children for the future of their quality of life. From the age of three, children can learn to recycle waste at home. The first thing we must teach them is how to select the garbage and where we must deposit it. Waste can be separated into 5 groups: paper, glass, plastic, food scraps, and others more oriented to oil, toys and batteries.

At the beginning, learning must be practical and we must teach them by example, since care and respect for the environment must begin within our homes. Then, this teaching must be in accordance with recycling and reuse of materials at school. It is important to guide children from an early age, since in the future they will be the main responsible for our planet. To do this, it is necessary to make them understand that recycling exists in order to avoid the destruction of the environment. This explanation can be done through games, dynamics and other activities that motivate children to participate in recycling.

Our daily actions can help save the planet. How?

- Educating children to know that recycling helps the planet

- Separating garbage to facilitate recycling.

- Using products that do not harm the environment.

- Not wasting drinking water.

- Using recycled materials.

- Respecting the plants and animals around us.

- Helping associations for the daily protection of the environment.

By recycling we contribute to making our entire environment much cleaner. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy a city and a planet freer of pollution. Its main advantages include conservation and saving energy, raw materials and resources natural resources, as well as reducing the volume of waste to be eliminated. Saves energy and prevents pollution caused by the extraction and processing of virgin materials, as well as the manufacture of products using virgin materials.

Recycling allows used materials, that is, waste, to be reused (although some cannot be recycled as they are harmful, such as oils, paints or glues). Recycling also reduces the need to create spaces for landfills and garbage incinerators. Through recycling you can obtain different ecological, economic and social advantages:

1. Ecological. Recycling reduces the amount of materials that go to garbage dumps. Instead, they become raw materials that will become new high-consumption products.

2. Economical. Recycling is a way to get money in times of crisis. On the one hand, from recycling raw materials are obtained that will be used by factories and national industries. If recycling did not exist, this raw material would have to be imported. On the other, recycling too benefits economically since it is a way to obtain money since the reusable materials go directly to the industries and, in this way, can be sold to consumers as new raw material.

3. Social. The recycling chain directly involves a considerable amount of labor.

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The best recipes of the grandmothers
Puree of zucchini and apple

An original recipe that combines vegetables and fruit to introduce baby to new flavors from 6 months. He will love the light sweet taste of this puree.


For 1 meal:

  • 1 medium zucchini
  • 1 small apple
  • 1 C. coffee lemon juice
  • 1 knob of butter


Wash the zucchini. Peel it and cut it into rounds of about a centimeter. Peel and seed the apple. Cut it into pieces.Arrose these with lemon to prevent them from turning black.

Boil a bottom of water in a fact-all. Put on a basket containing apple and zucchini and let steam for 20 minutes, covered and over medium heat. Spread vegetable and fruit in a blender or a vegetable grinder, on a fine grid. Serve with a dab of butter.

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