Giovani Hernandez Habla Sobre Su Etapa Con Chivas, Antigua GFC, Nexaca and Mucho Mas!!!!!

Giovani Hernandez Habla Sobre Su Etapa Con Chivas, Antigua GFC, Nexaca and Mucho Mas!!!!!

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Body art during pregnancy

Body art during pregnancy
Homemade pompero. Children's recycling crafts

This homemade pompero looks so plain and simple, right? However, it makes the largest soap bubbles in the world. Your kids are sure to love creating huge bubbles. We explain how to do it.

It is a very simple recycling craft to make, ideal for your children to create their own homemade toys. You only need a plastic bottle, water, a dishwasher and our secret ingredient to create giant soap bubbles. This is how you make a homemade pompero with recycled material.


  • Glass jar
  • Little glass
  • Water
  • Dishwasher
  • Corn syrup
  • Plastic bottle
  • Small spoon
  • Cutter

1. Pour 3 small glasses of water, 1 dishwasher and 1 tablespoon of corn syrup into a glass jar. Stir the mixture well.

2. Cut the plastic bottle with a utility knife so that it is slightly less than half. Keep the mouthpiece part and recycle the rest.

3. Dip the makeshift bubbler in the mixture, blow and ... you've got some huge soap bubbles!


What are countervalues ​​and why should we teach them to children?

It has crossed my mind to talk to my children, especially the older ones, about countervalues. No, I was not wrong, I said 'countervalues' and not 'values'. The fact is that, from my humble opinion, knowing what they are can be of great help to improve the much-needed values. Then I share with you what are the countervalues and why do I think we should talk about them and teach them to children. Would you think I would have gone crazy if I told you that I would like them to learn to use some of these 'anti-values'? I'll give you my reasons right away!

Values, as you well know, are socially accepted norms by which all of us should abide by to live in peace and harmony. There are many values ​​to take into account, for example, tolerance, respect, humility, gratitude, friendship ... and a lot more positive aspects that we want for ourselves and, of course, for our children.

If we talk about the countervalues ​​we must say that it is the opposite of values of before. Simple, right? We then have that the counter-value of humility would be arrogance or pride; of tolerance, intolerance; from gratitude, selfishness; of the truth, the lie; of patience, impatience, and so on with each and every one of the values ​​that you know.

Have you already talked to your children about values ​​and the importance of integrating them into our daily lives? Surely yes. I have also told my children about them, and not only that but I also do everything possible to show that at home these values ​​are basic rules to be followed by everyone.

I have to tell you that I always like to go one step further, so I have decided to talk to my children about countervalues. Why? You will ask yourself. Because if they know what they are and why they are not good they can always avoid them.

We must bear in mind, as detailed in the research work by Noemí Candelaria for the University of La Laguna entitled 'Countervalues ​​and stories in early childhood education', that we must teach children to differentiate between good and evil. Since children do not have as many life experiences as adults, it can be difficult for them to separate what is good (values) from what is not desirable (counter values). In this way, we will be promoting their autonomy and their critical sense to determine what they consider to be positive and what they want to avoid.

To give you an example I will tell you that always I emphasize the importance of sharing and in the little that selfishness contributes to each other. I also make them see the need to use empathy, put themselves in the place of the other and not ignore their feelings. Another thing that I try to make them understand little by little is the basics of being humble and letting go of pride.

I speak to them many times that you have to tell the truth. Of course, more than once and more than two they deliberately lie like the little children they are, especially when it comes time to brush their teeth and they don't feel like, 'Mom, I've already washed them'. 'I dont believe it!' I always answer. My idea is that, despite these little lies, they understand that the truth must go above all and that the lie, the countervalue, is of little or nothing.

Do not judge me, please, if I tell you that there are a number of countervalues ​​that I would like my children to learn. Before reading the reasons that I am going to give you.

1. The counter value of pride
Okay, you have to be humble inside and in the face of others, but is it sometimes good for children to show their pride? I at least think so. A healthy pride that helps them strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence and that comes out especially when they achieve goals such as a good grade on the exam or a goal on their soccer team.

2. Impatience, another countervalue many times necessary
Little ones are impatient by nature. 'Mom, give me water right now, I'm very thirsty.' 'Hurry, I want to get to the park now.' Why stop being impatient? It is part of their character and can be super beneficial to achieve small personal goals like finishing the book or finishing the worksheet.

