Name Dario - Meaning and origin

Name Dario - Meaning and origin

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Olafs Night Before Christmas - A Childrens Christmas story

Mineral water, a drug against heat stroke

Yolk sac, sign of pregnancy at first ultrasound

Yolk sac, sign of pregnancy at first ultrasound

What is the Yolk bag?

The Yolk bag, also called the vitelline sac or the vitelline vesicle, it is a membranous sac attached by the embryo to which it provides the necessary nutrients. This bag is actually a primitive circulatory system. He begins to develop starting with the second week of pregnancy once the amniotic sac begins to take shape.
Yolk bag becomes visible after 5 weeks of pregnancy and has a very important role, namely, with its help can identify the true gestational sac. Your gynecologist can see you when you have your first ultrasound. His presence is a sign of good luck indicating that the pregnancy is going well, evolving.

Image with Yolk bag

In the 4th week of pregnancy, the embryo has three layers, namely: the ectoderm, the mesoderm and the endoderm.
The ectoderm will transform into the nervous system, skin, hair, nails, mammary glands and sweat, but also into dental buds.

The mesoderm will develop the heart, vascular, urogenital system, muscles and connective tissues, and the endoderm will develop the lungs, gastrointestinal mucosa, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland.
This Yolk bag it is visible in the ventral area of ​​the embryo and is surrounded by the endoderm, and on the outside of it is the mesenchyme, which derives from the mesoderm.

The blood reaches the level of the Yolk sac through the primitive aorta, and after passing through a complex capillary plexus it will return to the level of the vitreous veins at the level of the heart to oxygenate it.

This circulatory system is called the vein circulation and represents the primitive circulation of the embryo, replacing the permanent one until it develops. All nutrients are absorbed into the Yolk sac, and from the level of it, through the bloodstream, they reach the embryo.
At the end of the 4th week of pregnancy, a small vesicle in the form of a pear appears in the Yolk sac, which is called the umbilical vesicle. It will open at the level of the primitive digestive tract through a long narrow tube called the vitelline duct (the vitelline canal).
This vesicle can be observed even after birth, it has an oval appearance and is located on the placenta or at a relatively small distance from it, having a size between 1 mm and 5 mm. The first sign of pregnancy on an ultrasound is the gestational sac, then two other important signs are the Yolk sac and the fetal pole.

In pregnancy without problems, by means of a transvaginal ultrasound, one can observe the gestational sac (starting with the 5th week of pregnancy and the gestational age can be appreciated) or with the help of the hormone level hCG reached a concentration of 1,100.
• Pregnancy hormone - hCG
• The hCG beta test
• Gestational bag
• Distribution of the gestational sac
• The fetal pole at the first ultrasound
Yolk bag it will grow no more than 6 mm. If a size larger than 6 mm is detected, this often indicates a problem load.
If the yolk bag reaches a size of 12 mm and cannot be identified initially ultrasound can in most cases mean a loss of pregnancy.
If the Yolk sac has mobility along with the gestational sac, meaning it "floats", which means it contains embryonic structures, this image is called the embryonic echo.

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Forum about pregnancy

Discussions among pregnant women looking for answers to the most difficult questions.

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Checklist: Packing list for traveling with a baby

Little travelers need a surprising amount of stuff! Here's a checklist of items that make traveling with a baby much easier, plus tips for efficient packing. For more information, also see our articles on traveling with a young baby or an older baby.

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  • Traveling with your baby

    What you need to know

    Who doesn't love the idea of showing their child the world? Seeing your little one experience the ocean for the first time or meet long-distance grandparents is magical. But little travelers come with a lot of baggage, and that can be overwhelming, as can needing something desperately and not having it.

    Trying to figure out what you need and what you can skip when packing for a trip with your baby is an art in itself. What do you bring to keep your baby safe and keep your sanity at the same time?

    Here's our checklist of items to make trips with your baby less stressful and more fun. You may not need everything on this list, but there are plenty of must-haves along with a few ingenious gadgets that will bring you peace of mind.

    Keep in mind that traveling with a sleepy newborn looks a lot different than going somewhere with a busy 8-month-old who's determined to crawl, or an 11-month-old who's starting to walk. (For these situations, check out our video on childproofing away from home and our packing list for traveling with a toddler.)

  • Hello Bello Diapers

    Absorbent, economical diapers

    A good rule of thumb is one diaper for every hour you'll be in transit, plus a few extras in case of a double blowout or a delay. Hello Bello diapers are one of our favorite brands because they're less expensive premium diapers made with more environmentally friendly materials than traditional diapers. Their prints are adorable, too.

    Available at Walmart starting at $7.97

  • Hudson Baby Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

    Easy-to-pack blankets

    These may be the hardest-working items in your diaper bag, so make sure to pack several. Muslin blankets can be used as a changing pad, burp cloth, sun cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, or a blanket to lay your baby down. These swaddle blankets are made with soft, breathable muslin, wash really nicely, and come in cute prints. Don’t go anywhere without them.

