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Wild Child

Make a fun paper cicada with origami. Origami is a Japanese art that helps stimulate concentration, manual dexterity and creativity in children. Follow this simple video tutorial step by step to learn how to make paper figures to play and enjoy making crafts with children.

Figure made by Alejandro Pascual Márquez - elrincondelorigami.blogspot.com
Realization: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

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Flip Book Animation Among Us

Pregnancy card - what does it look like and what does it fit in?

Demonstrations were made against church and religious associations in Bucharest on Sunday against the obligatory obligation of defenders.

Several hundred have been charged with obligatory defense

Unions Created Lifelong Chain Before The Parliament Building After Dual Chamber Romanian Parliamentary Sin On Monday it voted almost unanimously on the draft law.The hundreds of people attended the demonstration, according to the News.ro report, and about a thousand, according to the Agerpres. The labels "Where there is risk, there should be freedom of choice", "Don't know the health dictatorship", "Penal responsibility for the vaccine" were kept high. Many parents also brought their children, buses from other settlements in the country also came to the demonstration, and priests and nuns holding icons and crosses took part in the demonstration. The organizers of the event said: make your own and your child's health inquiries, and have the right to receive fair information about potential risks. Szerintьk the бllam kйnyszerнthet rб a egйszsйgьgyi beavatkozбst nor anyone else, and if they accept such tцrvйnyt the alkotmбnyellenes. "Beleegyezйsьnk nйlkьl want йlх microorganisms tartalmazу biolуgiai kйszнtmйnyeket йs chemicals are injected into the testьnkbe, amelyekrхl showed szбmos nagyhнrы university that mйrgezхek. This sйrti the pбciensek rights, "quoted Agerpres Costel Stanciut, chairman of one of the consumer associations. "We are number one in Europe for cancerous diseases. Vaccination will make the situation even worse," he said. Cristi Filip, Fellйpх against Romбniai Szьlхk Szцvetsйgйnek vezetхje.Az oltбsok kцtelezхvй tйtele movement aktivistбi jцvх hйten parliamentary pбrtok szйkhбzai elй organize sztrбjkхrsйget that kйpviselхhбz - which should take the vйgsх dцntйst - enyhнtsen the elfogadбsra vбrу oltбstцrvйny szigorбn.A 35 halбlos бldozatot йs almost tнzezer megbetegedйst okozу romбniai kanyarуjбrvбny kцzepette Bucharest kormбny in August referred the parliament elй the oltбstцrvйny tervezetйt that does not нr elх same kцzvetlen bьntetйst the oltбsmegtagadбsйrt, but megbйlyegzйssel йs kikцzцsнtйssel, megszorнtбsokkal йs continuous oltбsi tanбcsadбsok want rбvenni any ellenkezх szьlхket to kцtelezх tйtelйvel to do refuse to give the seven most important vaccines to their children.
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  • By Saint Andrew, be the allies of children without children!

    Send 2 Euro by SMS to 876 and you will give a child the chance to be listened to at the Child's Telephone.

    Together we can do wonders for children without children!

    On November 30, 2011, by Saint Andrew, Kanal D and the Children's Telephone Association runs the national marathon of the TV show "A missed call, a lost childhood". Through this action, Kanal D appeals to millions of Romanians to support lonely, misunderstood, neglected, discriminated or rejected children, who have no one to listen to and understand.

    With a single SMS at 876 worth 2 euros we can do concrete things for children in difficulty, ensuring access for as many children to the Children's Phone - 116 111. It is vital that this number can call as many children, and at the other end of the thread, there are non-stop social workers and psychologists to guide and protect them.

    The number of SMS 876, appealable from the day of Saint Andrew, will be active until December 31.

    The TV Marathon "A missed call, a lost childhood" supports the single line of assistance for children, at national level, in Romania, the unique European number: Child's Telephone - 116 111.

    Between January 2011 - November 2011, the consultants of the Children's Telephone Association answered a total of 150,720 calls, 4 times more than the calls registered during the same period of 2010, respectively 39,309 calls. 71% of the total number of calls registered between January 2011 and November 2011 were from children.

    The requests for help are increasing, so the Child's Phone has to extend its work schedule in order to take over all the children's calls, and this is impossible without supplementing the number of specialists and without expanding the infrastructure.

