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Vitamin D in pregnancy

Vitamin D in pregnancy
No puzzle mats in Santa's hood!

We do not mess with the health of our little ones! The Secretary of State for Consumer Affairs, Frederic Lefebvre decided on December 13, 2010 to withdraw from the sale foam puzzle mats. These early-learning toys for infants will contain formamide, a potentially dangerous and carcinogenic material.

Formamide, what is it?

  • Formamide is a commonly used industrial material to soften the erasers, like those of puzzle mats.
  • So far, the use of formamide is authorized under the regulations in force.
  • Recent studies have shown that in its pure state Formamide is very toxic. It can be absorbed by the body by inhalation of its vapors, by contact with the skin and by ingestion.
  • Formamide is now part substances classified as CMR, carcinogenic and / or mutagenic and / or toxic for reproduction.
  • From 2013, the use of formamide and all CMR substances will be banned in the manufacture of toys in all countries of the European Union.
  • Without further delay 2013, Belgium had ordered Friday, December 10, 2010, the total withdrawal of puzzle mats from the sale.

Chain reactions in France

  • The DGCCRF immediately launched an evaluation risk of toxicity of puzzle mats.
  • At the same time, the consumer protection association, the CLCV, invoked the precautionary principle and advocated the withdrawal of the sale of this toy.
  • Major retailers of the toy, like the Grande Récré or JouéClub, had already preferred to recall all these products to reassure their customers.
  • December 13, the French government preferred to remove the puzzle mats from the sale for a period of three months.

Frédérique Odasso

The ticks They are not the exclusive heritage of animals, but humans can also catch them, but worst of all is that the consequences of having a tick in our body can be so devastating as shown in this story.

Kailyn, a 5-year-old girl, suffered a paralysis of your body because they hadn't realized that he had a tick lodged on his scalp.

We tell you the story of Kailyn and how a simple tick can paralyze a child.

Kailyn is a 5 year old American girl, totally furyBut one day when her mother came to wake her up the girl could not stand. She fell constantly, her legs did not support her, but that was not all, the girl could not speak well either, she suffered a paralysis of a part of the body From overnight.

The mother was scared, so before taking her to the hospital she started to comb her hair, and that's when she saw that there was something stuck to the girl's scalp. It was about one huge tick.

The mother did not hesitate to remove it and put the bug in a plastic bag so that the doctors could analyze it. Upon arrival at the emergency room, the doctors verified that the paralysis the girl suffered was caused by the tick.

According to Lyme Disease Foundation of America, this can happen when females are about to lay eggs that bite, since they secrete a neurotoxin which can lead to paralysis.

The positive part of this story is that if it is treated quickly and the tick is removed in time, the cure is almost immediate. This type of paralysis usually affect the legs, and the muscles of the face and the tongue. Now Kailyn is fine and has regained mobility in her legs and face, but the shock could have been worse.

Really the consequences A tick clinging to your body is the same for children as it is for adults, but children's skin is usually thinner and the probability that a child has ticks is higher than that of an adult. In addition, since they have less defenses, infections are usually more serious than in adults.

Ticks transmit many diseases that, in animals, can even cause the death.

In humans they usually cause diseases depending on the type of tick that bites you; from fever, nausea, vomiting, and muscle aches, to paralysis, or meningitis in the most serious cases.

As a general rule, the longer the tick has been attached to the body, the more likely we are to suffer from these diseases, for example Lyme's desease it is contracted by a bacteria transmitted by the tick after 24 to 36 hours of being on the skin. The problem is that there are some ticks that are so small that we will hardly even notice they are on us.

To eliminate a tick from the skin we must never crush it, since the blood and the eggs, if it has them, will spread through the skin, the correct thing is to take it with a forceps by the mouth, and pull gently and continue until it is released, never abruptly since the head could remain inside the skin.

Another way is to throw him paraffin, alcohol, or iodine, so that the tick looses itself.

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If you do not go to the dentist, your child will not

If you do not go to the dentist, your child will not

If parents go to dental check-ups regularly, it will be much easier to get the kids to do it, according to an American study.