3. Stubbornness, may it never be lacking!
I associate this countervalue with knowing how to say no. We recently read a book at home in which Paula, a most stubborn hedgehog, got rid of a few things by saying that she was not going to do the same as everyone else, like sleeping on a waterbed or wearing clothes party (anyone does it with so many spikes everywhere). Why does a little stubbornness sometimes come in handy?

4. And the last ... distrust
Now I can only talk to you about mistrust. I want my children to learn to trust themselves and their family and loved ones and I also want them to know that many times it is important to distrust those we do not know, no matter how kind they may be. On the other hand, I would like you to know that mistrust, over time, can give way to trust.

And you? Are you also going to talk to your children about countervalues ​​and all that they mean? Share it with me!

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Kinect Heros: A Disney Pixar Adventure (Microsoft)

Console: Xbox KinectFor the first time, all the heroes of five must-see films from Pixar Studios are gathered in a video game (Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille and Company ...). Propelled into a kind of small amusement park, the player moves freely with his avatar between the five themed stands. The player also becomes a hero using his whole body to meet the challenges that lie ahead. How old ? From 4 to 6 years old. His price ? € 16.99. Where to find it?

Console: Xbox Kinect
For the first time, all the heroes of five must-see films from Pixar Studios are gathered in a video game (Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille and Company ...). Propelled into a kind of small amusement park, the player moves freely with his avatar between the five themed stands. The player also becomes a hero using his whole body to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

How old ? From 4 to 6 years old.

His price ? 16,99 €.

Where to find it?

Santa Edith's Day, September 16 and August 9. Names for girls

Edith is a name for girl of Germanic origin which means 'the one who fights for wealth'. It is a name with a great force of meaning that can be perfect for your daughter. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Edith is a very appreciated name because it brings distinction and glamor. She celebrates her name day on August 9, the day of Sister Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz or Edith Stein. However, the saints also recognize September 16 as the day of Saint edith.

We tell you everything about these saints and the most outstanding curiosities of this girl's name.

Whether you are thinking of giving your daughter the name Edith, of whom you are pregnant right now, or if you already chose it for your girl in her day, you will like to know on what dates of the saints her onomastics is celebrated. August 9 is the day of Saint Edith Stein.

Edith Stein, whose religious name was Sr. Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz, was born in 1891 in Germany. From a Jewish family, the young woman studied philosophy with Edmund Husserl and turned to teaching. He committed himself to matters relating to his wife, even working to win the female vote in Germany. With the passage of time she converted to Catholicism and entered the Order of the Discalced Carmelites.

In 1942, she was detained by the Nazi German secret police for take her to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where she was killed shortly after. She was beatified and canonized by Pope John Paul II. His saints are celebrated on August 9, as this was the day he died. She is considered the co-patron of Europe.

Other families prefer to celebrate the saint of Edith on September 16, in honor of another saint of the same name. In this case, the saints reminds Santa Edith, also known as Santa Edita or Wilton Edit.

Edith was the daughter of the English King Edgar the Pacific and was born around the year 960. It is said that her father took her mother from the convent where she lived to have a daughter. When Edith was born, King Edgar decided to do penance for the crime he had committed and stopped wearing the crown for 7 years. Edith's mother managed to escape from court with the girl and returned to the convent, located in the city of Wilton.

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When she grew up, Edith was a nun and went down in history for his wisdom, but also for its holiness and beauty.

The name Edith is known throughout the world thanks to the Germanic tradition. We know its variants Edit, Editta or Edit, but in any case, we are facing one of those names that provide personality and emanate beauty and originality, so you suppose that it could soon become one of the frequent names.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know a little more about the figure that made the name Edith popular worldwide. We are talking about the controversial French artist Edith piaf, whose song 'La vie en Rose' is as unforgettable as his stormy love life.

But we know more women who have been named after your daughter, such as Mexican actress Edith González or Pulitzer Prize-winning American writer Edith Wharton.

Many of the parents who choose the name Edith for their child do so as a tribute to Edith Piaf. For this reason, below we propose other names that are very beautiful for babies and that are also inspired by great singers of all time. We tell you the meaning and origin from each of them.

- Aretha. Of course, with this name we remember Aretha Franklin. Did you know that this name is of Greek origin which means 'virtuous'?

- Adela. Do you like this name? It is a nickname of German origin that means 'she who comes from the nobility'. The voice of the British singer has already gone down in history for its power and elegance.

- Maria. Any fan of María Callas around here? Without a doubt, the name of María is very appropriate for any girl who is about to be born. It is a nickname of Hebrew origin that means 'the chosen one' or 'exalted'.

