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The most popular names in Argentina for boys

There are many factors that influence when choosing the name of the baby. In each family, as well as in each area, they are governed by a different criterion. Some parents prefer to be more original and put a little known name; others follow the tradition of family names giving your baby the same name as the father and grandfather. In the same way, in each country there are different trends in children's names. TV characters, movie stars or famous athletes are role models to draw inspiration from.

In Argentina, as in so many countries, they are carried away by fashions and that results in unusual children's names. However, in the list of frequent names in Argentina, the top ten positions are occupied by traditional names, timeless and with a special characteristic: Argentine families prefer compound names. Thus you are assured of success in choosing the name for your child.

1. Michelangelo. It is a name that combines a Hebrew origin, that of Miguel, with the Greek origin of Angel. Both are frequent names throughout the Hispanic world and enjoy the privilege of those traditional names that have not lost their freshness. In addition, Michelangelo evokes the great Italian Renaissance artist.

2. Juan Carlos. The name combines the Hebrew origin of Juan with the Germanic origin of Carlos. These are two strong names, traditional and with a great traditional flavor. A sure hit for any child both in its compound form and using each name separately.

3. Carlos Alberto. A totally Germanic origin for this compound name that contains all the force of tradition. They are two common names that bring charisma and personality to any child and that are very familiar.

4. José Luis. Combining the Hebrew origin of José with the Germanic origin of Luis begins to be familiar among the most popular names for boys in Argentina. Both names are traditional and maintain their freshness, making it the ideal compound name for any boy.

5. Juan Manuel. This compound name finds a Hebrew origin for both forms. These are two separate frequent names that, when joined, result in a name that evokes nobility and distinction. In addition, Juan Manuel respects tradition without losing originality.

6. Juan Pablo. The Hebrew origin of Juan is accompanied by the Latin origin of the name Pablo. It is a compound name with all the flavor of the biblical tradition. Both are frequent names with a long tradition in Spanish-speaking countries that is perfect for reinforcing the special character of a child.

7. Luis Alberto. The forcefulness of a Germanic origin surrounds this compound name that does not cease to attract us by that union between strength and sensitivity. It is a name with a special sonority that combines two frequent and very familiar names.

8. Nicolas. Among the large number of compound names, this singular and special name of Greek origin that speaks of victory and success is found in the list of frequent names in Argentina. It is a traditional name but with an original and distinguished touch that is difficult to match.

9. Juan José. It is a compound name of Hebrew origin that contains all the weight of the biblical tradition. It is not surprising that it is on the list of frequent names in Argentina because both names, together or separately, are very familiar and stand out for their simplicity.

10. Juan Ignacio. The Hebrew origin of the classic and frequent Juan combines with the Latin origin of Ignacio to form one of the most attractive compound names in the Hispanic world. The union of the two names emanates nobility and height, in addition to maintaining a long tradition in terms of family names.

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Tips for summer safety for our children

Tips for summer safety for our children

According to an American survey, summer is the most dangerous time for children. This is something that we can work on in the domestic child health industry as there are many child accidents during the summer holidays.

How to prevent it from avoiding that the poplar is a part kуrhбzban fill our child and so what? "Kindergarten and school are a relatively protected environment for the child, with rules and professional supervision. But during the summer break, the rules and restrictions often accident"says Nagyra Horváth Magyary, Director of Communications at K&H Group." We parents need to be careful to protect our children from the dangers they face. A child's illness means taking time off for hospital stays so that not only can we be out of work, but we can lose the freedom of the whole year as well. " summer accidents in children most of the dangers of the summer depend on strong sunshine and high temperature altogether:
  • to prevent harm, do not allow children to play outside between 11 and 15 o'clock
  • always have a headgear for leisure activities
  • apply a lot of sunblock and repeat this from time to time
  • water frequently
  • never leave your child in the car in summer - not even for a few minutes
  • If the females live a vнzpartraor just that to the courtyard pool we are fleeing, there are again many dangers to the child. In the vicinity of water, the parents must be constantly alert.
  • if the courtyard pool is not in use, cover it and possibly take the ladder for marshaling
  • as early as possible - 4-5 years old - teach the child to fall
  • at the same time, never leave the water unattended - even if you can fall asleep
  • always give children, who are not able to fall, an arm, a rubber or a sweaty bra
  • Tips for summer safety for our children

    THE kцzlekedйs another critical point - be it motorbikes, bikes, scooters:
  • get the kid to get into the car, lock in your security belt - we will take any short break and make it clear that it is not allowed to stop while on the move
  • teach them not to knock out the door and jump out of the car immediately after parking
  • vigorously call attention to the fact that it never stops or runs without it
  • in playful form, from the very young age, let's start with major traffic rulesto keep these in mind when riding a bike or a scooter
  • always give the child the right one vйdхfelszerelйst (helmet, helmet, visor, etc.)
  • In addition to the above, there are, of course, many other dangers to our summer saplings:
  • One of the most dangerous, but most exciting, garden tools for the summer, is the fыnyнrу. Smaller children should be kept out of the yard during the sunbathing, and larger children should always be kept well away from the device.

  • THE jбtszуtйren metal toys - especially sliders - can become dangerous, which can easily get hot in the summer. Always check their temperature check before your child is exhausted.

  • It's family friendly grillezйs it is a popular summer pastime, but there are many sources of danger for children. Follow a few basic rules to avoid accidents: never allow children near fire;

  • The unpleasant features of the summer season a mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. For outdoor waterfront programs, always brush your child with mosquito and tick repellents before going on forest trips, and in such cases, there should always be a cream that can soften any drops. Calcium effervescent tablets can be a practical solution even in such cases.

