Excessive amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios)

Excessive amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios)

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Educate children and explain that they should not go with strangers sometimes it is not as easy as it seems, since who are these strangers really?

Unfortunately, in most cases of child abduction, those responsible are people close to us. familiar surroundings, which makes it very difficult for the child not to trust them.

Nevertheless, educate our children well Faced with this threat is the only way to avoid it, and although we may seem unpleasant or distrustful of our friends or neighbors when implementing some safety rules, our environment must understand which is essential if we want to protect our children from a kidnapping.

It is not a question of scare the children, and that they are not capable of going out alone, but quite the opposite, that they learn that with a few simple precautions they will feel more secure.

We must raise awareness that the danger of kidnapping is real and that they must know how to protect themselves in case we are not there. With these simple guidelines you can explain to the child some rules to follow.

1- Never accept gifts from strangers, and much less candies. Strangers do not give gifts to unfamiliar children. And, although the intentions are good, it would not be the first time that children have been drugged with some candy to be able to take them without problems, so you have to teach them to put it in their pocket and not eat it, or reject it directly.

2- Establish a safe word, that only you and your children know. If someone is going to look for your children at school on your behalf, they should always say this password even if it's someone you know. If you do not know the word, the child should not go with that person.

2- Never accompany strangers or acquaintances anywhere, no matter how much they invite them to see a puppy, or ask them to help them, without asking them the safety words.

3- Ask him if someone tries to grab his arm or put him in a car, shout loud help! or these are not my parents!

4- Explain to the child that there should be no secrets with other adults. If someone asks you not to tell it, that's when you have to tell us.

5- Teach him that he should not be ashamed to say no to someone. If someone ever tries to force you to yell no out loud for others to hear to dissuade the kidnapper of his intentions.

6- whatdo not answer personal questions about our family life, since kidnappers often use the information given to them by the child to persuade them that they are friends of the parents. Nor do you put t-shirts with your name or with family photos from which they can get information, and be very careful with what they put on social networks.

7- Explain why should not get out of sight of the parents, and make an example if it was the other way around so that they understand.

8- If the child gets lost in a trade that never walk out the door, that it goes to the box or that it does not move from the place where it was lost.

9- Tell him I never know get in strangers cars or acquaintances without saying the safe word.

10- If you are left alone at home, do not say on the phone, or through the door that you are alone at home.

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Halloween lollipops: step 9

Decorate a big marshmallow with the pencil by drawing eyes or a mouth.
Cut licorice candies into rounds to make the eyes and use the pencil as glue to place them on the marshmallow.
Place the ghost's head on the spear.

What is the echolalic language of children with autism

What is the echolalic language of children with autism


Find your style!

Farm animals

The biggest motherfucker

The problems of exchange and currency rarely coincide with the life of a sexually abusive mom, but the issue does not go away. We picked up a bunch of high-school paratroopers, educated without the humor, with some experience-based encouragement.

He'll never spend the night

Relax, usually the first three years are the hardest! By making a joke, the little ones' nervous system is so mature that they will be able to fall asleep slowly without help (pacifiers, rocking, sucking, etc.), and the night will sooner or later disappear. In the meantime, we can only demand strength and stamina if you catch a night owl, but you know, this is perfectly normal. Do not ignore your neighbour's zodiac, so the most you can do is look for the ideal recharging opportunities for you to get out of this period. Because you can remain a balanced mother even if you allow yourself to recharge, for which you are looking for solutions, not your wonderful blood.

I will breastfeed it even before it matures

Don't paint the wall on the wall, as much as it seems, the biggest fan of the cicide is the child, and he doesn't even want to let go. If you feel like you are pregnant for breastfeeding, look for a suitable and appropriate method of separation for both of them (ask for help here, for example). If only your environment is depressing you by not having to suck on your baby, let it go. Although in our society, mothers usually divorce their children at the age of one year, breastfeeding earlier in the millennium, and in many parts of the world today, and in many months. The average duration is between two and four years - is this a fact of natural separation soothing?

It does not develop according to age

Fortunately, babies have not read the literature on how they should think about how to grow a capsule to meet those particular developmental curves. If you're mobile, sleepy, jolly, your pelus content is okay, or you don't have any strange symptoms that make you suspect, let go. Of course, whenever you have a question, seek protection from your pediatrician!

When I go to nsl / male, I'll just be able to blow up

Fortunately, this is also a factor that changes quite slowly, as does your little need for self-styling, the perfection of your own intimate sphere, the ingress. To do this, of course, there must be a myriad of eras that are still in your midst: anxieties, wicked or overtones, wings under the bed - and so on. Find a solution that fits all the members of your family, you can ask for help, customized - worth it!

I'll give her a bad example

It is true that the child learns everything from you: how you react to stress, distress, anxiety, challenges. You may feel that you are more impatient than you want to be in an ideal world, or even tighter. But know one thing: if you are honest with your kid, you will always talk to him about your senses and, more importantly, the mistake you will recognize, as soon as you are a good-enough mother. The expression To Donald W. Winnicottthoz You can conclude: if you, based on your mother's natural self-confidence, listen to her own feelings, she will certainly be well cared for, regardless of whether she has read a parenting book or has a diploma. However, the fact that you want to improve, that you read back on what you can do, if possible, is commendable and will take you forward!Related articles in Maternity:

If I can't quit smoking during pregnancy, is there any way to make it less harmful to my baby?

If I can't quit smoking during pregnancy, is there any way to make it less harmful to my baby?

Alopecia. Children's hair loss

Alopecia. Children's hair loss

The boy has alopecia when you have hair loss. We speak of alopecic plaque when it is only a very specific region of the hair that lacks hair.

The term alopecia defines the decrease or loss of hair, localized or generalized, temporary or definitive of any type or origin.

For a proper understanding of alopecia it is necessary to know that hair growth is cyclical, going through 3 stages: 1st growth stage (anagen) that lasts from 2 to 6 years, in which the hair grows 1 cm. each month.

Then comes a period of rest or catagen that lasts about 3 weeks; and finally the fall or telogen phase is reached (imperceptibly falling between 80-100 hairs / day.) that lasts from 3 to 4 months.

Alopecia represents between 3% and 8% of the first consultations in Dermatology. In Primary Care, the most common patient is a young man who consults for androgenetic alopecia (common baldness).

In children it has many origins: psychic, maniac (hair is pulled), fungus (ringworm), scar in the hair area, etc.

There are various classifications of alopecia, but from a prognostic point of view we are going to distinguish two basic types: scarring (therefore irreversible) and non-scarring (potentially reversible).

In both there is a detachment of the hair at the level of the follicle, but in the first case there is a destruction of it that makes it irrecoverable and in the case of non-scarring the follicle is not destroyed, it undergoes functional changes that could be recoverable.

The only exception is the androgenetic alopecia that, although it is not scar it is slowly progressive and unrecoverable. In scarring alopecia, it is possible to pinch the scalp at the level of the alopecia plaque (due to follicular atrophy), however in non-scarring alopecia it is difficult to pinch the scalp as the follicles persist.

The treatment of non-scarring alopecia must be carried out by a specialized dermatologist. But for scarring alopecia there is no effective solution since there are no roots that can be stimulated.

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Anticipatory anxiety disorder in children

Meaning of the name Gelosio. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Gelosio. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Gelosio. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Variant of Gelasio. In Greek mythology, Gelasius was the god of laughter and joy.

The one who laughs

November 21


  • Gaudiosoa was also called the first queen of Asturias, the wife of Don Pelayo.

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Gelosio name coloring page printable game

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