    Available at Amazon starting at $19.98

  • Skip Hop Pronto Signature Portable Changing Mat

    An all-in-one changing station

    Changing diapers on the road can be tricky. Most diaper bags come with a change pad, but if yours doesn’t, the Skip Hop pronto signature portable changing mat is a great solution. Whether you’re changing in the back of your SUV or in a restaurant, you want to protect your kiddo from who knows what.

    Available at Amazon starting at $29.99

  • Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag

    Reusable wet bags for messes

    Spit ups and blow outs are inevitable, especially when travelling, so always carry a waterproof reusable wet bag. They fold up super small and are handy to have to put those soiled items or diapers away until you get to a garbage can or to a washing machine. Bumkins makes a great one with a zipper across the top to keep everything safely sealed inside, and they’re machine-washable and dishwasher-safe if you use them to carry snacks instead.

    Available at Amazon starting at $10.91

  • Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream

    All-purpose diaper rash cream

    When diaper rash strikes – and it often happens when you’re traveling and change your routine – Desitin is mild, works quickly, and gets your baby’s booty back into tip-top shape in no time.

    Available at Amazon starting at $6.92

  • Hello Bello Wipes

    Ready to handle it all

    Wipes are one of those multipurpose items you'll want to keep close when traveling. Dirty bums, sticky hands, accidental spills, runny noses, wiping down tables, chairs, or highchairs in restaurants – wipes do it all! Many parents carry one full pack of wipes in the luggage and one in the diaper bag. Hello Bello wipes are strong yet flexible and the lid snaps shut to prevent accidental dry outs.

    Available at Walmart starting at $5.68

  • LiquiSnugs Silicone Travel Bottles

    Keep hands clean wherever you are

    Don’t try to bring full-sized bottles of staples like hand sanitizer and shampoo with you. They take up too much room, cause hassles in airport security lines, and if they’ve been opened, they’re likely to leak. LiqiSnugs leak-proof silicone travel bottles are TSA-approved and come with snap-on labels so you’re not accidentally conditioning your hair with body lotion.

    Available at Amazon starting at $12.95 for a 3-pack

  • Avent Soothie Pacifiers

    Extra pacis just in case

    There’s nothing worse than not being able to find a pacifier when you’ve got a screaming baby on your hands, so bringing a few extra is always a great idea. Advent Soothies are the same ones that NICUs use, and they’re magical for calming infants. (Unless, of course, your baby prefers a thumb or a different soother.)

    Available at buybuy BABY starting at $4.99 for a 2-pack

  • Freddie the Firefly by Lamaze Toys

    Attaches to your stroller

    Bringing a few of your baby’s favorite toys is always a good idea, and ones that fasten to a stroller or bouncer won’t get lost. Lamaze’s well-regarded line of toys have crinkly add-ons, mirrors, teething rings, and colors and patterns that fascinate babies.

    Available at Amazon starting at $14.99

  • ZippyJamz

    Easy extra clothes when you need them

    When you pack your baby's clothes, bring two outfits for every day plus a few extras. For traveling days, it's helpful to dress your baby in a simple footed sleeper and stash another one in your diaper bag. Like us, babies like to be comfortable when travelling! ZippyJamz footed jammies are super soft and you won't have to worry about lost socks or shoes. Best of all, these have a zipper from one foot to the other to make diaper changes easier on the go.

    Available at Amazon starting at $29.99

  • BIB-ON Plus Bib

    Washable and convenient

    If your baby is experimenting with real food, a washable bib will come in handy to keep outfit changes under control. The BIB-ON is a bib and apron combo for extra protection from spills and messes. They’re one size fits all from ages 0 to 4 and come in adorable prints. They’re also wrinkle-free, soft, lightweight, and easy to roll up and take with you.

    Available at Amazon starting at $15.99

  • Patagonia Baby Sun Bucket Hat

    Keeps the sun off wherever you’re traveling

    It’s important to take into consideration the climate where you are and where you’re headed when you pack your baby’s clothes, but a hat is a must-have no matter where you’re going. A bucket hat is a classic baby sun-shielder; this version from Patagonia provides 50+ UPF sun protection and has a chin strap that fastens stoutly and keeps it on.

    Available at Patagonia starting at $29

  • Tupperware Midgets

    Hold the perfect amount of formula

    If your baby uses formula, these miniature snap-lid containers are a great way to take it on the go. They're perfectly sized to hold 4 ounces of powdered formula that you can mix in bottles pre-filled with water. And they won’t spill when you’re in transit.