You have to go to the custody with your parents

As childhood tooth decay becomes more common, parents' programs should be targeted at children's dental care programs. 6107 children and their parents questioned between the age of two and thirteen dr. Inyang Isong, the Massachusetts Central Children's Hospital, and it turned out that in the year preceding the survey, 77% of children and 64% of adults visited dentists.However, 86 percent of parents of children who regularly go to the dentist have undergone dental examinationsas opposed to 63 percent in the other group. Most of the parents who participated in the examination worked and had health insurance, but many did not go to the dentist because of the material.
Caries is one of the most common chronic diseases, in particular, shields minorities and children living in poor financial conditions. The American Dental Association recommends that the first dental visit be made before the first birth day of the child so that prevention is not overlooked and home pediatricians should be made aware of this.
"Kids have a lot of habits with their parents," said Mary Hayes, a children's tooth in Chicago, an advocate of the American Dental Association. "Parents need to appreciate it for proper oral hygiene for children."
The exam was reported on the website of the Pediatrics journal.
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  • In the meantime, baby cosmetics have been added to two cool skin poles.

    Schьssler Natural Baby Bath and Schüssler Natural Popcorn are certified natural ingredients that contain no synthetic ingredients and provide maximum protection for the skin.

    Baby bath tub with organic lavender

    The arrival of a baby is a terrific event, but it can cause some puzzling parents, too, when, how often, and when to bathe their baby. In addition, an important part of the agenda of the little ones is bathing at about the same time. With Schüssler's natural baby bath you can easily spank your spanking without having to worry about the effects of harmful substances. Schьssler baby baths are rich in valuable ingredients such as natural acacia and hibiscus extract, peach seeds, jojoba, argentine, couscous and avocado oils. Foam is made from a skin-friendly, organic couscous-derived ingredient, and is also free from synthetic SLS. It has been combined with Schüssler's Jelly with the No. 8 Jelly, which promotes skin hydration. The creamy, relaxing scent of lavender will quickly be your favorite pet!

    Popcorn cream

    Babies are very happy when they don't have diapers on them and the skin breathes freely. If you want to nurture your baby's skin with natural ingredients between two pelas, choose the Schüssler natural pop hat! The Schüssler popsicle straps also contain Schüssler-type heat, which can alleviate any redness and mild diaper symptoms. It also contains high-quality jojoba, avocado, couscous and lavender oils, organic shea butter and honeydew extracts, all of which provide maximum protection even in high-moisture skin.

    The last thing children have to do before bed is not watch television

    What do your children do before going to sleep? Many parents and children sit in front of the television as a measure for the child to relax and avoid jumping and jumping around the house.

    However, there are studies that state that The use of television, tablets or mobile phones before sleeping not only makes children lose minutes of sleep, but also have nightmares or fears. What the experts recommend before bed is something different, much more beneficial and pleasant. Can you imagine what it can be? Yes, reading. On our site we tell you what happens when the child reads before going to sleep.

    According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics published in the magazine Pediatrics revealed that children with a lot of literary activity showed more neuronal activation in the left hemisphere of the brain, that is, the one in charge of speech, logic, mathematics or writing. But also, If this reading time happens before sleeping as a ritual, it is stimulating a good pattern of brain development, in addition to strengthening the family bond at a crucial time in the child's development.

    Moreover, there are not few studies that affirm that sleep, not only of children, but also of adults, is disturbed when we are exposed to electronic devices like tablets, television or mobile phones before sleeping. The reason is not only that the content seen can stimulate or cause fears or nightmares, but also that the light emitted by these devices inhibits the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our biological clock and helps us relax.

    So much so, that research also published in the journal Pediatrics revealed that every extra hour of television children watch is related to 7 minutes less sleep. And even statistics tell us that children today sleep 1.2 hours less than those of 100 years ago.

    - A emotional bond between parents and children and stimulates the bond.

    - Children feel safer before sleeping.

    - They feel dearest since at that moment of reading they have our full attention.

