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How do you need to read to your child to get them closer to books?

How do you need to read to your child to get them closer to books?

Your child loves to read books and be a companion in the adventures of this story universe. Unoeori puts his imprint on a story with gestures and grimaces that give even more life to the books. But from a young age you will escape from this habit and you will have to let him read it yourself. It is essential to bring it closer to reading and literature since you are at the "karma" of reading!

Before you start reading to your child

Supply yourself with as many books!

Choose books that are appropriate for the preschooler's age. It's time to give up baby books because after the age of 3, your little one is able to venture into universes and worlds with heroes and slightly more complicated princesses.

Orient yourself to books that help your child learn essential values ​​or virtues such as friendship, love, empathy, generosity, etc.

Let him choose books too!

Take him to the right shelf, which has books for his age, and give him freedom of choice. After all, he has to like what he reads and follow with interest the thread of the story, and if he chooses them, he will have the feeling that he is more beautiful and interesting and will concentrate more.

Talk to her about books and prepare the ground for evening reading!

It is important to talk to them about the fascinating world of books. As often as you can, but without boring it, it will lose interest. For example, if the book is to be read in the evening, you may ask him again during the day what story he would like to hear: with fairies, princes and princesses or with farmers, animals, etc. After choosing, ask him all the time about what he thinks a farmer does, what animals he knows, and relate to that book.

Be a role model for him!

It is important that your little one sees that you are reading, that you are surrounded by books and that you enjoy this. Do not refuse to answer them if they ask you what you do, what you read and why. Present all types of reading (magazines, newspapers, books, etc.) in a positive light.

As you read them

Have a conversation with him!

Don't read them now! It is important to keep him connected to the story and to help him discover how wonderful literature is, not just to fall asleep! So, interact with him as often as possible throughout the story. After reading a few paragraphs, ask him questions about what he thinks about what happens, why it happens, etc.

Help him make connections with real experiences!

Many story themes can be found in reality, in ordinary situations that the child goes through. If you choose the books from which the child can learn certain life lessons, then ask him to think about whether he has gone through that experience. For example, if the book's theme is generosity, ask him if he has ever given a child less fortunate as a toy and if not, why.

Read with a funny and lively intonation!

Do not read as if you are reading an academic course. Be involved in the story and read it with intonation and rhythm. Also, make associations between the words and from time to time ask him what rhymes certain words. Give him clues and help him, otherwise he will feel frustrated that he does not know!

Be patient and explain the words you do not understand, as well as the moral of each story!

Help him benefit from what you read. Tell her from the beginning that she can ask you anything when she does not understand something or any term and explain at the end of the story what is the moral and the life lesson she has to extract from it. Speak to him in a language appropriate to him, associating with events in his life! It will make it easier to understand!

After you're done reading

Apply new concepts and learned words

If your little one has learned new terms from a story, help him add them to his vocabulary and not forget them, using them in everyday situations. For example, if you talked to him about a giant character or a giant, then use the term when you give him fruit juice. Tell him "and now we are drinking a giant or giant glass of juice; do you know that we talked about what giant or giant means?".

Draw the story together!

The best way to help him understand the story better and to get closer to the book world is to try to translate the story into images. As you understand and as you can! The message is not the beauty of the painting!

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Sharing tasks between parents improves sex life

Who does most of the chores at home? Who takes care of the children? She? He? The two in equal parts? Well, according to several studies, depending on how these tasks are distributed, it is possible to 'predict' what the couple's sexual life will be like.

Thus, the greater the distribution of tasks and the care of the children, greater satisfaction in the couple and therefore better sex life.

The person in charge of carrying out one of these studies is Daniel L. Carison, Professor of Sociology at the University of Georgia (USA). To draw the conclusions, nearly 500 heterosexual couples were evaluated. All of them, obviously, with children.

In the study, couples were divided into groups based on:

- Couples where the woman carries all the weight of the house or at least everything related to children.

- Couples where the man takes care of the children and a large part of the house.

- Balanced couples, with the household chores distributed and childcare in equal measure.

Guess which couples were the happiest and had a satisfying sex life? Those that shared the tasks of caring for the children equally and ... those in which it was the father who was in charge of all the household chores! Yes, in both cases, the satisfaction of the couple was much higher than those couples in which the woman carried all the weight of the house and the children.

To confirm this theory, Riverside University of California did a similar study, and retested a group of couples with children. Those in which the men were in charge of washing, cooking, ironing and keeping the children's agenda up to date, had a higher level of satisfaction.

The conclusion? For the couple to function (according to this study), the mother must free herself from household chores or share the work of caring for children with her partner, because they value above all else that their partner commits himself and sacrifices himself for the house and for the children. Marital satisfaction increases and therefore also improves sexual life.

Women are more attracted to men who are able to work at home and who are involved in caring for children. So the best thing for the couple to work, you know, is to make an equitable division of the tasks at home.

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Pasta for a good morning, or a healthy breakfast for a child. 5 quick recipes

How to protect your child from the dangers of the home?

At the time of the discovery of their autonomy, the young children are always in search of new adventures. How to protect them from the risks of domestic accidents? Lucile, the mum of mischievous Valentine, 2 years, shows you in pictures.

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10 low calorie sweet foods

When your appetite becomes so overwhelming that you cannot concentrate on other activities due to mental images with assorted chocolate and creamy cakes, you can satisfy your craving in a healthy way. The next 10 low calorie foods balance your blood sugar level without exposing you to the risk of fattening.

Snacks during the day can take another form besides candies, glazed peanuts and wafers. The appetite of sweet can be alleviated without excess calories.

Dark chocolate and clementines

A squash or two of dark chocolate and two clementines will quench your hunger between meals, with just 106 calories.

Honey cubes with honey

Here's an interesting alternative to turning healthy food into a healthy snack. Pick an apple and cut it into small cubes, then glaze the pieces of fruit with honey. Calories will not exceed 109.

Breakfast at any time

Wholemeal cereals or muffins are not foods that you can eat only at breakfast. Prepare a bowl of cereal with skimmed yogurt and blueberries, so you forget about the confectionery cakes.

Toast with peanut butter

Return to childhood and enjoy a slice of toasted bread with peanut butter or honey, for a feeling of satiety that "costs" you only 157 calories.

Baked pumpkin

Indicated in weakening belts, baked pumpkin is sweet at all times. A slice of 100 grams has only 19 calories.

Plums entrusted

The fruits entrusted are healthy, contain fibers ideal for digestion and have a sweet, appetizing taste. 6 dried plums contain 100 calories.


A medium bowl of fat-free popcorn does not exceed 100 calories and fills your appetite with "something good".


14 almonds means only 100 calories, contains fiber, protein and can be consumed anywhere if you carry them with you in your bag.

Fresh pineapple

Do you love the idea of ​​a sweet and juicy snack with a refreshing effect? Two slices of pineapple (99 calories) can fulfill your wish fully.

30 grains of grapes

Depending on the grape variety, 30 grains have between 60 and 100 calories and between 10 and 20 grams of sugar. Consumed in moderation, this seductive fruit helps to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, provides you with valuable antioxidants for cell regeneration and at the same time delights your taste buds.

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