    “Kanal D assumes the role of social mediator and communicator of community problems by being actively involved both through the media and through direct action. The increase of the cases of domestic violence, of aggression on children and of negligence have determined us to actively support a social service dedicated to children: The Child's Telephone.

    The campaign 'A missed call, a lost childhood' is the most ambitious project of social responsibility carried out by Kanal D since its launch in 2007. (…) We have committed ourselves for a month to make the viewer public known, through the voices of the stars. ours, the importance of the existence of the unique European number 116 111 for children in Romania. On November 30, all Kanal D programs will enter the TV marathon 'A missed call, a lost childhood' and will discuss the issues most often reported by children by calling 116 111. We wish that at the end of December, as many as possible children and parents to become aware of the importance and usefulness of this phone number and the increasing calls to find an answer at the other end of the thread, "said Maria Popescu, Communication & PR Manager Kanal D Romania.

    The number of children in need of support is constantly increasing

    "The number of cases of violation of the rights of the child in Romania, according to the database of the Children's Telephone Association, registered in 2011 an alarming increase of 85.37% compared to the same period of the previous year. In this context, at least doubling the number of specialists at the other end of the thread, as well as the extension of the work program and the technical infrastructure are vital measures to ensure the optimum capacity to take over all the aid calls addressed to 116 111. (...) Be join us on November 30 and become for one day the allies of children without children, through a donation of 2 euros to the number of SMS 876! ”stated Catalina Florea, Executive Director, Children's Telephone Association

    The statistics provided by the Children's Telephone Association database indicate that, between January 2011 - November 2011, 5,309 of the registered cases required the intervention of the authorized institutions, which represents an increase of 82.31% compared to the previous year, respectively 2,912.

    37.49% of these were serious cases of child abuse. The child abuse rate, according to the Children's Telephone Association database, has reached the highest increase compared to any of the 10 years of existence of the organization - 1,990 such cases registered this year, as opposed to the year 2010 in which we counted. 1,270 cases, an increase of 56.69%. This year, the most common form of child abuse is physical harassment (41.60%), followed by neglect (32.92%), emotional abuse (12.26%), sexual abuse (5.13%) , exploitation through work, suicide attempts among children, deprivation of liberty, trafficking of minors.

    In 2011, the Children's Telephone Association also experienced an increase of 101.23% compared to the previous year of cases of psychological counseling. Some of the children who received psychological counseling called 116 111 because they felt lonely, misunderstood, could no longer relate to their parents, suffered from family misunderstandings, developed depression, behavioral disorders, fear and anxiety. Other children felt excluded and had difficulty interacting with friends / colleagues. The custody of minors in divorce situations, as well as the maintenance of personal ties are also concerns of the children who contacted us.

    Both children and Kanal D stars will be the ambassadors of the TV marathon "A LOST CALL, A LOST CHILDHOOD", both in the Kanal D studios and in the University Square, from where live broadcasts will take place tomorrow, November 30th.

    You remarried! Impact on the child

    A remarriage means for a child more than a new father: it involves the separation from the natural father, a new environment in which he has to live, potential step-brothers even accepting a new paternal model in the family. The people around you see only the negative side of this new status thinking about how it is emotionally affected by these changes. However, with great patience and skill you can help your child accept your new marriage.

    Recovery tends to have both positive and negative effects on the child. If we look at it from a broader perspective, the negative effects seem to tilt the balance and overwhelm the number of the beneficial ones. Divorces are no longer a rarity, and the idea of ​​brothers, fathers, and stepmothers doesn't scare anyone anymore, becoming ordinary degrees.

    Has the child survived the divorce?

    Parents must first make sure that their child has passed the stage of your divorce and that he / she has accepted and that he / she has gone through that stage psychologically. If you notice that he is still affected by the separation from his biological father then it is advisable to work with him on this aspect and to take the necessary measures to move on.

    We recommend the article "Parent and child divorce, how it affects him and how to help him get over it" to inspire you about the best ways to help your baby cope with the confusing and depressing feelings they are trying .

    Remarriage and step-parent, what problems does the child face?

    According to specialists, children who live with a step-father (or step-mother if the natural father remarries) have major problems in adapting to the new family environment. This can be translated by:

    • low self-esteem;

    • stress;

    • anxiety;

    • behavioral problems;

    • low school performance;

    • social isolation;

    • negative attitude towards the new marriage and the new parent

    What are the manifestations and experiences of the child towards a new parent in their life?

