How to make a cardboard caravel. Crafts for kids

How to make a cardboard caravel. Crafts for kids

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The 6 allied vitamins of your pregnancy

Pregnant, you have specific needs in essential vitamins for you and for the good development of your baby. A varied and balanced diet is enough to cover your main needs. Only two vitamins, B9 and D, require a special prescription. Point.

Vitamin A

  • Precious in many areas: vision, skin, immune system ... vitamin A plays a major role in the synthesis of growth hormone for your future baby.
  • Eating well is enough to cover your vitamin A needs. You can find it in butter, margarine, fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna ...), as well as in carrots, cabbages and spinach.
  • Many products are fortified with vitamin A and it is recommended to monitor your consumption. Hypervitaminosis, excess vitamin, in this case vitamin A, could cause liver complications for your future baby. Do not consume too much liver, which is extremely rich.

Vitamin B9

  • As a major contributor to embryogenesis, this vitamin, also known as folic acid or folate, plays a fundamental role at the time of conception and in the days that follow.
  • A serious vitamin B9 deficiency can cause a severe neurological malformation: spina bifida, which is why it is recommended to supplement the women in desire of conception (at least 1 month before the beginning of the pregnancy) and this until the end of the 1st trimester of pregnancy.
  • In the diet, folic acid is present in green vegetables (lamb's lettuce, spinach, watercress, cabbages), in fruits (melon, bananas, raspberries ...), in lentils, cereals and dried fruits.

Vitamin C

  • Pillar of your tone, this vitamin plays a role of size in the manufacture of red blood cells and the maintenance of the membranes of the placenta.
  • Vitamin C deficiency increases the risk of preterm birth.
  • You will find it in fruits: kiwis, strawberries, guavas, blackcurrants, as well as in citrus fruits, oranges and lemons. Supplementation is not necessary except sometimes for older smokers.

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The unexpected and brave baby births

The unexpected and brave baby births

I have always admired the strength of a woman when it comes to giving birth to her child. Not to mention that they have to wait some 9 months to hold him in her arms. It is always expected to be in a warm bed, fenced in for security and care, at home or in the hospital. But it's not always like this...

Babies do not tell when they are going to be born, they can give signals with how to position themselves, for example, but the baby does not always position as it should. For this reason, in the last months the pregnant woman should have everything ready for delivery.

The woman also needs to be prepared for a possible early or emergency delivery. Although this type of childbirth is not common, the woman should know that she could go through something like this. Delivering the baby on the street or in a taxi or bus, or even in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, is not a common situation. However, do not be surprised if your delivery is early and you do not have time to get to the hospital.

You have to be aware of the symptoms of childbirth in the last month of pregnancy, although it is not a reason to worry, for a baby to come out of its mother's belly is not so simple and fast. The vast majority of labor develops over time, according to the woman. The process begins with the rupture of the amniotic sac, contractions and in many cases, clear signs that the baby is beginning to come out. Calm and tranquility are the best remedy right now. If the pregnant woman is still in the taxi or on the bus, she should ask for help and request an ambulance, but above all, remain calm. The babies are strong and the mother even stronger, right now.

When it comes time to head to the hospital, it is also important to be clear about the location of the entries and the admission processes. It is highly recommended to register in advance and avoid last minute setbacks. For some babies, being born costs. And I don't mean just how long they have to be growing in your mom's womb. I say this because of the conditions they have to go through to come into the world. Being born costs, but I think that every baby that is born is like a seed of love that is sown in the world.

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In August, the September Family Arrivals will arrive

At the end of August, the families received family support due in September due to the start of school.

Family Letters in September End of AugustEligibility recipients also have access to family allowances, child care and parenting support to: make it easier for them to start school Emmi said. In the case of postal delivery, if the addressee is not at home, you will be notified where and when support can be received. The measure is about 1.2 million family members in HungaryAccording to Emmi, the government will provide textbooks free of charge for all students in the September 1-9 class, in addition to the advanced reference. courses, even in grades 10-12. Textbooks can be requested for free in the case of social deprivation or family history. They reminded me that from the 2020-2021 curriculum, free textbook enrollment covers all courses. The families asked in the RTL report 10-20 thousand HUF per child spend on school supplies. Purchase dumping is expected after August 20.

When does the umbilical stump fall off?

