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Have you heard of tocophobia or fear of giving birth?

Have you heard of tocophobia or fear of giving birth?

As the time of delivery approaches, I believe that all women, even those who have given birth many times, a certain fear of feeling pain, suffering, and other fears related to their baby begins to grow. in case you are born with any abnormality, disease, etc. But there is an even bigger fear that I had ever heard of, that It is called Tocophobia. Have you heard anything about it?

Tocophobia or lochiophobia as it is also known, is a deep, persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear that some pregnant women have of gestating or giving birth to a baby. They are traumatized by everything that has to do with pregnancy and childbirth. Scientifically, it is an anxiety disorder, of a specific phobia type, with its symptoms and characteristics.

Tocophobias can be primary and secondary. The former refer to women who have never had children, who want to feel the emotion of having them, but who fear of suffering and not having the necessary strength and courage to give birth, hold them back from pregnancy. The secondary ones refer to women who had a bad experience in a childbirth and tremendously avoid going through the same situation.

A woman with this excessive and irrational fear usually has nightmares, difficulty concentrating, panic attacks, depression, nausea, and extreme anxiety. If you become pregnant, your response to childbirth is one of distress and anxiety. You will need support from a specialist so that your baby also does not suffer.

In some cases physicians are sufficiently convinced to perform an elective cesarean section. There are even cases of women who, for this extreme fear of childbirth and pregnancy, they decide to separate from their partners. Others even omit their fears, claiming their inability and inability to conceive.

Women who suffer from tocophobia choose not to be biological mothers. Psychologically they are convinced of it, to the point of not letting this decision affect their personal life. They often prefer to choose adoption.

Even so, specialists advise that they go through a good treatment so that they live calmly with themselves, and can be good mothers.

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Already, the Swiss police are investigating CryoSave

A woman's body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Not only the shapes change, but also some aspects related to the skin, hair and nails. The extra hormones can make your hair grow stronger, faster, and more abundantly, shed less, and your nails become looser.

There are good and bad changes, although I think we should only consider the good ones and try to remedy the bad ones in some way. At the end of the day, it is only a stage and the changes it brings are not permanent.

If a woman gains more hair volume during pregnancy, after giving birth, or when she stops breastfeeding her baby, she may start to lose hair. The sudden amount of hair loss mainly during washing and brushing is known as Postpartum Telogen Effluvium. It is a temporary loss and usually lasts from 3 to 6 months, it is reversible, so it is not necessary to resort to treatment.

Normal washing is advised, and avoiding chemicals such as dyes. To speed up hair recovery, sulfur amino acids such as L-Cystine and Vitamin H could be prescribed, orally, or a hair massage.

It is also normal that some women, during pregnancy, observe the hair growth on parts of the body where previously there was no. For example, on the face, around the nipples, and on the abdomen. Hair growth in these areas tends to regress naturally.

If that does not happen, in at least the following six months, laser or pulsed light sessions may be indicated, from when you are not breastfeeding your baby. There are even cases of women who notice that their hair has become oilier and drier, or that it has changed color. The same thing can happen with nails as with hair, that is, they can both grow faster and stronger, and they can tend to weaken and break. As with hair, nail changes are not permanent either.

If nails tend to be loose, it is best to keep them short and avoid the use of chemicals such as nail polish and acetone. It is also important that women take care of themselves from the inside out, with a good diet based on fruits and vegetables, on foods that contain vitamin A (milk, cheese, carrot, mango, tomato juice, etc.), and water. It is recommended to wash the face with cold water to tone it, and comfort it.

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the first name Aumaric, we find the word germain ric which means "rich" or "powerful".


Aumaric is an original and unusual name. To date, there is no celebrity with this name.

His character :

The name Aumaric reflects strength, courage and valor. Indeed, Aumaric releases a certain magnetism that attracts attention. This dynamic, enthusiastic and willing being seems to be bursting with energy at all times. Man of action, this born leader will do wonders in the business world.
Beautiful, strong and manly, Aumaric is the kind of man who haunts the dreams of teenagers. Anxious to attract attention and admire, Aumaric attaches great importance to its appearance. He plays on his mature and confident side to dazzle women. Although this life of Don Juan seems to succeed, Aumaric will be fully fulfilled only after finding his half.
Aware of all its potential, Aumaric tends to be arrogant and pretentious. A little humility will surely do him good, because without being aware of it, his pedantry keeps his entourage away. Aumaric often thinks he is superior to others on all levels. Fortunately, his generosity compensates for this unflattering trait of his personality. Despite his individualistic side, Aumaric never misses an opportunity to do a good deed. He never skimp on the means to help a loved one.


There is no derivative of the name Aumaric.

His party :

None are attributed to Aumaric in the calendar.

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The benefits of chess for children

The benefits and benefits of chess in the intellectual development of children are immense. To put it simply, chess - this classic strategy game - makes children smarter. How? Increases concentration, intellectual abilities, memory, but also analytical and abstract thinking. Here are the most important benefits of chess for children and at what age can you start cheating in the mysteries of this game!


One of the most important benefits is the increased attention and concentration capacity. Chess involves paying attention to any movement of the opponent in order to think about the strategy and the next move. If a move is missed, the entire game can be compromised.


The little ones learn to anticipate a certain move or move before it happens. They develop their ability to think before they act, which will greatly help them to mature and get them out of a lot of embarrassing or complicated situations. The little ones learn to mentally visualize the chessboard and first visualize the movements in mind before putting them into practice. It is important that when you teach chess children to stimulate them to always answer their next question before making a move "if I did, what would happen then, and how could I answer?".


Patience is not one of the main qualities of children. Chess is one of the games that requires a generous amount of patience. And he is the one who helps the children to develop and cultivate this rather difficult ability to cultivate.

Concrete thinking, but also abstract thinking

On the one hand, children are stimulated to think logically about each move, to predict the opponent's moves and to develop a strategy in mind. On the other hand, they are encouraged to go over the details and always consider the overall image. They also learn to take the models used in a context and apply them to similar situations, once. It also helps them solve problems through independent thinking and stimulates their creativity.

The social side

Chess also has a social side that it prints and imposes on players. There is a label for this game and it gives the little ones the opportunity to connect friends.


Chess helps to improve memory in children. The visual stimuli involved in the chessboard as well as the restraining of the opponents' movements represent great exercises to stimulate and exercise memory.


Chess makes children more responsible. They assume their choices, moves, strategies and become responsible for the way the game unfolds. In addition, this game has strict, well-defined rules that the little ones are obliged to respect and take responsibility for them. All of these will be used later in life, when they are mature when they are faced with situations in which they must make decisions and take responsibility for them.

What is the right age to learn chess?

It is difficult to say which is the appropriate age of the child for initiation into chess mysteries. Not even the experts agree on this. But they also argue that it is best to start as early as possible, because the impact is greater and helps to develop the baby's brain. While some children are able to learn the general principles of the game at 4 anisors, others are able to understand the rules and play the game only at 7-8 anisors.

About the beginning of the school age is the best time to initiate them, say chess teachers. Although it has long been considered a boys' game - probably because they have shown more interest in it - the specialists argue that girls have the same chances and are equally capable of succeeding in competitions and finding interesting and original strategies. .

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