- Amy. Another beautiful name for girls that we can think of inspired by some of the singers who are part of musical history is Amy. It is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin and means 'beloved'.

Did you know that numerology gives a number to each name? In Edith's case, this number is 1. This is obtained after adding all the figures of each of the letters, until there is only one single figure: E (5), D (4), I (9), T (2), H (8).

Based on what numerology says about babies related to the number 1, we know that girls named Edith tend to have an attractive personality and charisma like no other. This makes it have great leadership skills. It is important that parents reinforce emotional education and values, so that these girls are fully happy. They are tools that you need for your relationship with other people.

By the meaning of her name, Edith possesses a enigmatic and mysterious personality with an irresistible charm. Her capacity for seduction makes her succeed in social relationships, but also her friendly, open and accessible character. In addition, Edith is a person very committed to those causes that she believes to be fair and defends her values ​​with integrity and courage.

After reading all these curiosities of the name and the saints of Edith, have you decided that you want to call your baby that? Great choice! Just remember that on August 9 and September 16 their saint is celebrated.

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30 Popular Biblical Names for Baby Girls with meaning!

The chicken with peanut sauce is a delicious, extremely aromatic preparation. You can spoil your family with this recipe proposed by us.


Preparation time

60 minutes




1/2 kg of chicken breast

2 strains

2 pieces of ginger

For sauce

1 cut onion

3 tablespoons soy sauce

2 tablespoons oil

200 g peanuts

Method of preparation

Put the chicken breast in a pan, along with the onion and ginger cleaned and cut into large pieces.

Pour over them water, to cover and let boil covered, about 30 minutes, to grind the chicken.

Meanwhile, in another pan put the onion in two tablespoons of oil, then add the soy sauce and peanuts. You get the sauce with a blender and keep it warm.

When the chicken is ready, remove the meat from the bones and cut the pieces.

Put the chicken on a platter and cover with hot peanut sauce. Serve chicken with peanut sauce with basmati rice topping.

Optionally, for an authentic Asian taste, sprinkle over fried sesame seeds.


Keep some peanuts aside to decorate this delicious preparation at the end.

The type of kitchen


Tags Prepared chicken Chicken breast

Program tips for kids

How do birds fly and what are the latest comics? Check out our program guide!

8. Budapest International Comedy Festival

(Free for children under 10 years old with parents!)
See who gets the best alphabet awards this year, get to know the national, polish and finnish exhibitions, and if you are interested in the comic, you can also meet! In addition, along with new editions, almost all domestic comic book selections can be purchased, and publishers also offer a number of discounts at their stands.
2012-05-12, Sat 10 am-6pm
Millenbris (1024 Budapest, Kis Rуkus u. 16-20.)

Fairy Tale - Musical "kid-color-games" with kids active participation

(5-6 years, 180 minutes)
Here, children can not only look and enjoy the show, but also actively and creatively participate in the creation: Therefore, the tale will always be different, new and spontaneous, tailored to the ideas of the day. Together with the direction and help of the master of masks, they create the stories, the costumes, the sketches and the face painting. (Because of the creative work (painting, gluing ...), matching clothes are recommended!) The program will decide on a jury of children who will receive the best prize from Chunny.
13/05/2018, Sunday 11:00 AM
Bárka Sznhhzz (1082 Budapest, 8llхi ъt 82.)

Birds and Czechs Day - family friendly

The program is full of quizzes, totes and craftsmen who are interested in the game. Picture: Bird's-eye black day
13/05/2018, Sunday 10:00 AM
Veszprém City Cultural Center and Library (8200 Veszprém, Dúzsa Gyt. 2.) Cholnoky Library

Little Birdwatcher - stamp collector program for kids

Curiosities about Bird Life: How Can They Fly? About birdwatching.
5/16/2012, Wed, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Petty Education Center (7625 Pecs, Tettye Street 9)

The star line of the Star-Eye Band

In honor of Sándor Timárr, the legendary dance teacher of the dance house movement and those who started the movement
Brothers: Ferenc Sebõ, Béla Halmos, Peter Йri, Martha Virggvlgyi, Tamás Kobzos Kiss and Graduates of the Ópuda Neapolitan School
The forty-five-year-old Tzhchbazz movement, which began on May 6, 1972, at the Liszt Ferenc Territory Book Club. Béla Halmos Parma, Ferenc Sebõ Contrast, Péter Йri haughty living Széchic music, and the dancers present gathered with Sándor Timárr, who was a member of the Bartók Troupe at the same time. The result was also acknowledged by the UNESCO Governmental Committee on Intellectual Cultural Heritage: last autumn, the Hungarian Department of Science published a model of its intro- duction of intellectual cultural heritage.
Forty years ago, musicians on the Liszt Ferenc Square recreated the song not only with their instruments but also with short stories. The Town Hall awaits the viewers to recall the mood of the event 40 years ago.
Choreographer: Timбr Sбndor
Director: Timбr Bцske
Ksener is the Chant Orchestra
May 15, 2012 Tuesday, 19 hours
Bartуk Béla National Concert Hall, Forrбs:, //, Treasure Kids Program Magazine
Tzatziki with nuts