  • Unfortunately, infectious departments in hospitals are full every summer. In order to prevent our child from spending a few days in the church, be careful not to eat any food that has been out in the heat for an extended period of time. If you are having a picnic or going to the beach, we might not take it with you easily romlandу food!
  • Prevent summer accidents for children!
  • To the doctor immediately?
  • Summer accidents
  • Celebration day

    A few gathers here and there, a nice knot in the middle ... And here is a dressy version of the short: 17,99 € (Sergeant Major) .Where to find it?

    A few gathers here and there, a nice knot in the middle ... And here is a new look dresses: 17,99 € (Sergeant Major).
    Where to find it?

    Children's room in the children's clubs!

    If your child is hospitalized for several days, it may be very important to what environment you left it in and how you will meet again.

    At home there is a nursery with pictures on the wall, patterned carpet, lots of toys, comfortable armchairs, chairs, tables, playgrounds. Unfortunately, few children's classes can afford to make the hospital environment so cozy. D-Link Hungary staff have decided to change this.
    The Graduate Tool for Network Tools announces an application for a Hungarian health care institution that provides inpatient care for children or long-term rehabilitation.
    Hospitals may seek to create a living room where children can play with the thoughts of the sick, and stay in touch with their family members. D-Link staff, in addition to full-cover furniture replacement and games, also have access to a television with an Internet connection for the patient in need of an in-patient facility that allows them to talk to their parents with ease.
    Wait for the news!
    Expectation of the living room award at the winning townhouse on Children's Day!

    The luck of babies born in 2019 according to numerology

    Mt Zion

    Yes and no! Depends on what you have! The request is usually about food, because many people are afraid that the belly of the baby that her mother has eaten and what has gone into the milk is overwhelming.

    Egyбltalбn is not unreasonable, if you are breast-feeding, as certain substances, some of which are highly harmful and toxic, can pass into milk and reach high concentrations. For example, the excess of drugs consumed by the mother also causes symptoms in the nursing infant. In the case of drugs, the answer is generally impossible, as the drug's chemistry, molecular weight, fat or water solubility, oral bioavailability also play a role in how much breast milk it as much as it is "utilized" and how much of your body is lost intact. Therefore, if a mother is taking medication, she does not need to immediately and automatically think of weaning, or rather avoiding medicine and breastfeeding. If you need to take medication, it is worthwhile contacting and advising on the active ingredient, the dose and the breastfeeding advice given by your child's age. whether the proportion of the essential constituents of milk can be influenced, how much. For example, how to make it leaner, whiter, sweeter, and how to increase your iron and vitamin content. Let us assume that the composition of breast milk is not accidental or, as a result of "manufacturing error", as it is. Certain ingredients can be influenced and others may not be affected. Fat content, for example, varies between 1.5 and 10 percent depending on how much the breast is cleared. The more thoroughly the breast is suckled, the more fat the milk will be. However, the amount and type of fat in the mother's diet do not affect the fat content of the mother's milk, at most the fatty acid composition.In contrast, if the mother is taking iron, will not affect the iron content of breast milkbecause it always has the same amount of stuff you can find on maternity warehouses. On the other hand, the amount of water-soluble vitamins can be influenced: if the mother consumes little vitamin C or B, she will also be low in milk. However, even above a certain limit, the levels of these vitamins in breast milk do not increase even if the mother is taking or consuming more than the normal dose. Some studies have shown that the mother can provide adequate vitamin D in the milk. also has a positive influence - although it has been widely believed that breast milk does not contain vitamin D.

    Newborn baby with her mom

    Pregnant mothers' milk has a higher level of protein and protein than milk of premature mothers. But this is something that is completely independent of what a mother eats and how much she eats.

    And what about food?

    The request most often refers to lands that are considered puffy, poor K-letter, beans, broccoli. The puffing effect also depends on how often you consume such foods. Frequently, they are much less likely to wear the complex, indigestible carbohydrates found in these greens, probably due to the proper composition of the bluff. However, due to the large molecular size of the bloating ingredients, it is not possible to get into breast milk. Very small amounts of "foreign" whites, such as beta-lactoglobulin in cow's milk, are also present in breast milk. This may mean that the baby becomes very gradually acquainted with the whites that appear in the family's homemade formula. with an infant allergic reaction But in the currency, unfortunately, infants are at increased risk of allergies, for example, if one or both of them are suffering from a grandparent's allergy. In this case, it happens that it reacts sensitively to the very few foreign white bloods that appear in breast milk. In this case, there is no other option than keeping a strictly milk-free diet for two weeks and observing if the baby's unpleasant symptoms disappear, such as bloody stool is that one of the ingredients of the food appears in the breast milk. Generally speaking, when individual dietary ingredients are also present in maternal blood plasma, special caution is required non-natural ingredients contained in foods. Elхfordul pйldбul that ьdнtх zцld йtelfestйke szнnezi the milk zцldre, йs the mestersйges йdesнtхszer or keserы gyуgyszer, human milk also unpleasant нzt kцlcsцnцz.Sajnos the allocated termйszetbe mйrgezх materials rovarirtуszerek, gyomirtуk, oldуszerek which raktбrozуdnak kбros цsszetevхi zsнrszцvetьnkben, the breast milk also They may enter. However, in the vast majority of cases, breastfeeding should be discontinued. Its benefits outweigh these possible negative effects too. That is, not the lentils and broccoli pose a risk to the child, but mainly the emission of pollutants and those which are toxic to humans.
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