    Some children have preconceptions about accepting a new parent in their life. They often have the impression that if they accept the new parent in their life, it means they betray their biological parent.

    Children may feel certain feelings of:

    • confusion;

    • betrayal;

    • pain;

    • anger;

    • uncertainty;

    • sadness.

    If these feelings are not controlled and carefully monitored by the parent or a psychotherapist, they may give rise to a vicious cycle of manifestations and may become when a rebellious adolescent grows up.

    How do you help the child accept your remarriage?

    If you do not talk to the little one about this change that directly affects him and you put him in front of the accomplished fact you will accentuate the problems and negative states of the child towards the new parent. Also, you cannot force the child to accept this new status just because you are an adult and you know what is best for him.

    The age of the child plays an essential role in the ability to adapt to the new family. It is generally known that babies and toddlers accept this transition more easily. Older children find it very difficult, frustrating and upsetting that their father and mother are no longer a family, and now their mother or father has found another partner.

    There are situations, which are very rare, in which children almost instantly accept the new parent, quickly linking a friendship relationship. But in most cases, they show a deep rejection reaction towards him.

    The new parent must try to spend a lot of time with the child to get to know him. This is required to occur before marriage. The qualitative time spent with the child is the only solution by which the new parent can approach and can make him accept it. But he has to interact with it (to play, to walk, to talk, to take care of it, etc.), not just to be physically with him.

    Different conflicts can arise between the child and the new parent. Conflicts frequently occur between parents and children. It is important that when they conflict, they do not intervene and give the new partner a vote of confidence to talk to him and to settle the dispute.

    Also, talk to him about the new status of your partner. In addition, make sure he has contact with the biological father and that does not mean he will never see him again.

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    An original idea for your little girl! Of African origin, the name Nahema means "full of grace" or "sweetness". You can also opt for one of these derivatives: Naema or Naemi.

    What do juices, cereals and light products hide?

    What do juices, cereals and light products hide?

    I love the Mediterranean diet, the flavor of its ingredients and its nutritional benefits for heart health, preventing obesity and strengthening the immune system. But when I go to the hypermarket I find it hard not to be tempted and buy foods that are easy to open, prepare and consume.

    On the other hand, I resist and, within the products that are not so healthy or not so natural, but that children love, I buy juices instead of soft drinks because I think they are healthier, cereals for breakfast instead of industrial pastries for make it more varied and "light" products because I understand that they contain less sugar and fat than the rest. And yet, from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), they warn me that some of these products are not as healthy as they seem and that they are the "false" friends of the children's diet. Actually... What do juices, cereals and light products hide?

    In the case of juices, the AEP considers that they are acceptable, but their excessive consumption favors a diet of low nutritional quality because they are not fruit. The one used for its manufacture is rarely fully squeezed and subjected to heat or concentration treatments, which transform the original composition of the fruit. In addition, packaged juices can provide too many calories, due to an excess of sugars, which is associated with child overweight and the risk of tooth decay, and they do not provide fiber. Its consumption can relegate to other healthier drinks such as water and milk.

    Regarding breakfast cereals, recommended for their contribution of slow absorption carbohydrates and fiber, after a comparison made by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) with 10 brands, all were found to exceed recommended sugar levels, reaching 30 percent when the limit is 12.5 percent. The "light" products are not exempt from this screen either. In its composition there are no sugars, instead other sweeteners such as sorbitol are present, which can cause gastrointestinal disorders. Plus, these zero-calorie sweeteners still contain tooth-damaging acids.

    A separate chapter would deserve certain sweets that talk about calcium or the vitamins they provide, not to mention the fats, sweeteners and other components that they contain and that are present in milk chocolate bars and other milk-based sweets. Although it is true that they provide calcium, They contain a lot of fat and sugar.

    Marisol New. our site

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    Oreion is a contagious disease of childhood, caused by a virus that can affect the whole body of the child, but which manifests itself especially in the parotid glands.

    These are one of the three pairs of salivary glands and are located behind or in front of the ears. It is manifested by inflammation of these glands, quite sorrowful pain and an increased condition of the little one's weakness. Here's how to help your baby overcome this infection more easily!

    Causes of mumps in children

    The mumps is caused by the urlian virus, which is also called the urlian infection. It is manifested by inflammation of the parotid salivary glands. It is transmitted through the infected saliva of a sick person.