    Available at Amazon starting at $24.95 for a 5-pack

  • Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle with Disposable Drop-Ins Liners

    Extra bottle that’s easy to fill

    Bottles with disposable liners are great for travel because you can use each bottle multiple times without cleaning it. Just pack extra nipples and liners and you’ll only need to bring one bottle in your diaper bag rather than multiples.

    Available at Amazon starting at $9.68

  • Munchkin Snack Stainless Steel Snack Catcher with Lid

    Handy snacks for you and your child

    Snacks are mandatory – for you, for your baby, or for you both! Baby food pouches, teething wafers and cookies, granola bars, protein bars, chopped fruits and veggies … you get the idea. This snack catcher has a flip-top lid that shuts up tight for travel, then opens so your baby can reach in and grab the good stuff.

    Available at Target starting at $7.99

  • Foval 200W Car Power Inverter

    Breast pump power for car trips

    If you’re using your electric breast pump on a road trip, this power adaptor will come in handy. (It plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter.) This model has two traditional outlets and four USB ports that you can plug in to, so it’ll power your pump today and your kids’ devices tomorrow.

    Available at Amazon starting at $21.98

  • Auvon Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Light

    No more stumbling in the darkness

    These nightlights come in a pack of 4 and keep the room lighting soothingly low during middle-of-the-night diaper changes and feedings. The auto mode with motion sensor is nice in unfamiliar hotel rooms so you aren’t stumbling around in the dark or turning on the harsh bathroom lights. These emit a soothing, warm light that's easy on the eyes.

    Available at Amazon starting at $18.99 for a 4-pack

  • Infant Tylenol

    Crucial for your first aid kit

    "Always be prepared" is a good motto for traveling with babies. You’ll want to bring a rudimentary first-aid kit with a few adhesive bandages and Infant Tylenol (acetaminophen). Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but it’s always good to have, just in case.

    Available at Target starting at $8.79

  • ErgoBaby Omni 360 carrier

    For babywearing on the go

    A baby carrier is essential for travel: If you’re heading to the airport, you may have to check your stroller or soothe a fussy baby in a busy area. If you’re going to the beach, a market, or other tourist sites, you can keep your baby safe and snug. The Ergobaby Omni 360 will fit babies starting at 7 pounds and keep working for kids up to 4 years old and 45 pounds. It's quick to snap on and off and comfortable enough to wear all day.

    Available at Amazon starting at $148.93

  • The Guava Lotus Travel Crib

    Safely corral babies night and day

    Having a safe place for your baby to sleep is one of the most important things to consider when travelling. Some hotels and rentals make travel cribs or play yards available, but many parents prefer to bring their own. The spiffy-looking Guava Lotus Travel Crib comes in its own backpack carrying case and is easy to pop up or down, lightweight, and washable.

    Available at Guava Family starting at $199.95

  • Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

    Easy to pack for comfy baths

    For easy baby baths when you're away from home, an inflatable baby bathtub is a big help. This super-cute duck tub by Munchkin has a safety disk inside that turns white when the water is too hot. It's comfy for your baby and has a textured bottom so your baby won’t slip. Plus, it deflates and folds easily when it's time to pack it away.

    Available at Amazon starting at $11.99

  • Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat

    Light enough to bring on the plane

    It’s tempting to skip the car seat for your baby when you're on the plane, but it’s safer for your little one to be strapped in, just like in a car. Plus you’ll likely need a car seat when you arrive. The classic traveling parent go-to seat is the Cosco Scenera Next. It’s lightweight, affordable, and easy to install on a plane or in a rental car at your destination.

    Available at Walmart starting at $49.98

  • Mountain Buggy Nano

    Teeny tiny travel stroller

    Impressively, the Mountain Buggy Nano acts like a travel stroller and a travel system. You can snap your infant car seat in just like a full-size stroller, but it weighs just 13 pounds and folds up small enough to fit into an overhead bin or a car trunk. When you're ready to roll, it unfolds with a quick flick. And it comes with a universal car seat adapter and custom travel bag.

    Available at buybuy BABY starting at $199.99

  • Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

    Lights out, sound on

    This handy, portable sound machine is charged with a USB cable so there’s no worrying about batteries or a separate charger. It’s small enough to pop into the pocket of your diaper bag, but loud enough to block out that rambunctious card game at the cottage or the rowdy people down the hotel hall. Choose between three sounds (gentle surf, "bright" white noise, "deep" white noise) and two speeds. It comes with a lanyard so you can hang it on your stroller, too.

    Available at Walmart starting at $29.95

  • Traveling tips

    More help for vacations with your baby

    • Start preparing to pack a few days before you travel. Keep a running list of things to take or put items out on a table or dresser as you think of them.
    • Use a diaper bag with a waterproof lining and comfortable straps.
    • Be prepared for leaky diapers and baby spit-up: Tuck an extra outfit or two for your baby – and an extra shirt for you – into your bag.
    • Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags.
    • Pack each of your baby's outfits in its own zipped bag so you don't have to hunt around for tiny socks, shirts, and so on.
    • Don't forget chargers and cords for your phone and other electronics.