Tzatziki with walnuts is a slightly modified version of the tzatziki salad recipe, of Greek origin.


Preparation time

30 minutes




4 cucumbers

5 cloves of garlic

500 g Greek yogurt (fat)

lemon juice

2 teaspoons of olive oil

2-3 duck twigs



50 g of walnut, coarsely chopped

Method of preparation

The cucumber is cleaned from the peel, then the large grater is given. Salt a little, then leave to drain, in a room sieve.

The cucumbers will drain from the water left, then put in a bowl and mix with the garlic and chopped minced garlic, dill, yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil.

It fits the taste tzatziki, adding salt and pepper, then cover and refrigerate, at least an hour.

The salad is served garnished with chopped walnut and dill.

The type of kitchen


Nuts Tags

A jogging stroller is a must-have for many parents – including those who aren't runners but love these strollers' superior durability and maneuverability. To find the top five jogging strollers recommended by parents, we analyzed actual threads from moms and dads in the our site Community. Here are the our site Love It winners for the best jogging strollers.

our site may earn a commission from shopping links.

  • Jogging stroller basics

    What you need to know

    Jogging strollers have special features to make them safe and comfortable for your child when you're running or jogging. They have a stronger suspension system to handle bumps and jostles, plus air-filled tires for a smooth ride. Top-of-the line models have a front wheel that swivels 360 degrees for easy maneuvering, then locks into place when you want to jog or run. Jogging strollers also usually have a hand brake, a wrist strap for keeping the stroller connected to you, a parking brake you can operate with one foot, and a five-point harness to hold your child securely.

    Though wonderful in many ways, jogging strollers have downsides. Until your baby can safely hold up his or her head, you'll need to use your jogging stroller with an infant car seat, and you may have to buy separate adapters to make this work. Jogging strollers are often bulkier and heavier than other strollers, so they aren't always ideal for taking on trips. And they tend to be pricier than standard strollers.

    The following jogging strollers are the five most recommended by our site parents. All are good choices in terms of features, looks, and ease of use ­– and they're the our site Love It winners for the best 2020 jogging strollers.

  • Quick look

    The best jogging strollers

  • BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    BOB strollers are synonymous with running for a reason – they're a favorite among both dedicated and casual runners, thanks to mountain bike-style suspension and air-filled tires that make for a smooth ride. The Revolution Flex 3.0 also has the advantage of a seat that reclines almost fully to keep your little one comfy, plus an easily adjustable handlebar to customize for each parent.

    Heads up

    While BOB strollers are top-of-the-line and a must for serious runners, they're also at the top of many parents' budgets.

    Parents say

    "I love the BOB and had no problem finding the car seat adapter for it. I would absolutely buy the BOB if you're using it for running or jogging."

    "We have a BOB and I freaking love it!"

    "Our BOB is really fantastic as far as quality goes, and it's smooth as can be. The build quality is superb."

    "Our BOB is the best money we've ever spent. If you get the infant car seat adapter, you don't need another stroller. Our daughter loves it and will go 5 miles, no problem."

    "We didn't want to buy two different types of strollers, so we bought just a jogging stroller. BOB strollers have great reviews and last a long time."

    "I love my BOB. It's so lightweight and maneuverable with one hand. It's like an off-roading stroller."


    • Stroller dimensions: 46 x 25 x 45 inches
    • Stroller weight: 28.5 pounds
    • Accommodates up to 75 pounds
    • Travel system compatible
    • Locking front tire

    Available at Amazon starting at $499.99

  • Graco Modes Jogger SE Jogging Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    This relatively inexpensive jogging stroller has a lot to offer: air-filled rubber tires, three-wheel suspension, and a lie-flat seat for walks with your infant. One of the coolest features of this stroller is that it offers multiple ways for your child to ride, including options so your child can face forward or back at you. This stroller works as a travel system with Graco car seats. And parents appreciate that the Modes folds easily (though you'll need to use both hands) and stands on its own when folded.