    - Improve your self-esteem.

    - Encourage your imagination and creativity.

    - Stimulates your reading comprehension and we sow the seed to create great readers.

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    Smoking adversely affects IVF treatment!

    Smoking adversely affects IVF treatment!
    Meaning of the name Gimeno. Name for boys

    Among all the names for boys we highlight Gimeno. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

    Graphic variant of Jimeno. The disclosure of this name corresponds to the wife of the Cid Campeador, Don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar.

    It comes from eiz and mendi: "beast of the mountain"

    18th of February


    • Gildardo Biderman Gómez, Colombian footballer (1963-)

    Gimeno name coloring pages to print and color

    Gimeno: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

    Drawing of the name Gimeno coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Gimeno coloring page printable game

    Drawings of the names. Gimeno name to color and print

    Tummy's hassle

    Tummy's hassle

    The diaper can "proliferate" occasionally, it is worth finding out if you have diarrhea or sickness.

    Tummy's hassle

    Especially at the end of the summer, frightened parents develop the problem that children have increased diarrhea. A number of family doctors have already ordered a detailed examination. Although the result was negative, the baby's "products" multiplied and the quality of the baby changed. Toddlers will suffer from diarrhea.The pelusic "fruit" is loose or watery, has a yard that is often dewy, and which causes the greatest alarm: it is full of indigestible food. "I'll have lunch or a snack after a couple of hours," says the frequent motherly observation. What disease is it? they ask worriedly.

    Not sick

    The so-called "toddler diarrhea" is actually not a disease, but a caring, temporary phenomenon, which has certain characteristics. To reassure the parents, not an organic change, but also functional and temporary digestive motor impairment, which is due to many factors. The good part of babies is hardly shaped, but it differs in substance and smell from that of adulthood. This is temporary there are gastrointestinal causes, which also affect the digestion, the absorption, and the movement within.
    For the production of loose stools for example, sorbitol tends to be sugar, which is a natural ingredient in fruits, but is mainly an adjunct to lozenges, syrups, canned fruit juices (it is also included in many syrup antibiotics and medicines). Parents don't even think about it, they just realize that the more baby spit, apple or pear you drink, especially in the high summer heat, the more crusts you have, the bloated belly, and the slight sting. This problem can be easily overcome by bypassing the above mentioned beverages. You can substitute juices, jams with lemonade, lukewarm tea, or boiled and cooled tap water.


    As the child turns, his or her digestion will become more and more adapted to the above-mentioned personalities. The fibrous skin of vegetables and fruits also gets into the lower sections of the stomach. Here, bacterial bacteria process a great deal, but not without end. The chemical end product of processed fibers is also loose in predisposed children. Fruits and vegetables cannot be left out of the diet, but their cellulose content can be reduced.
    For small babies, do not blend the hard cellulose fiber into the cookers, but paste it over. This habit has gone out of fashion in recent times, though it puts the baby out of unnecessary hashtags, and frees the family from unpleasant problems. We utilize the intrinsic stimulating effect of fibers, for example, in the case of hardening. Larger babies are getting more and more compressed pops or steamed or cooked ingredients. In this case, the digestive juices cannot process closed peas, corn, pieces of fruit, fibers, so a part appears in the flesh.
    The effect is enhanced if the baby drinks a lot of fluids and eats a lot, that is, it loads your internal system a lot. There are children with increased mental motility who, under normal circumstances, produce more births. First of all, after the relaxation of the bowel system, the first, the smallest amount of the early drought is normal, and then the movement of the bowel is accelerated during the day, and the movement of the bowel is accelerated.
    Interestingly, these children generally develop well, with good medical examination results, and the quality of nappies after diaper age is not the same as in modern times. As long as the child's developmental rate is smooth and there is no particular complaint, it is not worthwhile to carry out other strenuous examinations, but to be aware of the favorable changes of the immediate one. And, of course, you need to follow the helpful eating tips.
    Let us be happy for a cheerful toddler, and let's not count the peas in your heart!
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