When does the umbilical stump fall off? The fall of the umbilical stump has always been an important event that has become an ideal time to celebrate. The joy was justified: the lack of an umbilical stump meant fewer problems with caring for the baby's navel. It also allowed the baby to be placed freely on his tummy without fear of injury.

Something else has not changed for years: young parents are often afraid of caring for the navel in newborns. Meanwhile, the rules are very simple. It's enough to realize that even moving, bending and removing secretions from the recesses is neither painful nor unpleasant for the toddler.

What is an umbilical stump?

The umbilical stump is a remnant of the umbilical cord that the child was connected to with mother.

Newborns are discharged into homes with an unhealed navel, usually with a special plastic buckle (once the umbilical stump was tied up with a knot).

When should the umbilical stump fall off?

The umbilical stump today often falls off after a few weeks or even a month. Midwives, especially those who value traditional stump care methods, suggest that prolonged wound healing is caused by the use of dry care. Octenisept, which is currently recommended, does not dry the wound, but only disinfects it, which, according to proponents of the traditional use of spirit, does not allow to accelerate the healing process of the navel. More on navel care.

Ideally, if the umbilical stump falls off between 10 and 14 days of a child's life. At first, the stump is bluish-white, then gray, when it dries, it becomes darker, and finally it dries completely and falls off.

How to accelerate wound healing?

The umbilical stump will fall off faster if we:

  • carefully remove any secretions in its area,
  • keep it clean and dry,
  • tilt the stump and carefully removed any dirt (no worries, the child does not hurt)
  • put the diaper on so that it does not compress the navel,

When to see a doctor

Improperly treated umbilical cord is a great place for bacteria. Therefore, if we notice:

  • reddening,
  • edema,
  • much warmer skin around the navel,
  • purulent discharge with an unpleasant smell
  • the child will give us a signal that the navel is painful for him,

belongs quickly see a doctor. All these symptoms can suggest inflammation and require the immediate intervention of a specialist.

Remember! Never tear off the umbilical stump. Wait for it to fall off by itself. Do not put bandages or patches on your navel.

Sophisticated Brothers - Need to Love?

Sophisticated Brothers - Need to Love?

After the birth of a small child, he is thought to be an envious, angry, unmanageable child. Don't be surprised! Her senses are the same as what you would feel if your partner brought another woman home.

Sophisticated Brothers - Need to Love?

In many families, getting a little brother is a problem. At first, having lost his prerogatives until then, you are looking at the new coming. Her parents expect acceptance, love, because she is big, smart, experienced. The three-year-olds are old, but the bigger ones aren't capable either.

We don't know when the little brother is coming

"In the lives of children, the arrival of a little brother has exactly the same feelings as having your couple bring home a home that you have to accept without any conditions. - dr. Csilla Cute-Papp doctor-kinesiology-psychotherapist. Because in a child, the same sensation swirls. Even the most prudent of your child, however, does not know what the harm of a sibling's birth is. You have no idea that much less time, energy, you will have patience. Even if you tell her because she doesn't have that experience, she wouldn't mind. She doesn't know what it is like to share her parents, her games with another child. The arrival of the third baby is therefore significantly less emotional in the family.

Let me be angry

Your child, despite expecting your brother, after your birth he doesn't want to, he wants to send him back to where he came from. He's angry with the baby, or just about. He will not accept you, angry, hysterical, or the opposite; You need to know that he is acting in a hurry, and that he is revenging the mourner. He ends up with what's most rewarding to you. If you are often worried about eating badly, don't be surprised if you have an "eagle". According to Csilla Aranyos-Papp, whiteness can be treated. The parents, especially the mother, need patience, consistency and understanding. "You have to let the kid give himself a dick. Of course, you're limited. You can't hurt the baby, but you can tell us how he feels about the new situation." The more you talk to him, the faster you can fix the problem. In a child, there is a sense of security when there is at least one adult in the environment whom you can turn to at any time. Dad can help a lot during the transition.

The secret of your good relationship

"It is also natural for a baby to be pissed again for a longer period of time. Many people fall back on the developmental level of their little brother. Parents can Worthy of attention, assistance is the best possible solution at this time, "says Dr. Csilla Aranyos-Papp. It's worth getting involved baby care, caring tasks because it can make you feel so important. Sibling acceptance develops in the child, unless you have unfulfilled expectations and are not obliged to love him immediately.The author is listening to Central Media Academy!
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