  • Children and World Water Day

    Children and World Water Day

    World Water Day 2018 - Facts

    Night weaning and phasing out night feeds: things to think about

    Night weaning and phasing out night feeds: things to think about

    Night weaning and phasing out night feeds: when to do it

    From six months of age, if your baby is developing well, it's OK to think about night weaning for breastfed babies and phasing out night feeds for bottle-fed babies. At this age, most babies are getting enough food during the day for healthy growth and development.

    On the other hand, if you're comfortable with feeding your baby during the night, there's no hurry to phase out night feeds. You can choose what works best for you and your baby.

    Before you decide, it's a good idea to talk with your child and family health nurse or GP. All babies and parents are different, so getting advice that suits your individual situation is a good idea.

    When the time is right for you and your baby, our suggestions below can help you make the transition away from night feeds.

    Whether you decide to keep feeding your baby at night or try night weaning, resting as much as you can will keep you in good shape for looking after your baby. Our article on how to sleep better has tips for getting more rest into your life.

    Night weaning breastfed babies

    Some breastfeeding mothers decide to keep feeding at night to help maintain their milk supply. But if you decide to try night weaning, your baby can still get the benefits of breastmilk if you keep breastfeeding during the day.

    If your baby's night-time feed is short (less than five minutes), you can phase out night feeds by stopping the feed altogether and re-settling your baby with the settling techniques of your choice. Note that it might take several nights for you and your baby to get used to the new routine.

    If your baby's feed is usually longer than five minutes, you can gradually cut down the time you spend feeding over 5-7 nights. This will help your baby get used to the change.

    Here's how:

    1. Time the length of your baby's usual night feed.
    2. Cut down on the time your baby spends feeding by 2-5 minutes every second night. For example, if your baby usually feeds for 15 minutes, you would feed for 13 minutes for two nights, then 11 minutes for the next two nights, then 9 minutes for the next two nights, and so on.
    3. Re-settle your baby after each shortened feed with the settling techniques of your choice.
    4. Once your baby is feeding for five minutes or less, stop the feed altogether.

    If you choose, you can cut down the time faster - for example, by five minutes every two nights.

    It's recommended that you breastfeed exclusively until your baby starts eating solid foods, which usually happens around six months. Once you introduce solids, it's best for your baby if you keep breastfeeding along with giving your baby solids until your baby is at least 12 months old. After that, it's up to you and your baby how long you keep going. For more information, check out our breastfeeding articles and our breastfeeding videos.

    Phasing out night feeds for bottle-fed babies

    If you decide to try phasing out night feeds and your baby is having 60 ml of milk or less during a night feed, you can stop the feed altogether and re-settle your baby with the settling techniques of your choice.

    If your baby's feed is more than 60 ml each night, you can gradually cut down the amount your baby drinks over 5-7 nights.

    Here's how:

    1. Reduce the volume of milk by 20-30 ml every second night. For example, if your baby usually drinks 180 ml, you would give 150 ml for two nights, then 120 ml for the next two nights, and so on.
    2. Re-settle your baby after each smaller feed with the settling techniques of your choice.
    3. Once you get down to 60 ml or less in the bottle, stop the feed altogether.

    After you stop the night feed, you might notice that your baby begins to feed more during the day. This improvement in daytime appetite could take another week to settle in.

    For more information on settling techniques, see our article on changing your baby's sleep pattern.
    Gwenhaël Meaning - Origin and Names

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    Gwenhael comes from the Celtic terms gwenn, meaning "white" or "sacred" and mael, translated into "prince" or "generous".


    Gwenhael Kerleo is a Celtic harpist and a French composer. Gwenhael Sommier is a French dubbing actor.

    His character :

    Gwenhael is a dynamic little boy, proud and reckless. Naturally curious and adventurous, he likes changes and surprises. A born leader, he exerts his influence and authority over his little friends without much effort. Endowed with a formidable inner strength and an unwavering will, he does not let himself be on his feet. Although very good student, Gwenhael has a little trouble with authority, especially if he does not understand the reasons. Thus, he will only accept a punishment if he is explained in detail what he has done wrong. For this little piece of life, life is a huge chocolate cake that he must devour with full teeth and without moderation. Energetic and courageous, he is afraid of nothing and surely not a small insect or the neighbor's dog! Despite his apparent strength, Gwenhael is above all a sensitive and touching child who will need a good balance to conquer the world.


    Gwenaël, Guenael, Gaël, Gaëlle, Ganaël, Ganaëlle and Gwenaëlle are variants of Gwenhaël.

    His party :

    Celebrate on November 3rd.

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    My little girl does not respect the bedtime program!

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