    Heads up

    Some smaller parents find this stroller a bit too tall, especially because the handlebar isn't adjustable.

    Parents say

    "I use the Graco Modes jogger for walking mostly and the occasional jog. It's a smooth ride, no complaints."

    "We like it. It's pretty compact and relatively flat when folded."


    • Stroller dimensions: 40 x 25.8 x 41 inches
    • Stroller weight: 21 pounds
    • Accommodates up to 50 pounds
    • Travel-system compatible

    Available at Amazon starting at $199.99

  • Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    The Thule is a sleek jogging stroller that's comparable to the BOB in function, quality, and price. Its 16-inch rear wheels and superior suspension provide an ultra-smooth ride. The Thule is actually 3 pounds lighter than the BOB and folds more compactly, making it easier to bring on a trip. This stroller has a thoughtful extra: a zip-top cover on its bottom storage basket, so your belongings won't get lost.

    Heads up

    The seat is slightly reclined even when in the most-upright position, and some parents say their kids would rather be fully upright to take in the view.

    Parents say

    "The Thule has a great push like a BOB. For running they're equally good. I'm part of a stroller running club so I've pushed them all!"

    "A friend of mine has an outdoor family blog, and I tested several strollers for her. The only one that made me question my beloved BOB was this new Thule. I really like this stroller!"

    "It's lighter than my BOB and has a huge sun canopy and storage basket. You can lock the front wheel or not, and it handles really well. The adjustable handle bar is awesome."

    "I'm really impressed with this stroller and I'd say it's definitely worth taking a look. It's the only one that seems truly comparable to the BOB."

    "My husband and I went to REI last night to roll the BOB and the Thule around. After trying both of them, the Thule felt easier to maneuver, plus it's more compact."


    • Stroller dimensions: 41 x 27 x 40 inches
    • Stroller weight: 25 pounds
    • Accommodates up to 75 pounds
    • Adjustable handlebar
    • Travel-system compatible

    Available at Amazon starting at $422.95

  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Baby Trend offers an affordable jogging stroller that has all the basics you need: large bicycle tires, a generous storage basket, a reclining seat with five-point harness, and a front swivel wheel that locks. You can use the Expedition with a Baby Trend infant car seat to make a travel system. Parents appreciate the included snack tray and cupholder for little ones, as well as an adult tray with two cup holders and a compartment to keep phones and other essentials safe.

    Heads up

    Some parents report that the front wheel malfunctioned – and even snapped off unexpectedly – during use.

    Parents say

    "I got the Baby Trend Expedition because it's a travel system as well. I'm a runner and if I had the money I would have gotten the BOB Revolution, but this is a good alternative depending on your finances."

    "I waited until my baby was 8 months old to use this for running, and it's a smooth ride."

    "I love the snack tray for my baby, the storage underneath, and the adult tray with covered storage area."


    • Stroller dimensions: 47 x 21 x 41 inches
    • Stroller weight: 25 pounds
    • Accommodates up to 50 pounds
    • Travel-system compatible

    Available at Amazon starting at $109.99

  • Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    The Joovy's on the lighter end for a jogging stroller and has all the key features you'd expect, like 16-inch rear wheels and a swivel front wheel that locks. It also features an oversize canopy for superior sun protection. There's a lot to appreciate about this stroller, from its mid-range price to its extra-wide seat. Children ride higher in the Joovy Zoom than in other jogging strollers, so they'll enjoy the view. And parents appreciate the easy fold and shock-absorbing suspension.

    Heads up

    The seat-to-canopy height is 20 inches, so if you have a tall child, there's a chance his or her head may brush up against the canopy.

    Parents say

    "The Joovy Zoom is a good-quality stroller that will last for more than one baby."

    "I don't jog but I walk with the Joovy often on gravel, dirt, and grass. It does remarkably well in the sand as well. I've had ours for four years and it's on our second kid. I'm happy with the value for performance versus cost."

    "Now that I've been running with this stroller and know how smooth it is, I wish I had bought it sooner."

    "I'm the happy owner of a Joovy and I really love this stroller. At such a reasonable price, you can't go wrong!"


    • Stroller dimensions: 46 x 25 x 54 inches
    • Stroller weight: 25.7 pounds
    • Accommodates up to 75 pounds
    • Travel-system compatible

    Available at Amazon starting at $269.99

  • Best Strollers on a Budget. 2020. Nuna Tavo. Thule Spring. City Mini GT2. Magic Beans

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