    Sharing utensils, cutlery and dishes used by a good person, but breathing or communication from a small distance are risk factors for infecting the child. When a mumps patient talks, drops of saliva spread into the air and can eventually make the baby sick.

    The disease is very rare in infants and young children.

    Over the age of 2 years, he meets more often, having the maximum frequency in the high school and young adults (12-25 years). Children who attend groups early (kindergarten) have the disease between 3 and 7 years. Pea leaves a solid and durable immunity, the re-illnesses being exceptional.

    Symptoms of mumps in children

    The symptoms of mumps are quite uncomfortable when it manifests. There are happy cases where children do not actively manifest the disease or if the symptoms appear, they are very mild. But there are also situations with severe symptoms.

    Symptoms of urlia infection appear after about 2-3 weeks after the baby is exposed to the virus. The disease often starts with fever and there is a slight swelling of the cheeks.

    Other symptoms include:

    • salivary glands inflamed and painful, on one or both sides of the face;
    • headache;
    • state of weakness and fatigue (accompanied by muscle and joint pain);
    • pain and discomfort when chewing or swallowing food;
    • decreased food appetite.


    The incubation period is 14-21 days, with extreme limits of 9-25 days. The onset of the disease is usually slow with low or moderate fever (37.8-38.5 ° C), fatigue, headache and decreased appetite; sometimes joint or muscle pain. In severe forms of the disease, the onset is sometimes sudden, with fever 39-40 ° C, vomiting, sore throat and in the area of ​​the parotid glands.

    There is a swelling of the face, located before and below the ears. The swelling (swelling) is initially located on one side, then usually occurs on the opposite side. Sometimes it is painless, sometimes it is very sensitive. During chewing and swallowing, the child feels a sore throat with irradiation to the ears, which imposes a liquid or semi-solid nutrition. The disease may also include the other salivary glands (submaxillary and sublingual glands).

    Complications of mumps in children

    There is a risk that during the evolution of the disease and against the background of a weak immune system or other diseases that the child suffers, a series of complications may occur. These involve inflammation of other parts of the body:

    • headache rigidity;
    • acute headache;
    • inflammation of the ovaries (oophoritis) or of the breasts (mastitis - especially in girls who have reached puberty);
    • pancreatitis;
    • orchitis (inflamed, painful and sensitive testicles);
    • encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

    Meningitis urliana

    Rarely (about 10% of cases) the child complains of headache and vomiting, evidence of meningeal irritation. Fortunately, urlean meningitis is usually without gravity and leaves no trace.

    In boys at puberty and in young people (14-25 years old), mumps can reach the testicles (orchid) causing swelling, redness and pain. When it affects both testes, it can be followed by sterility.

    Treatment of mumps in children

    Being an infection caused by a virus, epidemic mumps cannot be treated with antibiotics. Like many other viral diseases and diseases of childhood, the infection disappears by itself. Most children recover from mumps in about two weeks after onset.

    Therapeutic measures include isolation of the child from other children and family members and outpatient care. The measures taken in the home care include bed rest, the application of warm compresses or ice (depending on which of them offers a greater degree of comfort to the child) and a menu consisting of foods as fluid, soft or pasty.

    The doctor may also recommend symptomatic treatment. If the fever is very high or the pain is unbearable, the pediatrician may prescribe a prescription with anti-inflammatory or antipyretic drugs to make them more bearable.


    It is fixed according to fever, swallowing pain and digestive tolerance. In forms that start with high fever and sore throat, liquids are recommended in small and repeated quantities, at room temperature (moderately sweetened teas, strained soups, fruit juices, compote juice, milk).

    In addition, during the first 7-10 days, a diet with milk and derivatives, vegetables, meat, shall be maintained. Too many meals will be avoided, excess fat and sweets. Due to the reduction of chewing and fever movements, a candidiasis may develop in the mouth, so it is advisable for the patient to drink as many liquids as possible and rinse their mouth several times with chamomile tea, baking soda and / or put in the mouth drops of glycerin with stamycin.

    The meadow lasts 5-12 days. The child can be brought to the community after 14-21 days, when the swelling disappeared. In the vast majority of cases, the disease heals without consequences. Young children make light shapes.

    Has your child made mumps so far? What tricks for relieving the unpleasant symptoms you know? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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