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Floriane Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Floriane is the feminine of Florian, from the Latin "floreus" translating as "flowers". By analogy, Floriane means "flower".


Floriane Olivier, French writer, Floriane Herrscher, French basketball player, Floriane Bonnani, French violinist, Floriane Liborio, French taekwondoiste.

Floriane's patron saint is Florian de Lorsch. He lived in the fourth century, at a time when every Christian was persecuted. He would have been spared flames by himself throwing a bucket of water on the fire in which he was immolated.

His character :

Particularly appreciative of human contact, Floriane is characterized by her open-mindedness, her joie de vivre and her diplomacy. She never loses sight of her goals and is one of those that nothing stops. Always ready to face the challenges and overcome obstacles, Floriane can sometimes be stubborn and not easily influenced. With a strong personality, she expresses a true taste of adventure and does not hesitate to oust those who get in the way.
Conquering and seductive, Floriane likes to please and prove it at the slightest opportunity. His jovial and sometimes playful nature gives him a gourmet and epicurean personality. However, she knows how to be responsible in due time. His strong temperament and steel morale allow him to face obstacles and move forward. Her entourage is sometimes hard to pin down, but Floriane remains a nice person to live ... if we get to know her of course.


Florianna, Floriana, Florianne and Floryane.

His party :

Floriane is celebrated on May 4th in honor of Saint Florian de Lorsch.

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Pillow for breastfeeding and magical moments of breast feeding

Pillow for breastfeeding and magical moments of breast feeding

Breastfeeding is not just a primary physiological need of the newborn; it is also a moment of closeness between him and his mother, full of emotions. Satisfying this need gives both the mother and the baby a sense of peace and well-being.

In the breast of the mother, the baby receives all the love and safety necessary for its mental and physical development. While breastfeeding, the mother is with her baby in a mutual dialogue full of tactile sensations, smiles and looks. These positive feelings are the first step in effective breastfeeding.

The importance of using a cushion for breastfeeding

A breastfeeding pillow, with intelligent design, provides the necessary support for both mother and baby.


  • Provides comfortable support for mother's arms, reducing muscle tension of the back, shoulders and neck;
  • Relieves the pressure exerted on the abdomen;
  • Provides safe baby support;
  • Keep the baby at optimal height to reach the breast

The Boppy Chicco pillow has an ergonomic shape and a unique padding that has been reached after long tests and clinical studies, all to ensure a natural and comfortable position during breastfeeding for the mother and baby.

The Boppy Chicco breastfeeding pillow is the perfect friend for mommies and babies since the first hug.

Boppy is versatile ... knows every step of your baby's development


The best support for breastfeeding (from birth) - Boppy pillow is the ideal support for mother and baby during breastfeeding.

A nest for relaxing moments (from 2 months) - After breastfeeding, Boppy can be transformed into a comfortable space in which the baby can relax, having a slightly raised head, thus preventing regurgitation and facilitating digestion.

A trainer of the first trips (from 6 months) - Boppy is also a comfortable pillow, acting as a perfect support for the baby when sitting on her tummy, facilitating the development of movement coordination and motor testing.

A good balance teacher (from 9 months) - allows the baby to maintain its balance, gradually helping it to stay in the ass, in complete safety.

Boppy - its uniqueness consists of:

UNIC fibrous content - The inner lining is soft and compact so that the baby does not "sink" in the pillow, always staying in the ideal position for breast feeding. The consistency of the padding guarantees that the pillow will never lose its original shape.

EXCLUSIVE ergonomic shape - provides comfort and safety, being suitable for all mothers. Boppy allows the mother to stay in a normal position when breastfeeding her baby, without bending over it, as the inclined position can cause painful muscle tension.

Hygiene in the SUPERLATIV - Boppy has a removable cover. Both the cover and the pillow can be washed and dried in the washer / dryer (30 degrees C, without centrifugation). It never loses its shape and consistency, no matter how many times it will be washed.

Exclusive filling MIRACULOASA (Miracle Middle Insert © Boppy) - allows the pillow to adapt to the mother's shapes, without becoming too tight or too wide or losing its original shape.

Clinical studies and scientific research

Boppy efficiency - evaluation performed among mothers who used it: 90% prefer Boppy breastfeeding pillow (study in collaboration with Macedonia Melloni Hospital - Italy, Milan)

  • The efficiency of the breastfeeding pillow has been tested since the first phase of the breastfeeding process;
  • The testing was performed on a group consisting of 105 fresh mothers (89 with natural birth and 16 with cesarean section);
  • Testing the efficiency of using the breastfeeding pillow within the first 24 hours after birth.

Boppy efficiency - evaluation carried out in 2012 by the Chicco Observatory and Resource Alliance, within a group of 200 midwives from Italy.

  • 99% of midwives consider breastfeeding a valuable help for mothers;
  • 92% of midwives suggested using a specific form such as the Boppy breastfeeding pillow;
  • 85% of midwives recommend using a completely washable pillow.

Boppy pillow plays an essential role in increasing breastfeeding success - study conducted in the USA between 2011-2012

THE STUDY: In 2011, neonatal doctors and midwives at St. Luke's Presbyterian Hospital in Denver, Colorado began using the Boppy pillow, giving it to new moms, in order to improve the success rate of breastfeeding.

RESULTS: over the 2 years in which the test was performed, there was an increase in the breastfeeding rate from 34.1% in 2011 to 78.3% in 2012. It was also observed that Boppy has visibly improved the position of the baby in the breast and the position of the mother. During breastfeeding, so breastfeeding became comfortable and extremely efficient.

The most awarded breastfeeding pillow

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Should I book an airplane seat for my child?

Should I book an airplane seat for my child?

Yes, even though airlines don't require parents to buy tickets for children under 2 years of age. If you don't buy a ticket for your child, you can't be sure she'll have a seat — and she might end up sitting on your lap. Unrestrained children have been injured and killed during even moderate turbulence because their parents were unable to maintain a grip on them. They can be thrown against the ceiling or toward the back of the plane during a bumpy ride.

The safest way for your child to travel is secured in a car seat strapped into the airline seat. Most car seats are approved for airline travel, but check the label to make sure. The Federal Aviation Administration recommends that all children be secured in approved safety seats until they reach 40 pounds. (At 40 pounds and above, they can wear regular lap belts.)

A car seat usually won't count as one of your carry-on articles, but check with your airline on its latest regulations to make sure. Be sure to tell the reservations or travel agent that you'll be traveling with a child in a car seat so the airline can book you into the best seats for your needs. Airlines require that car seats be placed next to a window so as not to interfere with other passengers' mobility. You may want to ask for a bulkhead row to take advantage of additional legroom.

On domestic trips, many airlines discount regular ticket prices 50 percent for children under age 2; the international discount is more typically 10 percent. If you still decide to try to save the cost of a ticket for your under-2-year-old, tell the airline that you'll be traveling with a lap child. The agent may be able to seat you and any traveling companion next to a window and aisle in a three-seat row, leaving a middle seat vacant and lessening the chances that anyone else will fill it. Bring your child's car seat along on the chance that you'll be able to use it (if not, it will probably have to go in checked luggage). Another strategy is to ask the reservation agent how likely it is that your flight will fill up and, if it is likely, to suggest alternate flights that may be less crowded. You can also ask for a row with additional oxygen masks in the event you need one for your lap child, but keep in mind that some aircraft aren't equipped with them. Again, the safest option is to buy your child a ticket.

Crunchy salads

An original recipe to bring a touch of freshness to your lunch on the grass. See the recipe for crunchy salads.

An original recipe to bring a touch of freshness to your lunch on the grass.

See the recipe for crunchy salads.

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