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Summer is the favorite season for children. With school holidays and good weather, parents and children are encouraged to go out and enjoy the fresh air. There is no shortage of people who join a summer camp or spend their vacations on the beach or in the countryside.

If there is something that children should do in summer, it is play. Fun is one of those Children's Rights that we are not willing to deprive them, much less in the summer season. And the possibility of games for children in summer it is almost almost infinite.

Summer is the ideal time for children to enjoy playing outside the home. Water can be one of the protagonists of this summer for your children if you go to the beach or go regularly to the pool. Let the children have fun swimming, but remember to have them watched at all times for their safety.

Your family may be more mountain than beach, something that can also be used in summer to play in the middle of nature, respecting the environment and discovering the fauna and flora of the place. And if you have to stay in the city this summer, nothing happens. There are plenty of family activities and outdoor games of which the most urbanites can enjoy.

We have some ideas of games for kids in summer, although the possibilities of playing outdoors are unlimited if we know how to take advantage of the resources of nature in summer.

1. Gymkhanas. This type of game brings many children together in a place that can be larger or smaller. Gymkhanas can be themed and take advantage of to disguise the children, they can also be cultural and spend a super fun and profitable afternoon.

2. Piñata of water balloons. A trip to the field or a large garden is enough for children to spend a summer day full of laughter and excitement playing with a water balloon piñata. So children stay active, have fun and cool off from the summer heat.

3. Make balls. This summer game requires a few small cubes hanging from the trees and small rubber balls to shoot from a distance. It adapts to all ages depending on the size of the balls and the distance.

4. Bowling. Both children and adults love bowling and it is an ideal game to do outdoors and at home. With some ping pong balls and empty water bottles, the children can enjoy their own bowling alley all summer long.

5. Racing glasses of water. If something children like in summer is playing with water. Races can be organized glasses of water in which the purpose is to reach the goal first without spilling the water. It is a super fun game in which children stay active by doing physical exercise.


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Important warning for pregnant women.

The Daily Mail reported a learning story based on the experiences of a blogger mom. The woman shared tummy tucked pictures of herself in a group of moms, but the photographers went to a later page she didn't count on. Someone in the group stole the pictures and they ended up on a porn site that only had little babies. She is now trying to get the story across to more people so they pay attention to where and what pictures we share. She said that about 15 of her own, pregnant photos have been posted to a porn site. In an ideal world, we shouldn't have to worry about stealing our pictures, but unfortunately, we are confronted with this every day, and it can sometimes get really uncomfortable, he said. He added that what had happened to him had shocked him. In addition, the overwhelming majority of people blamed him for being the one who shared the pictures.The woman said that there could have been a fictional user in the mother's group, because in principle the pictures had been shared in a closed community. After realizing the use of the photo, he immediately sent an email to the web site operator to take down the images, and in particular he was redirecting it. The story also shared comments. There was someone who felt completely affectionate with the woman and said that it was extremely sad that with these beautiful images, some sick people were returning to such a nasty manner. Others, of course, thought that women were irresponsible, and everyone should be counting on the worst, because once you put a picture on the Internet, you lose control over it, and you have no control over it.

Name Clorinde - Meaning of thumbs

Meaning of the name Constanzo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Constanzo. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Italian form of Constacio. It is possible that it entered Spain under Italian influence during the Golden Age.

Steady, steady.

February 17th.


  • Bishop of Reims from the 10th century and Grand Chancellor of France.

Drawing of the name Constanzo coloring page printable game

Constanzo: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Constanzo coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Constanzo coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Name Constanzo to paint, color and print

League of Legends - Legends Never Die cover by

We recommend our energy delicacies to an active, normal body weight pregnant woman!

Pineapple treats

In two-person portions

Pancake tower with pineapple

Ingredients: Three eggs, 10 deca rice flour, one deci milk, two tablespoons couscous, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, oil for the discharge, a smaller amount of fresh pineapple, a smaller couscous, a dozen of sugar it. Boil the hard skin at the bottom, one at a time, to let the juice into a glass. Then cut the cone and cut the meat with sharp knife. Thin chips need to be made for this dessert, about four tablespoons of it. Can be stored in other refrigerators. Wash the pineapple, cut into slices and stir. The fish are diced and the leaves are caught in a bowl. Whisk together eggs, milk, flour, couscous, sugar and cook. In a hot, lightly oiled pan, fry small pancakes in the palm of your hand. In another pan, melt the sugar and, if brown, brown it with pineapple and couscous milk. The pancakes are filled with raw pineapple pieces and couscous and then poured with caramel.Energy: 800 kcal
White: 15 grams
Bench: 34 grams
Carbohydrate: 107 gramsYou know
Couscous is a very nutritious fruit, since half of it is couscous. This giraffe does easy to digest, and even less decomposition than most other types of oil, are used for frying. With fresh pineapple we provided more than half of our daily vitamin C intake.

Grungy pudding

Ingredients: 4 deci milk, two teaspoons of honey, one pinch of sour milk, 10 teaspoons of butter, one teaspoon of fresh, peeled pineapple, 30 teaspoonfuls of milk (may be myrrhite) add the honey and stir in the cooking until thickened. Now let it cool to low, then whisk in a little butter. Stir the pineapple pieces into a pappy, then stir in it. Press the blue with a fork. Lay it in tall glass glasses, picking the pineapple and the blue. Cool at least one bar before consumption.Energy: 593 grams
White: 14 grams
Bench: 14 grams
Carbohydrate: 95 gramsYou know
Vitamin E protect the liver, the cellulite. Power regeneration is effective, so it sells well after a long time. Among our fruits, the blue contains most of it. With a serving of gruel pudding, a quarter of your daily vitamin E requirement was consumed by your mother!
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